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hey mama is one of the biggest worries

that women face when they're

breastfeeding is the question am I

making enough milk for my baby

and while the answer to that question is

most the time yes sometimes there are

challenges in producing enough milk so

in this video I'm going to be sharing

with you tips on how to increase your

milk supply if you've been to my channel

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any of my future videos I'm Bridget and

I'm a doula in the San Francisco Bay

Area and I love helping moms love their

birth so being a breastfeeding mom

myself and also working with lots of

different breastfeeding moms I know that

there's a big worry of whether or not

you are producing enough milk to feed

your baby I've been there before and yes

normally you are producing enough milk

and you'll be able to know whether or

not you're making this milk by science

that baby is giving you so at the

beginning some good signs that you are

giving your baby enough milk is you know

if you're nursing about 8 to 12 times in

a 24-hour period you know that way you

know that you're feeding baby often

enough to be producing a lot of milk and

nursing them often enough so that they

are removing the milk that signals the

breast to be making more when

breastfeeding is comfortable for the

majority of that nursing session it's

also another good indicator that baby is

getting enough milk if you're hearing

swallowing sounds when baby is drinking

it's a good sign that they're getting

milk out of your breast however if you

hear them clicking like um that's a sign

that baby's not latched on super well

and so you know you if you hear those

swallowing sounds that's great if you're

hearing clicking sounds and feeling a

little bit of pain that might mean that

baby's latches not very good which may

mean that they're not getting enough

milk so when baby unlatches if your

nipple looks like this the same as how

it normally does then that's a good

indicator to that baby has a good latch

and is able to remove adequate amount of

breast milk from your breast however if


become unlatched and you notice that

your nipple is white like they've been

you know like sucking too hard or like

oddly at it or if it's pinched or

squashed or you know it just doesn't

look the way that it normally does that

could indicate that baby has a poor

latch and you might need to work on that

because they might not be removing a

whole lot of milk from the breast if

they have a poor latch I do have a video

coming up on how to get baby on your

breast with a really good latch that's

going to set you up for a successful

breastfeeding experience so make sure

you stay tuned for that other good

evidence to show that you are making

enough milk for baby and that they are

healthy and strong from your breast milk

as if you know their wedding a lot of

diapers if they are pooping frequently

if they are gaining a lot of weight

since their birth then those are all

good indications that you're from you

are making enough milk for them and you

want their pee to be you know a light

color if it's starting to like turn like

really dark yellow or brownish and that

could mean they're dehydrated dehydrated

and might not be getting enough milk and

so that's a sign to be looking for if

you are worried that baby's not getting

enough milk so those are all signs that

baby is getting enough milk but if you

are still concerned or maybe you're

hoping to you know increase your supply

so that you can start pumping and

stashing while you're still exclusively

breastfeeding or maybe you started

pumping and you've noticed a decrease in

your supply I'm going to be sharing with

you guys right now about lots of

different ways that you can increase

your breast milk before we get started

though I do want to mention something

really fast if you are exclusively

breastfeeding so far and then are trying

to implement pumping sessions and you're

trying to gauge how much milk your baby

is getting through a pumping session I

know that your baby is able to remove

milk a lot more effectively than a pump

does and so maybe you're only getting

half an ounce for in your pump know that

baby is usually way better at getting

milk out and so is definitely getting a

lot more than what your pump is saying

so the number one thing that you can do

it to encourage an abundant milk supply

is to distress your life stress

has a huge impact on your milk supply

and so whether that's external stressors

or if it's you know stressors

specifically related to breastfeeding

that's going to have a direct impact on

your supply and so you know I know it's

easy to say like don't stress

everything's gonna be okay and still in

your mind you're like oh my gosh I'm

stressing out I have a couple ways for

you guys to be able to start distressing

and really trusting your body to know

what it what to do so the first thing

that you can do to de-stress if it's you

know your life that is stressful find

things that are going to help you you

know remove that stress if it's going on

walks or working out more or eating

healthier or you know talking to your

friends about things that are going on

do things that are going to make you

feel more at ease or things that are

going to help solve the problem that's

maybe causing you stress if

breastfeeding is the cause of your

stress I want you to practice

affirmations so affirmations is when you

are telling yourself or seeing things

that really affirm what you're doing and

your ability to do them so I talked a

lot about affirmations at birth but they

work really well for breastfeeding as

well and an example of an affirmation

would be I trust my body to produce milk

that is going to nourish and help grow

my baby

so take different affirmations that

maybe you come up with or you find

online or use the one that I just gave

you and put them on your mirror put them

in your nursery put them anywhere that

you're going to be breastfeeding so that

you see those and you're constantly

telling yourself that you know like you

trust yourself you trust your baby that

you are you know excited for this this

bonding experience to have with your

baby and your mind will trick your body

into being able to to de-stress and

really trust the process of

breastfeeding the other way to remove

stress from your life is just positive

thinking and so you can do that in you

know other areas if it's not just with

breastfeeding that you're stressed out

about or if it is just about

breastfeeding that you're stressed out

about try to have positive thinking so

it goes beyond affirmations you know and

you know affirmations will really help

with this positive thinking but instead

of you know dreading and thinking about

your breastfeeding

experience or the next time you have to

nurse in a negative light tell your tell

yourself like oh I get to do that's not

like I have to do this or talk to

yourself about all the things you love

about your baby or and you know have

your partner be telling you telling you

things that they appreciate about you

and all of those things are going to

help you change a frame of mine and have

a positive thinking whether it's in life

or with breastfeeding specifically the

second thing that you can do to increase

your milk supply is to spend a lot of

time skin-to-skin with your baby so when

they are newborns that's always

encouraged at the beginning because you

know sometimes baby doesn't always want

to latch right away after they've been

born so nurses or doctors will say just

spend a lot of time skin-to-skin and

that's just gonna promote that you know

really deep special bonding that's going

to help with breastfeeding however this

can also stretch beyond that newborn

stage to maybe three months or six

months or nine months or you know maybe

they're having a growth spurt at you

know five months whatever whatever is

stage of life that they're in if you

feel like you have had like a decrease

in your milk supply it having


that's not forced for feeding is going

to really help with your breast milk

supply so you can do this skin-to-skin

time in the bathtub or the shower or you

can just be laying in bed in the morning

and having them close to you and so it's

not necessarily a feeding time that you

have to be skin-to-skin but just a non

stressful non feeding time to and that

is going to help promote this this like

supply of breast milk the third tip that

I have for you that's going to help with

your milk supply is to drink plenty of


so once you've drink two cups of water

go back to the kitchen and drink another

cup of water and when you're done with

that go get some more water your breast

milk is comprised of 98% water and so if

you are dehydrated if your body's not

getting enough water for itself it's not

going to be able to make breast milk for

your baby along with water the fourth

tip that I have for you is to make sure

that you are eating healthy foods so

that your body is getting fueled with

the right things so that it can you know

be taking care of itself and then it can

take care of your baby if you are not

fueling your body

the right things it's not going to have

enough fuel to fuel your baby so what

kind of foods should you be eating in

order for your body to be making plenty

of milk the first thing that you can be

eating are healthy carbs and so those

are gonna give you that immediate energy

that you need to like make it through

that nursing session but it's also going

to be really fueling your baby through

your breast milk sweet potatoes are a

great healthy carb that you can eat they

are chock full of beta-carotene that is

really good with helping increase your

milk supply so beets and carrots are

also full of that beta-carotene so

eating lots of those can be good quinoa

oatmeal is really good as as a healthy

carb and can also increase your milk


so just sticking to whole grains and

healthy fruits and veggies as as you are

thinking about what healthy carbs to be

eating and then of course you need to be

eating plenty of protein from chicken

from red meat from fish things that are

going to really help feed and fuel your

body so that you know your body can also

give attention and nourishment to your

baby through your breast milk having

good healthy fats like from coconut oil

or avocados or healthy olive oil that

you're cooking with good fats and not

those like fast food fats that you're

going to get because those don't help

your body but good fats are going to

help fuel your body and then some other

foods that can help boost your milk

output are like lactation cookies that

you can buy so you can buy the mix or

you can buy the cookies already made and

I will throw some of the links for those

down below so make sure you check those

out but then also Brewers East you can

put those or you can put that in a lot

of different lactation cookies if you

want to make your own and that's just

really good with boosting your supply as

well if you would like to know more

about food and diet during your

postpartum period and how you can set

yourself up for a successful

breastfeeding experience through your

diet make sure you check out this video

up here that I'm linking it's a good one

on helping you understand how to fuel

your body during that postpartum period

so the fifth tip that I have for you

is to nurse or pump often I can't tell

you how many times I've heard the

misconception that like oh I'll just you

know save this breast milk for the next

feeding so I'll have twice as much that

isn't the case that might be the case

for one or two feedings but after that

your body you've told your body that you

don't need to produce as much because

baby's not sucking that out or you're

not pumping that milk out either way

it's not being expressed out of the

breast and so your body is reading okay

we don't need to make as much so that

might work for a couple feedings like I

said but overall that's not going to

help you in the long run you are going

to want to make sure you are pumping or

nursing at least every two to four hours

depending on the age of your baby to

make sure that you are expressing enough

milk so your body is being signaled to

make more milk if you are saying but

Bridget my baby is sleeping through the

night so what do I do about pumping in

the middle of the night so at the

beginning if baby is start sleeping

longer stretches you know maybe you have

to get up to pump in the middle of the

night but maybe you're thinking I don't

want to keep doing that so what I

recommend doing in order to you know

keep your milk supply up at least at the

beginning is to pump before you go to

bed and then pump in the morning and if

you want to kind of phase those out and

you can do that as well as your baby

gets a little bit older and isn't as

drinking as much your body is really

adaptable but again if you are

experienced like experiencing a decrease

in your milk supply add in those you

know that late-night pump before you go

to bed and that morning pump after a

baby is has eaten or nursed and that's

going to help increase your milk supply

so the sixth tip that I have for you is

to try power pumping now if you've been

exclusively breastfeeding you can do

this or if you have been pumping all

along and you noticed a drop in your

supply you can also do this so it

doesn't matter if you've been nursing or

if you've been pumping you can do this

either/or and basically how you power

pump is that you pick an hour of your

day to devote to pumping you're going to

spend twenty minutes

thumping and then you're going to take a

10 minute break and remember while you

are pumping you're going to want to make

sure that you're massaging your breasts

and that you are using compression so

that you have a more effective

expression of milk and if you want some

more tips on how to use a pump I will

link this video up above here and you

should definitely check that out but

back to power pumping so you're going to

pump for 20 minutes rest for 10 then

you're gonna go back to pumping for 10

minutes rest for 10 and then after that

10 minutes of rest you're going to pump

for 10 minutes and then you're done

and basically what that stimulating is

it's stimulating a situation where baby

is cluster feeding which we often

experience when baby is going through a

growth spurt or when they're newborns

and basically it's just telling your

body like oh my gosh baby means a lot

more milk than we're giving them and so

we are going to produce a lot more some

women only need to do this for one day

and the next day they notice a increase

in their supply other women will do this

for a week so an hour each day of the

week and they'll notice that their milk

is really picking up so you kind of have

to gauge your own body and decide to do

whatever works for you and the seventh

tip that I have for you to help increase

your milk supply is to use herbs that

are found in supplements or teas so a

big one that you might have heard of

before is Senna Greek and Senna Greek is

really great for most women in helping

increase their milk supply but it has

been shown that some women do not

respond well to fenugreek I mean

actually drops their supply even more so

you know like I said for most women a

fenugreek works fine it works really

well but if you're noticing like hey

nice fly seems to be going down even

more it's not really helping that I

would recommend stopping using fenugreek

some other ones are Moringa nettle

fennel go through and go through is

actually really cool because it has been

shown to actually like grow mammary

tissue which means you know like women

who have maybe had breast reductions and

some that mammary tissue has been taken

out and so not a whole lot of milk is

able to be

reduce that can actually grow mammary

tissue not um you know a ton but it can

help with increasing your milk supply if

you you know are in that kind of

circumstance so most of these herbs that

I have mentioned are found in teas one

that I really like it's Mother's tea and

I think it's by traditional medicinal so

I hope that's right but I will link the

one down below that I really like so you

can check that out but if you're looking

for a stronger more potent you know way

of getting those those herbs

I really recommend taking legendary milk

supplements and I will link them down

below they're like gold I really believe

in their products and then the other one

is is majka and I will link that down

below as well they have great

supplements that help thousands of women

to produce and increase their milk

supply so I hope if you are feeling

doubtful or worrisome over the supply

that you have and if you're able to feed

your baby first thing that I want to

encourage you is mama trust yourself and

trust your baby through trusting

yourself through giving you you those

affirmations and those positive thoughts

I really do believe it's going to you

know help provide a good experience for

breastfeeding and if you are still

worried and still uncertain after that

then try some of these tips I really

think that they're gonna help you if you

have any questions please comment them

below I would love to hear back from you

guys thanks for watching this video and

I will see you in the next one bye mamas