My Experience Taking Malaria Prophylaxis (MALARONE) - Side Effects

hey guys it's Donnie Christine and in

today's video I want to talk to you

about my experience taking malaria

prophylaxis as you know I've spent nine

months living Congo and malaria is very

common there so you need to take causal

access the one that I took is cool

mellow road but I do have to say like I

wasn't taking the brand name one I was

taking a generic one and a little

disclaimer right here

I say this is not a video for or against

taking I'm just talking about my

personal experience and if you are going

anywhere where you think you might want

to take malaria prophylaxis it's really

the best to do to your doctor and get

their opinion and just take this video

as like my own experience and don't

necessarily kind of conclude from this

video what do you personally should do

when I first started taking my rone the

first side effect I kind of felt with

like the first or five days I kind of

got a stomach ache a few hours after

taking it and that thankfully went away

very quickly flow but then I started to

get my side effects so I started to kind

of you know at night lie in bed and kind

of be like in this state between being

awake and being asleep and a lot of time

I'd have liked the feeling that they

were like people in my room like that my

team for example was kind of in my room

like it which is obviously not they

weren't there but kind of that's what I

was thinking and I started to be able to

remember my dreams really really clearly

which was in a way really fascinating

because all of them you would remember

like the five dreams that are that I had

the night before which was kinda crazy

because like normally I don't really

remember my dreams that well but on

Mallory and like it was all very vivid

and I could clearly

and about half a year into taking my own

kind of things got a little wet and then

it started to almost cold tonight on its

peak I remember one night I was like I

was laying in bed and like all of a

sudden like I had like this gigantic

spider in my bed and I like I screamed

and I jumped out of bed and like switch

the light on was like in a full-blown

panic and I look at my fans like there's

nothing there that will show you nothing

they're the only thing that's in there

and I think that's the thing like that I

fought with a giant spider was my

sleeping heart because I'd scream

obviously my team knew that something

was on and yeah like say you notice that

something was off and then shortly after

that another night I was lying in bed

and then all of a sudden I saw like kind

of this hand coming up and from the side

of the bed and it was like it was kind

of so creepy and I thought like somebody

from my team was lying and I'm I bet and

I was like in like a panic mode of it

it's like who are you why you're under

my bed you know I was like I was

freaking out and then but like after

like 30 seconds I kind of realized hang

on my bedroom door is locked there is

nobody in here that was a really scary

moment because like you say I think like

I am I going crazy or what's wrong and

then I spoke through the doctor now I

him about there and she was like yeah

you have to go off my room because I

think Mallory Nakia mentor only takes

like two three months but I was taking

it before like over half a year because

of well Conroy is a country that has a

lot of malaria so it was kind of

necessary but then the doctor said you

know you've gotta get off it

I switched

another medication for doxycycline and I

think I'm gonna talk about that in a

separate video and kind of tell you

about my personal experience taking

Doc's here and then we can kind of make

you compare it to I don't know but I'll

make a separate video about that let me

know in the comments if you have ever

taken any malaria prophylaxis and what

is your experience with that one don't

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next video bye