How to Take Probiotics for Maximum Benefit

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and in this video we are talking about

probiotics and actually we're trying to

ask the question what is the best way

for all of us to take them well you know

I am talking a great deal about

probiotics always advising to take them

on a daily basis because they promote so

many different great health benefits but

you know this question of how we need to

take a broader audience actually it was

bothering even me for a long time so for


I think I finally found the answer after

I've done some research and I'm really

happy to share this with you well before

I go into the details I just want to

make sure that everyone understands what

probiotics are our audience our friendly

bacteria are thousands of strains and

they prevent the overgrowth of but the

dated bacteria offer east and fungus in

our gut well the thing is that our gut

has um about 500 different bacterial

strains and 85% of this bacteria is

supposed to be friendly and the 15

percent whatever is left is supposed to

be pathogenic bacteria but you know if

we have this proper balance this 15

percent is absolutely you know doesn't

bother us and is always being kept under

control the problem nowadays is that

many people have it is balance so

basically they have a greater amount of

the unfriendly bacteria in the guts the

symptoms of this majority of their

friendly bacteria could start with such

you know things as constipation and

diarrhea as flatlands you know bloating

and gas but it also might have a more

serious impact on our health and people

might suffer from such things as Ixia

allergies irritable bowel syndrome you

know inflammatory bowel or kidney stones

ear infections strep throat and a lot a

lot of more different things that really

doesn't make us happy and basically make

us unhealthy so if you want to improve

your gut flora it's actually not a very

hard thing to do well the first thing I

would always recommend is to co-operate

fermented foods into your diet but you

know we have to be realistic here it's

not really possible for every person to

have a fermented food before having

breakfast dinner and supper or whatever

but probably audits is is a perfect

supplement it's an easy solution for

everyone to try to have a better gut

health but of course it is a huge note

here is that you do not need to think

that if you continue the consumption of

foods that are actually bad for your

good bacteria in your flora research

which is sugar you know too much

caffeine too much alcohol which is foods

containing which is actually processed

foods the probiotics cannot really be

like ah you know something that's going

to fix it for you you have to always pay

attention to your day so after all this

been said now the question is how we

should take a probiotic should it be

morning or night should it be on a empty

stomach where should it be after a meal

so after you know the really huge risk

my own research and I found a really

great answer into this when probiotics

are recommended to be taken after a meal

because the answer to this is actually

simple because there is a possibility

that the high acid environment of the

stomach might destroy some of the

probiotic bacteria it doesn't really

matter if the products safe its time

release or if it's not it's actually all

about it really stomach acid and that

possibility that you don't really want

to use all that great benefits right so

the safe readability of your side just

take a probiotic after a meal well and

another note of course here is that you

need to make sure you're taking a high

quality product here I mean there are

tons of different probiotics out there

in the market but not all of them are

really good and if you see that on the

bottle it says that it needs to be

refrigerated I would just right away say

do not get that product in the

description down below this video I will

put the list of the probiotics that are

considered to be the best out there it's

not any kind of endorsement that's only

based on the research and so I said

already that the probiotics that I need

to be refrigerated do not get those bar

biotic culture it should be hard enough

to be shelf stable without any

refrigeration necessary they need to

have really a certain amount of you know

bacteria strains in them

if it's hard for you to take you know to

swallow the capsules you could always

you know open them up and use them in

the form of a powder you could add it to

food or to the liquid there's also one

more wave taking probiotics which was

actually a discovery for me this is that

our oral provides it doesn't really need

to be a different type of rubber on it

but at any time you feel that you're

sick you have you know runny nose you

know sinuses and you are feeling you

know sore throat basically any

respiratory disease you could use a

probiotic um a sutter

before I go into bed which is probably

you know almost in an empty stomach rate

you take a capsule probiotic and you amp

to the powder and you put it in the

mouth and you sorter try it you do not

swallow it right away you swish it

around in your mouth or you know I don't

know a minute or so even less and then

you swallow it it's very important of

course so that you brush it tooth before

that and after this procedure you don't

eat or drink anything you just go to bed

so another probably Adak will be left to

your mouth even after you swallow it and

it is very beneficial for the nasal

passages eventually and actually all

that bad bacteria that you might have so

this is really a great thing to do you

know if you're sick I think it's a great

advice here and another thing I need to

tell you is that every time you're going

to travel either you know if you're new

to probiotics and even if you've been

taking probiotics for a long time


you need to crease the amount you know

prior to weeks you know to your travel

you need to start taking fur biotics if

you don't and then if you do increase

the two capsules a day I would recommend

you know take one in the morning one in

the evening after a meal and on the

first day of travel increase up to four

capsules which will mean that you need

to take two in the morning and two in

the evening after meal the same thing

and then once you come back you could

you know for a week or so leave the

amount of two capsules a day and then

you go to your normal one capsule a day

actually every time you have a really

bad gut flora bacteria you would

probably need more than one capsule a

day you know you might benefit from

three or two capsules and then then when

everything is normal and stabilized of

course if you know that your diet is

reaching fermented foods you do not

really need to eat lots of capsules

right one capsule a day should

pretty much enough and the reason you

need to really increase this amount

before prior and while you're traveling

is because when you're traveling your

immune system is a bit tricky you know

there is a jetlag there is like new type

of food everything's new a lots of new

bacteria a person is it's both is

supposed to in order to avoid any type

of sickness and I think this product

reef is really worth trying and it's

really very effective all in all I think

this information was really easy you

know to understand and this tips are

easy to follow actually kids can also

benefit from taking probiotics and you

know the same thing even while traveling

or in a daily basis and especially when

a baby is sick

there's even a special infant formulas

which normally come you know in the form

of a powder which is so easy for you for

babies to be taken I really hope you

guys like this information and it was

really helpful please check the

description down below this video I will

put some a little bit more than the

information that you might be interested

in as always I wish you to stay very

happy and very healthy I wish you to be

positive I wish you to enjoy the new

things that you're trying for your

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