The Benefits of Progesterone, Dr. Sean Breen Functional Medicine Orange County

so another one of the hormones that you

frequently prescribed to him is

progesterone correct so how does it work

sure had us a woman know if she's

lumbered Esther own progesterone is a

one of the key hormones that all women

make and no women should be without

their Randi there are four clinical

scenarios where I use progesterone any

menopausal woman gets progesterone

uterus or not because we have

progesterone receptors not only in our

uterus in our vagina in our breasts we

haven't been our brain on our blood

vessels traditionally women only got

progesterone if they had a uterus

because they just thought to protect

against endometrial cancer I see a lot

of patients in my in my practice who

come into me without a uterus not on

progesterone so they get progesterone

because progesterone is very calming it

protects against breast and Demetrio

cancer it works synergistically with

estrogen to protect their heart their

bones in their brain it's very calming

it's involved in the sexual behavior

response every woman gets progesterone

so that's number one women who are men

up every woman gets progesterone

everyone.this every woman in my practice

needs progesterone some women are making

it naturally they don't need it but I'm

gonna give it a clinical scenarios where

we use it like 38 40 years old

30 40 it's so-so menopausal women are

gonna get progesterone perimenopausal

women so women who have noticed they're

skipping periods for the first time in

their life they're moody they're gaining

weight they may have some hot flashes or

night sweats night sweats cuz they're

getting these wild swings and their

hormone levels how you balance them is

to give them progesterone so

progesterone is so powerful in

perimenopause which is an asana stalks

para menopause is when it's you're just

starting to get symptoms you're just

starting to get symptoms you notice you

might skip a period you might go a month

you'll put you're bleeding maybe a

little bit more irregular those women do

great with progesterone they don't need

antidepressants which a lot of women get

they need progesterone the third most

common scenario of using progesterone in

a reapered in a woman who's in a

reproductive ages for PMS women who have

PMS bad symptoms of PMS and if you're

suffering from PMS I want you to hear me

very clearly there is a solution for you

it's not to take the birth control pill

and wipe it out which works for a lot of

women but the problem with birth control

pills is birth control pills deplete you

of B vitamins they deplete you of coins

on q10 the increase for the risk of

clotting they wipe out your libido right

because they lower free

to Austrian levels you give these women

progesterone because what will happen is

the second half of the cycle and they

see these drops if they don't get

pregnant they get these severe drops and

their hormone levels if you give them

progesterone they will feel great and

I've had women tell me for their PMS

it's a lifesaver the last scenario we

use progesterone is something called

PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome I was

talking about it before the show okay it

affects 10% of women of reproductive age

it's the most common endocrine disorder

in women of reproductive age what

happens to them is they don't ovulate

they can skip periods they have a lot of

acne they have some hirsutism which is

coarse black hair and their chin in

their lip area around their nipples

these women don't make progesterone in

and if you look at the statistics for

PCOS they have a four times increased

risk of breast cancer their increased

risk of endometrial cancer they miscarry

like crazy they get pregnant they have

multiple miscarriages and the solution

for them one of the solutions is to use

progesterone so progesterone is a very

critical form so when you do that on

some of your patients the hair goes away

right with any other Chan or cos is

multifactorial we treat their insulin

resistance we treat their high androgen

levels with medication it's not from the

progesterone progesterone is one

component of treating PCOS but it is a

critical component so menopausal women

everyone gets progesterone if you're

watching this and you don't have a

uterus and you're not on progesterone I

will send you are there women though

that that fit into that category the

medical community still teaches if you

have a uterus

you get progesterone but if you don't

have a uterus if you don't get

progesterone why because progesterone is

so protective against endometrial cancer

estrogen stimulates the uterus

progesterone causes differentiation in

it attenuates the effects of estrogen so

it's not a stimulatory so protects

against endometrial cancer so two

traditional medical community a lot of

OBGYNs out there still practicing if you

have a uterus you get progesterone if

you don't have a uterus you don't get


if you pick up a physiology textbook and

you look at progesterone it'll say the

first the first paragraph we have

progesterone receptors in our brain in

our blood vessels in our heart in our

vagina so you love progesterone


ezal with very nice because it's super

super safe you can give very high doses

of Rajesh your own and women just feel

better no this is a cream is that right

I don't use progesterone creams there

are a lot of women who are on

progesterone creams we use it either

sublingually okay

well we give it to orally in a capsule

because if you have a if you have

trouble sleeping which many women do in

perimenopause and menopause they come

they can't go to sleep they have freak

they wake up frequently throughout the

night because of hot flashes night

sweats or they just have disrupted sleep

patterns you give them a progesterone

orally in a capsule because of how it's

metabolized it puts them to sleep and

they get the best sleep of their life so

if you have sleeping issues you get out

or oil in a capsule you can use it

during the day if you don't want it to

sedate you would be a sublingual the

creams you get very poor absorption and

you have to use a lot so again when we

met when we're putting patients on

hormones I checked their levels monthly

until their optimal why because it's

important we get them in that nice

healthy range where they're balanced we

don't just give them a ton of

progesterone what we found in science is

if you're using progesterone creams

which still a lot of patients are

unprocessed Iran Korea they come to me

because they don't feel great in a

solution I switch them to a capsule or

sublingual trokey or rapid assault

tablet it's like night and day so final

message finally final message is get

your hormone levels tested that's the

first step because once we have the

blood work in front of us now it's

apples to apples we know what we're

talking about because remember health is

multifactorial there's stress there's

nutrition there's exercise there's sleep

there's all these other factors they get

a place but if we have your hormone

levels in front of me in your

progesterone level is 0 or 0.1 or 0.2

which commonly it is when patients come

in then we know what then we know how to

fix it the solution is easy ok good so

they want to get started they call your


go to the website go to the website talk

to my patient coordinator she will walk

you through step by step on how to

become a patient within a week we'll sit

down I'll review your medical history

we'll have your blood work in front of

me we'll sit down for two hours and then

within days we'll have you balanced ok

good only thank you for coming there

interesting you've been watching the

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