hey hey Mama's my name's midwife Kyra

and a few weeks ago I did a red

raspberry leaf tea video that I sparked

a whole bunch of questions about red

raspberry leaf so I'm here to tackle

those with you today as a midwife

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I know that you're gonna start to

believe in it too let's talk about some

of your red raspberry lychee questions

one of our followers on YouTube the West

asked what our teas that are safe to

drink during the first trimester

um in my practice I actually really

don't recommend any teas during the

first trimester although red raspberry

leaf tea is safe to drink in most

healthy pregnancies I really like to

focus on nutrition during the first

trimester and try to avoid anything

medicinal if possible while we're

developing our new baby so kns heart

tube asks at 39 weeks pregnant is it

okay to add sweetener to your red

raspberry leaf tea

so without gestational diabetes yes it's

perfectly fine to add sweetener to your

red raspberry leaf tea

I prefer honey because it's a much more

natural sweetener but any sweeteners

fine as long as you have a healthy

lowers pregnancy I actually drink my red

raspberry leaf tea with a bag of mixed

berry tea and if so it'll be a little

bit more sweet without having to add any

sweeteners and I'm actually posted a

link to this mixed berry tea in the

comments below I can only find it on

Amazon I cannot even find it in a local

store here in Lafayette and it really

adds a really good flavor and takes away

some of the earthiness of the red

raspberry leaf tea so you could consider

trying that instead of adding sweetener

maybe mix it with another tea that you

like so a common question I get asked is

should I get pre-made red raspberry leaf

tea packets or should I buy the loose

leaf and make it myself during my

pregnancy actually I use both I like red

raspberry leaf tea in the pre-made

packet because it's easy they're

individually wrapped so you can take

them on the go you can buy one Amazon I

have them on the links below but loose

leaf tea is great if you're a huge tea

drinker or if you're a stay-at-home mom

and you have the ability to make tea

throughout the day in a pot on your

stove you can take loose leaf tea and

they make these cute little loose leaf

tea holders that you can drop it in your

tea and you can make cups all day long

obviously buying it in bulk

we'll make it a lot cheaper than buying

it in the individual packets but you

know you kind of have to look at your

situation decide how portable you need

your tea throughout the day because

remember in your third trimester you'll

be drinking four to six cups a day every

day so that's a lot of tea and if you're

looking for something fun to give us a

gift they have these really cute

pregnancy mugs right here and I'll put a

link to those below they're really fun

and it's the perfect size for your red

raspberry leaf tea cup another question

I got asked actually this week by one of

my clients which I thought was a really

great question is um does she actually

have to drink four to six cups a day in

her third trimester or could she start

taking capsules or other ways to get in

her tea so I actually recommend that if

you're just not a big tea drinker and

you need four to six cups a day at the

end of your pregnancy best thing to do

is to just double up on your tea bags in

your in your cup you put like a double

stress so instead of four regular-sized

cups you could do two really strong cups

we call that an infusion and basically

it's just a really strong tea also if

you want to switch to capsules like she

kind of supplements capsules and tea um

look at the milligrams on your capsules

to make sure it matches up with your tea

this right here is my favorite red

raspberry leaf tea it has 1500

milligrams per cup that's brewed most

red raspberry leaf tea capsules have

about 900 milligrams and so you'll need

almost two capsules for every cup of tea

so you know you kind of alternate

throughout the day if you just can't get

your tea in because it's not so much

about the volume of the tea as much as

it is about the medicinal dosage of

getting the red raspberry leaf tea into

your body while you're pregnant

so Skyler Joan from our youtube channel

asked can you add milk yeah I don't see

why not

I mean now I've actually never heard of

adding milk to tea but there's

absolutely no reason not to have you

guys have heard of adding milk tea or

tea I think actually if they do it in

England and possibly maybe even in the

Philippines so let me know if you're

familiar with adding milk to your tea in

the comments below maybe where you're

from cuz I've never heard of that but

yes Skyler absolutely you can add milk

to your tea Kelly Collette in our red

raspberry leaf tea video asked a

question about breaking up her capsules

of red raspberry leaf tea into

dosis instead of three um I don't see

any harm in doing this at all I mean

again the goal is to get a certain

amount of milligrams of red raspberry

leaf tea into your body each day

whatever gets it in in my opinion just

do whatever gets it in whether it's a


the capsules the tea the infusion and

also um nature sunshine actually makes a

concentrate of the tea so Callie if you

just can't get in that many capsules in

a day the red raspberry leaf tea

concentrate might be something that you

enjoy I'll link it below for you in the

description and you just can take it

with you and squeeze it into your cup it

already has sugar in it and maybe you

won't have to take so many capsules

during the day so ash and OGG says that

in her red raspberry leaf tea

she likes to add nettle and alfalfa tea

to her tea and actually this is a

phenomenal idea these nettle and alfalfa

are really high in iron and other

vitamins and minerals during your

pregnancy and these are actually really

safe pregnancy teas that you can add

that would be really really good so Asha

talked thanks for giving that serving

suggestion I think that's a great idea

to tell our Mamas for sale on our

youtube channel as what month of your

pregnancy can you start drinking the tea

um it's mostly recommended to start on

the fourth month of your pregnancy but

like I said before you can't have it

your first trimester it just you know

for the common general public it's

recommended to start on my four you can

drink it all the way the rest of your

pregnancy during your birth though we as

we've discussed before and even in the

postpartum period when you're not

pregnant it's definitely a safety to

drink dream big asked a really good

question about if Fred raspberry leaf

tea is related to helping women get

fertile and actually the answer is yes

red raspberry leaf tea has a lot of

vitamins and minerals that are help that

help to tone the uterus and prepare the

body for pregnancy it's actually one of

the herbs that is highly recommended by


for fertility treatments and so i'm not

gonna tell you that red raspberry leaf

tea is the cure-all for infertility but

absolutely if you're trying to get

pregnant this is definitely a tea you

want to add to your repertoire so while

we're talking about serving suggestions

another serving suggestion that I have

is to make red raspberry leaf tea

infusion ice chips for your labor

so this is really great and it's super

simple all you need to do is make a

double batch of your red raspberry leaf

tea and freeze it little ice cube molds

when it's time for your birth put them

in a ziploc bag crush them with a hammer

and you've got raspberry leaf tea full

of nutrition and electrolyte packed ice

chips that you can just pop in your

mouth throughout your labor to help you

stay hydrated I love your serving

suggestions so post them in the comments

below if you have some more or if you

have any more questions I could do a

follow-up video more questions you might

have about red raspberry leaf otherwise

you can follow me here and I'll see you

at the original red raspberry leaf video

thanks for watching and I'll see you

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