The perfect time to talk about marriage

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our friday day night Q&A these question

is when should we start talking about

the M word we're talking about marriage

people when should you start talking

about it I think if you are a woman who

wants to be married it should not be a

secret now you don't have to go standing

on the Empire State Building screaming

it out to everyone but I would think

that would be a normal conversation I

remember when I first met my husband on

arm I think second or third date he

asked me about being married and

divorced and how did I feel about

marriage and I told him I believe in the

institution of marriage it may not have

worked out for me but I know for a fact

that I want to get married again I'm on

that track no I'm not gonna get married

tomorrow but if the right candidate

comes along then I will be open to

moving into marriage I had that

conversation on our second date the

subject of marriage doesn't always have

to include the two of you do you hear

that the subject of marriage doesn't

always have to include the two of you it

can be your opinion about marriage or

the fact that yes you will be getting

married someday soon not saying it's him

or tomorrow but you will be getting

married it's okay to have that

discussion a good time to start talking

about marriage in the context of your

relationship is about a year at the year

mark you too can have that conversation

but i would like to think by this time

you know whether your esso wants to be

married or not and that's one of the

reasons we had the conversation early on

in our relationship because if he was a

guy who never ever wanted to get married

again I don't think that I would be that

girl for him so early on

the relationship you should really get

to know your significant other and see

if they do want to be married at some

point in their life and if that is the

case at the year mark you can start

talking about where does he see the two

of you together I hope that was helpful

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