hi guys so in today's video I'm gonna be

talking about raising my children

bilingual and if you don't know anything

about me I'm originally from Brazil and

my native language is Portuguese and I

learned English as a foreign language

along the years started in Brazil and

then carrying on when I moved to the UK

but both my children were born here in

the UK and my husband is also British so

we basically just speak English here I

don't have any Brazilian family here in

the UK so I don't really get to speak

Portuguese much in terms of conversation

but there was never a question in our

mind whether or not we should at least

try to bring up the kids bilingual it's

a skill that I think they will

appreciate in the future and it's

something that they can get very easily

from me because obviously my native

language being Portuguese I'm fluent in

Portuguese and in in English and yeah I

did a video about two years ago when we

first started thinking about things that

we could do in order to raise James

bilingual because James or is our first

son and in that video I talked about the

methods that I've researched and the

challenges that we had following those

methods so I won't be talking about all

of that again I'll leave a link to the

video below in case you want to watch it

but basically in this video I'm gonna be

sort of catching up what's been like the

last two years or I have done and what I

think I could do better or more of and

any tips that I've acquired along the

way for you out there who have kids and

are thinking what can you do and how can

you how can you bring them up bilingual

if you already speak two languages and

you want to give your children that

little gift and that they will be very

grateful for in the future it doesn't

matter what language you teach them

having a second language is already

something great to them and just before

I get on with the video I wanted to say

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and now let's get on with the video

so how's the whole bilingual thing going

for our family I am a little bit

disappointed in myself that I haven't

done as much as I'd like to and the main

reason for that is like I said I don't

have any family here so I'm not

constantly reminded to speak Portuguese

and it sounds silly because it is my

native language but when you're immersed

in the country that you don't see or

hear that language anywhere you don't

think about it it's really hard to

suddenly switch your brain off and turn

it into Portuguese I am completely and

fully immersed in English in the

english-speaking world here and it's

very hard for me to remember sort of

like several times a day to speak

Portuguese and I went through a period

where I literally just gave up and I

didn't teach anything to James when he

was about 1 and a half and I was just

focusing on teaching him the English

stuff and the numbers and the alphabet

and he's really good at that at the

moment he really does

he knows all his alphabet all these sort

of also called the phonics alphabet as

well he knows how to count to 20 and

he's only 2 and 2 and a half and he

knows quite a lot for his age and I

think a lot of that is to do with me

putting in the efforts to teach him that

but I feel like I should have done that

in Portuguese because he would have

learned that in any case just from you

know living and breathing the the

language here but I found it really hard

to make myself do it my husband is not

fluent in Portuguese he doesn't know how

to speak the language he doesn't

understand it which is his own fault he

should know and but yeah he doesn't know

it so it makes it even harder that when

we were at home I can't just simply

establish establish one language in the

house because I do have to talk to him

and he does have to talk to the children

and we have to communicate with each

other and all be understood and so we

just find it much easier to stick to

English but what I have done and

something that has been working really

well because I'm pleased to say that

James is doing so well with his

Portuguese he can count to 10 in

Portuguese and he can say the alphabetic

Portuguese and he knows

couple of songs that he sings in

Portuguese plus a few other words here

and there and what I have been doing is

the first thing is I've chosen moments

in the day to teach him something new or

to practice something that I'm trying to

teach him and that moment for me at this

very moment in time is bath time because

it's the time where I have his full

attention he's sitting in the bath with

no electronics no distractions he has a

few bath toys or you know things like

that in the bath but apart from that

it's just my voice and him there and so

he really listens in play and pays

attention to what I'm saying and I find

that he's really responding well to

learn him like that so I started

teaching him at bath time and I just

carry on every single night so that is

the moment every night where I tried to

teach him something new or practice

something that he already knows the best

way that I find to teach him is through

music he's a very very musical child and

he responds really well to songs and he

memorizes them very quickly I'm very

much like that as well I've always been

quite good at memorizing songs I don't

know why even songs that I'm not really

that bothered about I memorized them and

I think he just got that from me and so

I've started singing songs or even

making songs up last night for example I

made up a song and it was to teach him

to say hi how are you how are you today

in Portuguese I'm gonna try and saying

please don't judge my singing I'm very

bad at singing it was something like oh

dude the bone Oh throw the ball go move

I was sick and I was repeating that over

and over again in the bath until he

started to sing along with me and then

suddenly he was prompting it himself and

we were kind of swapping sentences he'd

say the first I'd say the second so

that's his favorite way of learning

there is one song that teaches the a not

the ABC but the vowels in Portuguese one

YouTube and he absolutely loves that

song I started doing that with books but

I found that with books he was more

interested in the characters and the

figures than this story itself and he

wasn't really

listening or paying attention to the

Portuguese he just wanted to chat to me

in English

about the characters and the things so

music I've found it a lot easier and

I've done the same thing with the

numbers and the ABC and he is doing

really well with his ABC which is so

cute and it makes me really proud makes

me want to keep going because when

you're trying to teach something and it

is hard work to teach a toddler who is

constantly doing something and if you

feel like they're not learning you kind

of give up but when you feel when you

get that feedback from them that they're

actually learning it makes you want to

keep going so songs and repetition are

my secret weapon for teaching him new

things in Portuguese another thing that

we found useful is associating a thing

or an item with the language Portuguese

so he has a teddy bear that sings the

ABC in Portuguese and whenever he sees

that teddy bear he starts to sing the

ABC in Portuguese and if it's another

toy he won't associate it but if I point

to the teddy bear he will know that that

teddy bear will sing in Portuguese

another thing is that he already know

the words in Portuguese so when I say

say the alphabet in Portuguese even if I

say that in English he will go and start

to go out they say there every day which

is really interesting that he picks that

up that he knows that that's a that's

what I do when mommy says in Portuguese

at the moment we're working on greetings

so saying hello how are you good morning

good night good evening and things like

that in Portuguese and I'll update you

on Instagram or on a video if you'd like

to see the progress of how it's going

but that is basically it my daughter

Isabella is too young still to learn but

I think she's been in the immersed and

being around James when I'm teaching him

she's actually picking things up and I

think she will learn quicker than him

and yeah so she's too young for me to

tell you if she knows anything but she's

there and she's listening and taking it

all in but that is it that's pretty much

what I've done so far and I know it

could be a much much better effort my

mum is constantly telling me that I need

to up my game that I need to teach them

more Portuguese

but I do find it really hard and I'd

love to know if you are bilingual if you

find it hard teaching your children

another language if you're in the same

sort of situation as me where you don't

have any contact with your native

language and your partner doesn't speak

the language I find it extremely hard

I'd love to know if you have any

practical tips that I could introduce on

my day to day life with my children if

you've been through this so if you're

going through this I'd love to know if

you could leave it on the comments below

I'd be very grateful and I think it

would also help a lot of people out

there who are trying to teach their

children a new language I found that a

lot of people found that video of mine

useful even though I the video is

basically me saying I don't know what to

do to teach my son a second language so

hopefully this video will be just as

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