Teaching Toddlers ABC/Alphabet/ABCD Reading To Raise Genius Kids? Learning How To Read EVERYTHING

hi i'm jim here with my children ring

ethan and baby joy in our video today

we're going to share with you one simple

yet extremely powerful technique that

will enable you to keep your child in

need and help your child become a fast

and fluent reader it is the exact same

technique and method that we use our

children before they were three years


let me show you Markit oh look


the first clip you saw was our daughter

ring reading at two years eleven months

old eleven weeks after we began teaching

her to read the second clip was her son

Ethan reading at two years nine months


also after eleven weeks of reading

instructions using our unique reading

system pretty impressive huh what's even

more impressive is that by the time ring

was four years two months old she was

reading at a grade three level find that

hard to believe

we will show you another video clip in

just a bit which I'm sure will amaze you

I remember when ring was just a baby we

had seen this infomercial showing babies

reading whatever word was shown on the

screen it looked quite amazing and

without much thought we jumped onto this

bandwagon and spent several hundred

dollars I mean really who wouldn't want

to have super smart babies that can read

and help their children grow and develop

to their fullest potential after all we

all know that the first few years of

life are the most critical for shaping

the brains development and growth

unfortunately it was clear that our

child did not learn to read and simply

memorize the word shapes putting our

child in front of the TV was not working

and why should it how could we expect

some TV programming to teach our

children to read in fact the large

amount of research we had been reviewing

during that time had confirmed with our

very own first-hand experience that the

whole language learning method produces

poor results and this is also when we

discover the key to helping young

children develop critical foundational

reading skills at this point we set out

to teach our children to read and trust

me it's a lot simpler than you might

imagine and what's a better way to

stimulate intellectual development than

learning to read and reading we have

taught all of our children to read

before Age 3 how do we do it the best

teaching method is not sitting in front

of the TV for hours and this may even

shock you all it takes is 10 to 15

minutes each day that's it let me share

a real story with you our family was out

dining at a local restaurant when the

waitress came to take our orders our

four-year-old child clearly reads the

items on the kids menu and orders her

own food

the waitresses jaw literally drops wide

open and asks how old is she here

let me show you another clip of our

daughter reading at four years old

now what then it asked us a lick mind is

a dry gun Wonder Woman said I can try to

better drive it to reject that evil

night going into the Dragonfly is a

grind medicine and you're against it out

aboard and lays it just it out call an

action then she kept out the box for

every lady was read

why did you or flip ask the more space

down the time has come for the robot you

plan into action the lever slide action

when attacking the desktop with an

empire for the trunk and wrath of India

TIE fighters fast and furious battle

takes place in space I bet you don't see

many young children that can read like

that your child misses a golden

opportunity if you do not teach your

child to read now there is a direct link

between your child's academic

performance and future success with

positive early experiences and

developing early reading skills let me

explain reading makes your child smarter

and the very act of reading can help

children compensate for modest levels of

cognitive ability your child's

vocabulary at h3 predicts his or her

first grade reading success and

vocabulary and reading ability in first

grade strongly predicts great 11

outcomes did you know that children who

cannot read proficiently by grade three

are four times more likely to leave

school without a diploma

than proficient readers and if you think

what are the chances that my child will

be a poor reader then you need to see

this 67% of all grade 4 students cannot

read at a proficient level according to

the National Assessment of Educational

Progress of those 67% 33% reads as just

a basic level and 34% cannot even

achieve reading abilities of the lowest

basic level the UK government's

Department of Education reported that

42% children left school without

achieving a basic level of functional

English the Australian Government

Department of Education reported that 33

percent of all year 5 students cannot

meet the benchmark literacy skills and

in Canada 42 percent of Canadians are

considered semi illiterate don't let

your child's literacy scale become a

statistic there is a simple and

effective way to get the job done and

I'm going to share it with you starting

with a four powerful keys to teaching

your child to read sending your children

in front of the TV for hours will not

teach them to read can we really expect

a black box to do the job of a loving

parent and lifelong teacher I'll show

you in just a second how you can

effectively teach your child to read

spending just minutes a day do not fall

for the computer programs and so-called

reading programs that eliminate the

participation of the parent in a

learning process you need to be involved

some charge hundreds of dollars while

others charge a monthly fee stay away

from these phonics is a great way to

teach children to read by learning by

memorizing phonics rules is boring and

ineffective can we really expect a young

child to memorize all the confusing

rules I will show you how to easily

teach your child to read without ever

memorizing any phonics rules you will

get a chance to access a truly unique

and powerful method that will help your

child become a super fluent reader avoid

whole language learning programs it is

an extremely poor teaching method that

produces poor results after a review of

1960 clinical studies than

National reading panel stated that

teaching phonics and phonemic awareness

produces better reading results than

whole language programs don't be

deceived by all the advertisements

showing babies appearing to read there's

a world of difference between memorizing

word shapes and having the foundational

skills of decoding and reading we will

share with you our step-by-step system

that will help your child develop

superior reading decoding and phonemic

awareness skills so what do you need to

teach your child to read children

learning reading is the only program

you'll ever need to teach your child to

read that will put your child's reading

skills years ahead of other similar age

to children this is the complete program

which will help your child quickly

develop and master the most important

scaling life that will benefit them for

a lifetime reading thousands of parents

and grandparents just like you have

successfully used our program to teach

their children to read this is the exact

same system we use to teach our own

children and no you do not need to have

specialized knowledge or skills to get

incredible results with our program let

me share another story with you while

waiting for our appointment with a

preschool teacher our four-year-old sits

down picks up a children's book and

begins to read out softly to herself

other parents are amazed at what they

are seeing they ask us how we manage to

teach our child to read at such a young


and what is our secret afterwards even

the teacher asks how we manage to teach

such a young child to read so well this

secret is now available to you and your

child and when you use our super simple

system follow it step by step you will

see surefire results the children

learning reading program comes in two

jam-packed ebooks I'll show you how to

easily teach your child to read spending

just a minutes each day it contains the

total of fifty step-by-step simple yet

extremely effective lessons that will

help your child develop critical

foundational reading skills allow you to

enhance your child's intellectual

development through the process of

reading and learning to read our super

simple and powerful techniques will help

your child become a

subtly fast and efficient at decoding

and reading and even develop superb

spelling abilities and significantly

increase your child's vocabulary and

quickly improve your child's reading and

reading comprehension abilities you will

instill within your child a genuine

lifelong love for learning and reading

setting the stage for future success in

life parents who discover the power of

our system are excited about teaching

their child they become superb teachers

and the child becomes an eager learner

that just can't wait to learn more once

they have discovered the joy of reading

your child will pick up books and just

can't put them down as they discover a

whole new world through the reading and

imagination it's simple it's effective

and best of all it will allow you to

discover the amazing capabilities your

child has for learning all it takes is

10 to 15 minutes a day and you can get

started today everything you need is

delivered in an instant access download

you don't have to wait days weeks or

even minutes you can get it all in about

30 seconds how cool is that we're also

going to give you these super bonuses

stage 1 and stage 2 lesson stories these

two books contain lesson stories that

are matched to the progress of your

child's reading ability now come with

colorful illustrations to make reading

fun and engaging

letter-sound mp3 audio clips this is a

complete set of mp3 audio clips that

demonstrates in detail on how to

properly sound out each of the alphabet

letters so that you are better equipped

to teach your child how to read the most

common sight words cite words are

pronounced without decoding the spelling

of the word and we want to help you

become aware of some of the most common

sight words that you and your child will

encounter children's favorite Nursery


this book contains 35 fun to read and

entertaining nursery rhymes for children

you receive lifetime program updates and

12 weeks of one-on-one support we want

to do everything we can to make our

program a success for you and your child

once you come on board with our program

we will be with you

and your child every step of the way you

can count on advice and guidance from

knowledgeable and experienced parents

who has been through it all we will

personally respond to your emails the

next 12 weeks will come and go quickly

if you're ready to teach your child to

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more articulate have better

communication skills and improved

reading comprehension and a vastly

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any way you look at it