How we raise our BILINGUAL baby | Spanish & English | 18 months old | 50 words




hi everyone so a few people have

requested this video on different videos

I've uploaded and that is how we're

raising new Theo to be bilingual I'm

English my husband is Spanish and Lucio

is 18 months old

you'll be 19 months old when this video

goes up I think but his spoke up array

is in like getting bigger and bigger

every single day he knows so many words

his linking word and he's speaking both

Spanish and English so I haven't read

any books I don't know any technical

ways of doing this it's literally just

how drum and I are raising nuclear

boiling water and I thought I'd share it

with you it might be helpful and

interested me you guys to know kind of

how we do it so he can say so many words

and recently he's been linking words as

well so yeah he's here now with me he's

saying I stuck so you might hear him in

the background of this video as well I

want to join with me to do this video

because obviously it's about both

languages and everything but he works

literally six days a week and he comes

home cut lay around bath time flew here

anyway I'm often in he he's super busy

and I can't pin him down to film a video

and I want to do this video so Lucio can

say low English words and latest on the

trend he also knows the spanish and

english word for the same thing i've

been also he knows just the english or

just the spanish for some things as well

so for example he knows please and papa

for next thank you and gracias he knows

bye bye and a d awesome but then he will

only know us and saw which is lift in

spanish only knows and why he doesn't

know water and then he only knows things

like all gone in english but he doesn't

know the spanish that by the dua

but yet he kind of knows song just

English and some just Spanish cameos

there can you see yourself hey hello

I've tried to write down all of the

words that he knows in both languages

he's repeating what we say a lot but

these are kind of like words that he

actually uses himself so he knows in

English he knows hello goodbye please

thank you he laid out all non banana

spoon but he says news for spoon so

that's kind of I guess I don't know does

he know that one I don't know all gone

he says here it is a neat lid yeah he's

saying lid you've got the lid you shown

the minute Oh lid that way mommy's happy

Oh leo what else do you know Spanish he

knows I sense or gracias adios hola

mass like yeah he will only say I'm mass

which is there's more in Spanish she

doesn't say that in English she knows a

key ie which is here and there so many

what else do you know you know loads of

Spanish and I think on this but yeah I'm

just kind of reeling off all the words

that you know he knows so many words

it's crazy so what we do it's basically

he's spent the first 15 months of his

life lived in the UK and he spent the

last three months they've been in Spain

when we were living in the UK and I try

to use more Spanish than what I do now

just because everyone we were coming

across industry or TV and everything

like that was in English or my family or

English so everyone he was seeing was

just speaking English it's only Joanne

who was speaking Spanish so I try to

speak a lot more Spanish in the UK now

we've moved to Spain I

they try to only speak to him in English

I do use some Spanish just mix it up a

bit just because I naturally do that

anyway but majority not 80% is English

and 20% Spanish Joanne has always

primarily spoked spoken to him in

Spanish your sunglasses are the missin


oh no glasses no glasses thank you Hey

oh man no upper hand which is in Spanish

and he knows English word hand there on

upside down I put them the right way

no no really well yes so now Joanne

we'll put that on at the end okay I'm by

a fine of hard think of words as it is

and then when he's like here distracted

means it's like impossible

I see husband goes Joanne still speaks

to him primarily in Spanish Joanne who

use English if he's like misbehaving and

he won't have his Napoli changed or some

things he made happy like the work

because they have you known everything

like he understands everything is saying

yeah I'll tell you when to say bye-bye

so on the main hair so I'm speaking to

him mainly in English and so Joanne in

order to get him copies let me change or

something you will say it in English and

there's other things like if he wants

him to do something that he knows that

he'll probably understand more English

he'll say that but then he also follows

it up with Oh with the Spanish as well I

know we've got the camera resting on his

books that sure book isn't it he knows

book hey to say book look okay you want

to come here so you can see yourself in

the screen that come here that sit here

there you are look there is okay so when

we were living in the UK I used to play

TV in English little babies also

in space and actually living in Spain

he's obviously watched a lot more

Spanish TV and English so in England he

wasn't exposed I'm not gonna put the put

the glasses on oh yeah they go don't

look oh oh why did you put them on you

put them on my balls

you want mommy to put them on Wow cool

dude oh dude yeah yeah yeah that better

right so um so in the UK he was watching

a lot of English lately exposed to a lot

of English and some Spanish but he was

still his first word he ever said was

agua and he and math for maths so he

actually you know maybe they all exposed

too much Spanish yeah a lot so famous

what showed up Spanish TV distinguish I

use YouTube to search for his favorite

TV cartoon in English and but he watches

a lot of Spanish cartoons there's a

channel called clan which has a lot of

the cartoons that he's actually hey here

in Spain so in Spanish obviously you

seem to run to me a lot more as well so

he's speaking Spanish there and it's

really strange because when he's with me

he will later on he will speak sometimes

he mixes it and he'll just say as much

word or word but we can see how it's

gonna be developing as well be able to

separate it I think it's when they're

about three or four rate it really well

so I have always just spoken to him all

of the time like what I'm doing maybe

yeah I repeat words and I just taught in

more time and I think that happens a lot

with your child I think yeah I mean I

don't have any more children but I can

imagine if I had another one now I won't

be able to put the

say I'm at a time talking to as Lou to

like that one-on-one time we basically

just talk and talk sing songs join the

with some Spanish that she writes to him

I sing love him I would say the balance

is about 70% English and 30% Spanish

throughout his life living in England or

living in Spain he has had kind of like

a 70/30 kind of balance with the Spanish

and English well English and Spanish but

he spoke up and he knows just as much

Spanish as he does English you know some

Spanish words but not English worse and

vice versa

and I don't think it needs to be a 50/50

like when we first had Lucia we didn't

know kind of how we were going to do

things like we were worried to be not

worried to begin with but very aware to

try and give him like a 50/50 like 50

English 50 Spanish naturally for me I

want to speak to him in English it's

just my mother tongue and naturally for

Joanne in Spanish although Joanne

because he's lived in the UK for 10

years English it's kind of more a

natural language to him as well but what

I'm trying to say is that I don't think

need to stretch yourself output to be

like a 50-50 I think just a 70/30 %

Balint it seems to be working okay for

him now there will be more English soon

because when he starts school or nursery

when he's about three he will be taught

in Spanish they start scored three in

Spain legally it's from six but

everybody puts their kids into school

from three and to get a place in the

school kind of have to get them in early

you don't have to there are I know some

parents who aren't but we'll see how the

theories at the time when he goes to

nursery or school he will be taught in

Spanish that our bilingual schools but

the ones were looking at and for him as

a school will be taught in Spanish so

then there'll be more English in

home Joanne will probably start speaking

to him more in English in the home

Johanna and I communicate mostly in

English anyway so he hears us talking in

English more than Spanish so it'll

naturally work that way if we would even

in the UK I would have to force myself

when he started school I would force

myself to speak mainly in Spanish in the

home he's so sweet and I did it now in

choir because he's got his done them I

am trying to wean him off of these

things and only have them at bed but I

needed them right now for this video

so just to recap Lucio can say I would

imagine I wrote down about 3540 words

but he's coming up with new words all of

the time his vocabulary is huge

can I get in the camera please mister oh

look at those eyelashes goodness me I'm

jealous of those eyelashes the old books

we have English books and Spanish books

more English and Spanish I read to him

mainly I want trying to start reading to

him more and in Spanish because I think

it's really good when both parents read

to them especially being a boy I think

it's really good for him to see his dad

reading and his dad reading to him

because apparently statistically boys

don't read as much as girls but he

absolutely loves books like really

really loves book Oh what we do do as

well say we see a glass and then always

saying to him glass to teach him that

it's glass yeah glasses he will save the

Spanish word as well like Bassel so

we'll say glass battle glass bustle and

then he sorry I don't know no one um oh

my goodness what of my life come to for

you wearing kitty sling vs. filming a

video that's going out to the world yes

we'll say the English and Spanish when

he's learning the word like livin and

I'm hi any noise and I'm her and not

orange so recently other thing orange


and he'll repeat orange but he naturally

says that I'm half which is fine as long

as he knows orange and I think as well

like there's going to be phases

where he'll use mostly Spanish ammos

language and it's glitchless I believe I

read anything about this but my instinct

tells me it's just his brain sorting it

all out and learning it and it's

repetition isn't it so sometimes he will

say more Spanish sometimes he'll say

more English when he's with Joanne like

I said he will say more Spanish than

English so for example with that I'll

put them on yeah shut put them on my

head like that little example he'll go

that way to tell me which way you'd like

to go if we're in the park or something

like that say that way that way when

he's with Joanne Joanne says por aqui

York ye and Lucile sake or boy boy Ikey

so he he adapts to do and he'll speak

more Spanish when he's with John's

family he'll say see into the yes and

he'll say adios and hola and say a lot

more in Spanish than English because

he's hearing more Spanish all the time

around him he naturally goes to that

which I think so clever and I'm so

excited to see how it's going to evolve

and how he's going to kind of develop

his language skills and when he's in

school I I know he's going to be coming

home and speaking a lot more Spanish and

English but I think as long as you keep

going and I'm gonna be consistent with

it and always speak to them in both

languages they will as they get older

they'll be able to separate - and use

whichever one they feel most comfortable

with that's about it I think for this

video I'm so sorry I hope you heard all

about editing chat in everything ah yeah

glasses oh you know to Concord you you

know both Spanish and English for those

don't you we sing the head shoulders

knees and toes song in both languages so

I'll say head shoulders knees and toes

and then for the facial features I'll

say it in Spanish like a father a

husband you know these so we're singing

the song in both languages but then he

also knows the English in his eyes is

nose mouth so yeah that's another thing

we do when mixing mixing the two

languages with songs as well

I hope that has given you kind of an

insight as to what we do

I've tried to capture him say in words

but as soon as I get the camera out he

just shuts down and he's

talking like I'll be chatting all day

he'll be pointed at things that they say

in the words for things

see as I get to come around does it

wanna know on a mobile phone secretly

and I probably inserted what I got at

the beginning of this video

he's a bright little chatterbox I would

say he knows between Spanish and English

about 50 words right now time to say

goodbye this don't say bye-bye

hey say bye-bye and say adios say adios

oh yes go save your Spanish viewers

adios I do there we go Hey okay we're

gonna go now

adios he has two Bronto oh god yes bye

guys you know next video