welcome back to my channel everybody its

coach Michelle Hall I'm here with Sarah

and Mira today we're gonna teach you how

to skate for all those beginners out

there and all of you who want to have

fun this holiday season at those outdoor

rinks and just wanting to take your

people like your date or your family

members or your friends out on a nice

holiday activity

the first step to learning how to skate

is to March

so basically marching is lifting up your

knees and walking on the ice you're

gonna get steady and still and try to

keep your core strong but if you ever

feel like falling you're gonna put your

arms out and then grab your knees

believe it or not falling is one of the

most important parts of the sport so

when I first learn how to skate I want

to make sure that I fall on purpose as

you can see here Cyrus and Mira are

trying to get up and the proper way to

get up is to stand on both your knees

and hands planted on the ground like

you're a cat exactly like that and then

you're gonna put one knee up and you're

gonna put both hands on that one meat

and push yourself up now that we have

the marching and the falling down it's

time to test our marching skills to see

if we can balance on two feet for two

foot glide

it's really important for us to test out

if we tied our skates properly and we

want to make sure that we can balance on

those two skinny blades or bars by

putting our feet together and squeezing

our butt cheek so that we can March

March March and stay strong with your

core to glide now that we have that down

it's time for the one foot glide the one

foot glide starts out with a two foot

lied and then we're gonna pick up one of

our feet and we're gonna press that foot

against our ankle so we could stand up

like a flamingo

now it's on to swizzles swizzles are a

more advanced version to move both

backwards and forwards in skating here

we're starting out with forward swizzles

in which we're creating two different

shapes with our feet so the first one is

a V and the second one is an a Vita a V

- a now we're gonna start by bending our

knees and we're gonna push off

through our heels to create a circle

that closes off with our toes together v

2a v 2a now that we're going a little

bit faster it's time to learn how to

stop so this is called the snowball stop

this is a most simple way to stop when

you're first learning how to skate and

the best way to start is to create a

pile of snow like Cyrus is doing

so how do we create this now well we're

gonna bend our knees with our feet

together and then we're gonna push out

as much as we can it's really difficult

when you first learn how to skate

because you have to manage the pressure

on your blades so the best way to do

this is to stand still while you're

stopping when you get the hang of it

then you'll be able to do it while

you're moving just like Mira

okay so the next biggest thing that

we're gonna cover is skating backwards

so now that we learned the forward

swizzles it's time to learn the easiest

way to go backwards with backward

swizzles so cyrus is demonstrating the

same exact mechanics with the A to Z

positioning of the feet but the only

difference is that he's doing it from A

to B instead of B to a and the biggest

thing to learn about the backward

swizzles is to not lean forward too much

you have to have your belly button

upright so then you're not gonna be on

your toes to fall over the next way to

go backwards is with backward Wiggles so

here we're gonna do a C like motion with

our feet side-by-side and we're gonna go

from left to right left to right we're

pretending that we have a tail like a

dog and we're gonna wiggle backwards

with our arms moving in a washing

machine like motion as you can see Cyrus

and mirror are bending their knees

aggressively all this action stems from

the knees and the ankles in order for

you to get the backward wiggle correctly

now the next

is stroking so this is the way that you

ideally want to learn how to skate it's

not the basic version anymore this is

the more advanced version in which you

see pro athletes skate this way

so I'm utilizing a tee position when I

first start and I'm gonna bend my knees

in order for me to push off the inside

edge and I'm gliding on one knee and I'm

pushing with all my power from the back

leg so we're gonna sit and put pressure

on that back foot and glide forward

notice my posture in which my arms are

out to the side my chin is up and my

belly buttons up right you want to make

sure they have a slightly arched back

and you push forward in the direction of

where you want to go and one last thing

the bonus round is the two-foot spin so

the two-foot spin starts out with your

hands out with your two feet stuck

together you're gonna pick up your feet

and march in a circle and then you're

gonna stop moving and pull your arms in

that's the two foot spin thank you so

much mira and Cyrus for helping me out

today and we hope you have a great 2019

in this brand-new year and this new

season of skating

and having fun we love you all so much

and we can't wait to see you in our next

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