How NOT to Start Teaching ESL English Online

hey guys my name is Chris americo's and

in this video I'm going to tell you all

about how to start your est Jean career

or your English teaching career and the

reason I decided to make this video is

because there's so much misinformation

out there people who were telling you

that you need to get a certificate or a

piece of paper a diploma and there's so

many people out there who have these

pieces of paper and they don't know

anything all of that is complete crap so

let me clear that up for you right now a

piece of paper is not going to make

money for you some people think that you

have to have years and years of

experience in order to be successful at

this I've been doing this for 10 years I

became successful after a year and a

half and most of the people who I know

in this industry who have become hugely

successful did so in under five years so

let me tell you what you need to know if

you're just getting started in the ESL

industry or the teaching English as a

foreign language industry and I'll try

to make this video really quick because

I do respect your time and respect the

fact that you're watching this video so

here's the information that you need to

know when you're getting into this first

of all you need to know that you're

making two investments by starting down

this path the first is an investment of

money if you decide to get a certificate

or do a certificate program if you

decide to work for a school if you

decide to do anything in this industry

you're going to make a money investment

now your financial investment might not

be as large depending on what you choose

but for a lot of people the financial

investment starts very high when they

get into this career path the time

investment is something that most people

don't consider and they really need to

consider this the time you invest in

looking for a job or getting a

certificate and then looking for a job

is also time that you could have

invested into yourself and building

something that would have brought you

profit or income for the rest of your

life so that's really something to keep

in mind because there's a lot of

companies out there that are trying to

get you to buy things and spend your

time on things and you really don't need

that crap so this is our recurring theme

throughout this video your investment of

time and your investment of money

because a lot of people don't consider

that when they start down this career

path and the first thing we need to talk

about in terms of investing your time

and your money is those horrendous TEFL

certificate programs you can see them

everywhere they're always trying to get

your money you can see their ads on

every website every Google search that

you do looking for how to start a

teaching career or

how to get into ESL or how to find a

teaching job one of the first things

that's guaranteed to pop up is do your a

TEFL certification course with us now

sure those programs are going to teach

you the basics of what you need to know

as a teacher but most of those programs

aren't really going to help you get a

job at all and if it was a job that you

were looking for you would have been

better off spending that time looking

for your own students now I understand

you're new to this you don't really know

where to find students and you don't

really know what to say to them so that

they'll study with you but here's what

you need to know that piece of paper

that TEFL or CELTA or tkt whatever you

decide to get that is not going to get

you clients that is not going to get you

the job you want to know the most

important thing when you're looking for

a teaching job with a company the number

one thing is charisma if you can charm

them if you can show them that you're

charismatic if you can be outgoing these

characteristics are much stronger than

anything that's written on your resume

or any kind of certificate that you

might have and if you're being

interviewed for a worthwhile company

then they're going to ask you questions

about your English language knowledge so

it doesn't really matter if you have

that piece of paper or not just do a

google search right now learn the basics

of the English language learn the parts

of speech learn the verb tenses learn

what accountable and an uncountable noun

is learn the difference between an

infinitive in a gerund learn those

basics most temple courses aren't even

going to teach you that stuff they're

gonna feed you a bunch of bull about the

teaching environment and creating an

atmosphere that's conducive to learning

and yes that stuff is important but

you're not gonna be able to get students

with that and you're not going to get

your students results from creating a

learning atmosphere you're going to get

students results by actually delivering

information and changing what they know

about the language and how they use it

so whether your goal is to get a job and

make money or to really make a

difference in students lives having a

piece of paper is not going to do that

for you now let's go to another argument

maybe you believe that having this piece

of paper is going to make you a more

confident teacher in that case go ahead

and get your piece of paper spend your

time spend your money doing a test

learning some crap that you really don't

need to know and you probably won't ever

use I mean from my training program I

use about five 10% of

what I learned and I've been able to

open up multiple teaching businesses

I've hired lots of teachers trained

teachers have recruited teachers I mean

I've done it all in this industry and

now I help teacher set up their own

teaching businesses so really I can tell

you that you don't need that crap

instead invest your time and your money

into yourself now this is what most

companies in the ESL industry don't want

you to know they don't want you to know

that at the same time in the same money

that you invest in to these stupid TEFL

CELTA tkt programs that you could invest

into yourself and get a much better

longer-lasting result you see when you

invest your time and money into those

programs you're investing into their

company and of course they want you to

invest into their company not into yours

but what the market really needs right

now now that more students are turning

to the internet and more students are

looking for independent teachers is we

need more teacher entrepreneurs we need

more independent teachers teaching

online with their own platforms their

own websites their own products and

getting a piece of paper that says TEFL

at the top is not going to help you do

that let's face it most of the teaching

methodologies and most of the business

structures in the ESL industry have

existed for over a hundred years and

have just been regurgitated generation

after generation and right now you have

the opportunity to do something really

revolutionary invest in yourself stop

investing in other people's companies

okay maybe you're new to this industry

and you're not really looking to get a

certificate or a diploma but you just

really want to get a job right now so

you go online and Google and you're like

okay English teaching jobs online teach

online and you come up with a bunch of

results about some companies called like

VIP kid or I tutor group or ABC tutor or

lots of those kinds of companies they're

everywhere so why not try it out right

well what you don't know is you're gonna

spend weeks applying and then if they

actually hire you they're going to hire

you at a low rate they're not gonna hire

you at the rate in the advertisement

after that they're only going to give

you a few hours every week and you're

going to have to really really really

work extremely hard to get more out

and then after that you're not going to

be able to secure those hours and

probably you're going to have different

students every time you teach now if you

don't believe me because you know I'm

just another guy on the internet then go

ahead and try it yourself go spend your

time invest your time into their

companies and see what you get out of it

come back to this video in about a year

and beat yourself up and say you know

what I could have invested in myself I'm

not saying that you can't find a great

job teaching English for somebody else

online what I am saying is that when you

spend that time working for someone else

and investing in their company investing

your time in their company right it

doesn't matter that you're not spending

money it doesn't matter that you're

making a little bit of money from their

company and they have the clients they

have the students and they're you know

just giving you the work hours and

they're paying you for it you're just

selling your time for money when you

could be creating something for yourself

that reduces the amount of time that you

spend and increases the amount of money

that you make instead what you're doing

is becoming a cog in their machine and

generating more money for them well

they're spending no time why not invest

in yourself okay so now you've done your

Google search you've found lots of

different options one of them was a TEFL

certification program and you understand

right now why that's not worth it that

piece of paper really means nothing then

you moved on then you said okay let me

just find a job let me just get paid a

little bit of money right now right

because you thought it was gonna be fast

but no surprise you're gonna spend a

long time applying to their program

applying to their company and then once

you actually start working for them only

a little bit of the time that you spend

is actually going to get paid so you

move on to the next option you say well

there's lots of platforms or I can just

sign up and I can list myself as a

teacher there and I can decide how much

money I take and that's great because I

control how much I make I control how

much students pay when they study with

me right some of these platforms that

teachers get trapped in our wiz IQ pal

fish-eye talky yeah there's all kinds of

them out there because what is it it's

just another trap it's an online

platform where you're going to say that

you're going to teach someone and the

student can find you you can sit there

and you can get lessons but you and the

student have to spend your time and the

platform doesn't have to spend any time

the platform still takes a percent

of what you make so whatever price you

list they're going to charge higher or

they're going to charge more or you know

they're gonna tell you ahead of time

that they take a percentage so again

you're investing your time into somebody

else's company you're building their

platform you're helping them make money

when you could be making it yourself and

investing in yourself and keeping this

for your entire future why not build

your career instead of building somebody

else's business and the main thing you

need to know about this is that at any

moment they can change the terms of how

they work with you on their platform and

the end they own that platform and you

need to build your own platform

that's why you need to invest in

yourself now what does it mean to invest

in yourself why do I keep saying this

over and over again right invest in

yourself invest in yourself you want to

just teach English or teach ESL and

maybe you want to do it online maybe you

want to go abroad and teach but

everywhere you go everywhere you look

all of these people are trying to take

advantage they're all trying to make you

invest your time and get very little in

return they're trying to make you invest

your money and you know you're just

going to be helping them build their

business and you're not really getting

anything for yourself so how can you

really do that well let's take a look at

other players in this market there are

people out there who are independent

teachers who are teaching on skype they

find students online I mean you can find

them everywhere you can find them on

Facebook you can find them on WeChat you

can find them on VK you can find them

anywhere I even get students off of

Instagram and that's where another

category of players in this industry

comes into play there are people out

there who claim that they can help you

get started as an ESL teacher they can

make you an independent teacher they can

help you set up a teaching business and

hey to be honest I'm one of those guys

too I have a free program and a paid

program that shows teachers how to set

up their own teaching business how to

make money how to get clients all of

that and maybe I'm a little biased but I

think that investing in yourself and

building something of your own is much

better than wasting time getting a piece

of paper or getting a job or if you've

already got a job it's a great idea to

start investing in yourself but here's

the question you need to ask before you

join any kind of program that's going to

show you how to set up your own teaching

business you need to do your research

I mean don't believe a guy on the

Internet just go do your research to go

do your homework

go look me up

go look at what else I've done and what

other people have done and you can

compare and you can see whose program

you like more you need to ask questions

like have they actually set up a

successful teaching business themselves

you would be surprised the type of

people who are out there who haven't set

up their own teaching business you can

go to my company's website and you can

see that there are other teachers

working for me right now you can go to

my personal website and you can see the

courses that I offer you can go to my

different groups and pages on social

media sites and you can see all of the

people who are subscribed and following

and yada yada yada you can also see some

of the teachers that I've helped get

results and help them set up their own

teaching businesses so that's what you

want to be looking for when you do your

research now sure you don't have to join

one of those programs you can find a lot

of that information for free on your own

on the Internet so why do people even

join these programs at all well because

it's usually a lot faster and a lot

easier when somebody who's already done

it shows you exactly how it works but if

you've got a couple years to spare then

go ahead and start googling away in fact

I can help you right now if they're

gonna teach on skype if you're gonna get

your own students from wherever maybe

you know some students offline maybe you

you know some students on Facebook maybe

you know you just have access to a bunch

of people who want to learn English then

you can become an online teacher right

now if you start using Skype and if

you're gonna start using Skype and

teaching English like that then you need

to know about a few things you need to

have great internet quality internet

quality is going to make or break your

business now of course there are ways

around internet quality and there's

other ways to do this because you don't

only have to use Skype you can use

something that doesn't require so much

of your time and you can get out of that

traditional way of teaching which is

something that we go into detail about

in my program but let's not talk about

that too much right now

you'll also need great video quality so

you need to have a good high quality web

camera or you know you could use a DSLR

camera or something like that you also

need to have great audio quality so you

might want to think about investing in a

microphone another thing that people

sometimes forget about is lighting

quality if you have terrible lighting

then it's going to look terrible

it doesn't matter how good your video

quality is if the lighting sucks your

video is going to suck too and the last

thing they see so many people forget

about I mean just go on YouTube go on

Google go anywhere and check out other

teachers videos and what they're trying

to sell to you and what they're telling


about and ask yourself that question do

they look professional and the last

thing that you need to think about and a

lot of people forget this and I mean

just go on YouTube go on Google look at

all the different people who are trying

to sell you stuff and trying to tell you

what's good and what's bad and look at

their background you know I mean like

look what's behind them on their videos

this isn't the most professional

background definitely not but you'll see

that when people film outside when

people film inside doesn't matter where

they film you always need to be thinking

about the background because that

influence is what people see on the

video and when you're teaching on skype

you don't want people to see your

bedroom you don't want people to see

your dirty laundry or your underwear

hanging up so consider those factors

when you decide to teach on skype or

wherever you decide to teach your

one-on-one lessons and I know that I've

given you a lot of information in this

video about what you shouldn't do you

shouldn't go out and get a piece of

paper if what you really want is a job

you shouldn't go out and get a piece of

paper if what you really want to do is

get results for students and change

their lives that piece of paper means

nothing in fact yeah I had one of those

ones I spent part of my life getting

this piece of paper and that's part of

my life that I'll never get back I keep

it in my bathroom for that one day when

I run out of toilet paper I've also told

you about different online companies and

jobs that they provide you with you're

going to invest so much time there that

it's not worth the money you get paid

you could invest that time in yourself

I've also told you about online

platforms that claim that you can set

your own price and set your own hours

and that you'll be in charge of

everything remember that on a whim they

can wreck your whole business do not

build your business on those platforms

I've also told you about guys on the

internet and not to believe everything

that they tell you hey I'm one of them

don't believe what I'm saying go check

it out go do your research and the last

thing that I told you about here is

doing it on your own I know it sounds

scary I know it seems like you're just

getting started so how could you do this

on your own but you would not believe

how easy this can be I mean it's so easy

that I put together a step-by-step

process that shows people how to do it

and people who have absolutely no

experience have been able to do this set

up their own business and start making

thousands of dollars every month from

teaching English online and they don't

have any pieces of paper or you know

years of working in a company or

anything like that so coming to the end

of this

video just like every other guy out

there on the Internet I have a special

offer to present you with and my offer

is a free training program on my website

language teaching business comm that's

language teaching business comm did my

voice sound corny enough you can go

there it's 100% free just go through the

free course and it'll show you exactly

how to set up the foundations of your

online teaching business you'll also get

more of a back story about me and my

company that I set up you know my first

one that I set up which was an offline

business and then how I moved online and

how I started doing teacher recruiting

and all that other great stuff and I try

to be as open and honest with everybody

as possible so right now before you even

sign up for my free program I want to

tell you that at the end of my free

program I'm going to offer you a paid

program the whole goal of my paid

program is to get teachers to become

independent to take control of their

teaching careers and to start making

between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars a month

teaching online I've been able to do

that and other people have been able to

do that and you can do that too so if

that's something that interests you then

you can do that but you know join the

free course first find out what this is

all about and then make a decision if

you want to join the paid course and

after you go through the free course you

can join the paid one for as low as 125

bucks and you know when you get your

first client you're gonna make way more

than that most people are able to make

$1,000 or more from their first client

alone using the method that I show them

in this training program so again you

don't have to buy anything and you don't

have to commit to anything but there is

a free program that's going to show you

exactly how to set up the foundations of

your teaching business and you can join

that language teaching business com good

luck getting your ESL career started and

avoid those pitfalls that I told you

about really and don't believe every guy

on the Internet go do your research and

make a decision for yourself thanks for

watching and I'll see you guys very soon