Beginner Tennis Lessons: Forehand and Backhands

everybody this Peter Freeman director

tennis out here at Gold's Gym and I am

so excited are you guys excited for

tennis one two three are you pumped up

well what we're going to go through over

the next several videos that we making

for you is what we're gonna be doing on

the core each and every week so you can

come on out you better watch these

videos I always ask the class Lots

people come and they don't watch the

video so they don't know we're going to

be doing but if you watch these videos

you're going to know we're gonna be

doing every court and how to do it so

it's extremely important so we're going

to go over the first night and we're

going to be back on court 1 so I'll see

you in a second

alright so the first trip we're going to

go over is the forehand okay so I'm

going to show you what a forehead looks

right like right now feed me some balls

here we go so I get the racket back I

brush up and come around notice I'm

always on my feet too you want to have

good footwork and one more so that's the

forehand tossin we can also do a

forehand slice I'm going to show you

that real quick as well look at the

racket here and set and punch through it

one more this kind of more old-school

but there's lots of club players that

have the chip shot and play very well

and we're going to take you step by step

on how to hit those two strokes all

right so with me today we've got C Cain

and Maddie and you two are beginners

right they're beginners okay just like a

lotta y'all out there and then we've got

Cain now Cain we call him the king of

Cain because he's he's been playing a

little while he's got some nice strokes

but what we're going to do is we're

going to go through step by step on how

to hit a forehand and we're first going

to start with a contact point so one

things that you want to do to find is

the correct grip that's extremely

important so what I want you all to do

is just take your racquets and place

them on the ground like that excellent

job now we're going to pick the racquet

up and you should be holding it like

you're holding a frying pan like you can

cook an egg very good see that so we

basically got this grip right here so

I'm ready to make some contact so all I

want you to do guys is we're just going

to get in a little

go file line here and we're going to

have our hand out to the side see that

so everybody stand this way in a ready

position so kind of get an athletic

position and then when you come up just

get your hand to the side see that like

that and then you're going to come up in

here and you're gonna punch the ball

over the net you're just going to push

the ball over the net that's going to be

the first thing we're going to do so

watch this and just touch it over the

net that's perfect then back in line

come on up touch it over the net almost

go to watch and hit that people string

nothing too big that's right just

pushing it straight ahead excellent job

push it straight and ahead nice try that

okay push it straight ahead excellent

job and one more good so that's step one

now on our way to an awesome forehand

all right so step two first we had just

the contact now we're going to go from

the contact and get the nice

follow-through up over the shoulder we

want to relax through so we're not doing

much we want a nice contact point

getting the racket here and over the

shoulder one more set and over the

shoulder you want to look like that

right there okay that's the

follow-through let's see if these guys

can do it

go on in there King all right you ready

here we go coming on up and over the

shoulder nice ready come on up over the

shoulder excellent notice her rash it

was a little open there that's going to

make the ball fly King didn't fall three

over shoulder that racket face is open

that's going to happen a lot to you guys

when you first start playing you can see

the fault oh that was a good

follow-through here you have one more

night oh look at that correction there

by see so you see what happened was see

on the first couple times she went the

frame was open that's going to make the

ball fly then she came on up and made

the racquet face that kept it closed

okay that's very important and then she

went through okay so that was excellent

alright next we're gonna do the next one

now we're gonna do the whole fault we're

gonna get to the unit turn this is the

final step if you can do this you are

ready for the tour you're ready for the

Pro Tour baby all right so this is

called the unit turn I'm a lefty you are

gonna be doing it right in first of all

look at my Ray position notice how the

wrist is flexed up a little bit like a

rafa nadal or maria sharapova so I'm

here and I'm going to go into a unit

turn that means I'm holding on to the

racket as I turn I'm building up a lot

of power in my core right now and I

bring that both hands on the racket

until I get right about to my back leg

here does everybody see that right about

to my back leg and then from there I'm

going to start releasing putting this

hand out here this guide hands is very

important and then I'm going to come

down here notice how the wrist is laid

back huge part of the stroke and I want

that ball couple feet outside of my

guide hand if it's in there I'm going to

be too close to the ball because I want

to be extended when I hit and then

coming up and through and this is what

it looks like step by step here unit

turn drop step in hit catch the

follow-through in a rhythm it looks like

this okay so watch the stroke right here

go ahead there king are in set and turn

and up and through back on my toes you

always want to be on your toes and yet

one more I'm using a lot of the rotation

in my stomach for the power let's see

how this groupers alright next knot

there we go it's a lot to go over here

so you can see this is probably gonna be

the toughest part on this court and this

is more to advanced move and something

that will take a while to develop so

we're actually going to finish nice try

we're actually going to finish with a

simple stroke a simple way to do it so

that's an advanced move what you saw

there that's what you're going to see on

the Pro Tour I want you to try and start

working on that from the beginning but

what we're going to go over is how to

chip the ball you may have a lot more

success on this in your first couple

years of tennis

but don't forget about this big costume

for you and that's ultimately where the

game is going okay so the chip shot it's

helped with a continental grip this is a

different grip than I've shown you okay

but you may want to try this on Tuesday

you come here see the webbing in my hand

right there I basically want to run it

up and down and then all of you doing is

looking to give the ball a little

high-five notice how the racket head is

actually up it's going to stay up and

block the ball okay again we're just

worried about this is just a contact


all right so canes gonna feed me some

and through one more and through so you

can see there's not much going on there

but I'm still hitting that ball pretty

solid pretty hard got a lot of control

so when we get to that part with the

unit turn I want you to try the unit

turn the beginning see if it see if you

take to it but then in a couple weeks

try and make up your mind what you want

to focus on do you want the topspin you

want to become a topspin player or you

want to become a chipper okay you want

to learn both sides but try and figure

out what style you want to go with in

the beginning I will be back on cork -

all right so cork - we're going to go

over the backhand alright now there's

three basic ways you can hit it back in

you can hit it with one hand with some

topspin you can hit it with one hand

with a chip shot or you can hit it with

two hands with some topspin okay and I'm

going to go through tossed and backhand

topspin back in one hand toss and back

hand to hand we're not going to get into

the chip shot there's just not enough

time but we will get there of you stay

with it alright so here we go here's a

one-handed backhand first of all the

grip I want to get what I call a

motorcycle grip so notice I'm holding

the racket right here and it's like I

grab the throttle like boom see I'm

getting ready to ride the motorcycle my

knuckles are on top that's going to put

my strings down and I'm going to come up

and hit four right now I'm just going to

try and get the contact point so I'm

just going to come here we're doing

pretty much the same progression we did

on the other court I'm not going to do

too much of a big swing just right there

and hit

that's the one-handed backhand okay the

two-hander we just get both hands on it

and again just contact point and through

not try to do too much other than just

meet the ball in the middle of the

strings also I be fully extended out

here I don't want to be cramped in here

okay so let's see how our group can do

on this they can either decide they want

to go the one hander or if we get you in

a single-file line you're going to come

up closer than that and hit those back

in so watch this watch how they're not

doing much it's nice of a contact point

ready and come on up and touch buiiding

back in line come on up and touch

excellent job and she's gonna go with

one hand

oh most ready here we go come on up nice


great come on up almost here we go those

time variants were really close together

she needs more space here we go last one

what a swing he went to B's going to the

advanced stuff already Keynes going the

advanced stuff already all right we'll

come back with a follow of this is a big

difference on the strokes if you're

gonna do the one hander you want to keep

your chest to the fence very important I

don't want to be opening up that's gonna

make a very bad shot now on the two

hander you actually want to come around

open up and fall through over the

shoulder get the racket but like that

okay so watch my one hander now I'm

going to start from the contact point

really extend I caught airing the armpit

okay and I want a nice freeze ready here

we go I get here and this nice extension

again I'm aiming for the bottom of the

ball and I'm lifting up one more oh my

gosh is that not a pretty stroke now

we're gonna go with the two hander again

from the contact swing and getting and

over the shoulder

and kidding and over the shoulder and

hitting and over the shoulder like that

okay now they're gonna try it let's see

how they do go go

then follow through on the shoulder good

right come on up good ready notice your

chest there you go that's a perfect hey

that's a good backhand right here we go

come on up that's not bad your strings

are open that's gonna be one oh look at


well you've improved your bass chances

yesterday you had ready nice swing

got to get under the ball last one okay

I almost took out the cameraman there so

we saw a couple of things that were

happening okay we saw Maddie her strings

were open so watch out for that and open

up so it's good to kind of see some

mistakes of you because you're going to

be making the same mistakes I'm sorry

you're gonna be making the same mistakes

I promise you so watch what they're

doing right or wrong Kane had a nice

backhand where he got a good preparation

excellent fall through and his racket

never opened up so the ball never took

way up the danger with that though is he

hit one into the ground because he

didn't get under the bottom of the ball

so when you have toss when you want to

get under the ball and up and through

our last thing the unit turns a lot

easier on this side okay if you can just

feed me some balls I'm just going to

show you that with the backhand my first

unit turn as I get this pivot I raise

the racquet up here see I've got it

cocked up here in kind of an L shape

right or you can even look at it as kind

of a box and I'm up here and then I'm

going to drop down and then come on up

and through so I get more momentum

though two in it back and I'm going to

be up here again and then drop and

through so I'll just do a couple of

examples that will move on the next

chord alright ready here comes the one

backhand you speed it in I'm getting set

up and through all those careful shot by

the coach not there up and through there

you go that's better

up and through that's better

a little more relaxed there you guys got

a little circle going out of the tram

back in I'm going to try and get the

same type motion going much better on

the one hand er alright and those are

your backhand stroke