When Can I Start Teaching My Baby To Read

hi i'm krista from intellectual baby and

today's question comes from Sara in

Arkansas and Sara asks when can I start

teaching my baby to read well Sara this

is a very popular question so we decided

to answer it on today's edition of video

tips the first point I would like to

make is that as soon as your baby was


you not only instantly became a parents

but you also became your baby's first

and most important teacher

recent studies are showing how important

this period of development from birth to

six years old is scientists have labeled

this a window of opportunity for

learning language or a critical period

meaning that this is the easiest time to

introduce language to your child that

being said I would just like to

encourage all of you parents watching to

embrace this role because teaching your

baby is such a joyous wonderful

adventure you have an amazing student as

you well know your child is looking to

you as their first teacher to teach them

everything they want to know up until

they enter school and studies are also

showing that children that are engaged

in early learning activities are being

labeled as gifted once they enter school

this isn't because they are born smarter

than every other baby it's just because

they had an adult a parent or a

caregiver who took an interest and

invested some time and some early

learning activities with them babies are

able to learn so many things before the

age of six the other thing I would like

to mention is that if there's only one

early learning activity you can

participate in start reading to your

child every day reading to your child is

so important you can't begin early

enough if you haven't started at birth I

would like to encourage you to go ahead

and start today develop a routine where

you spend a little bit of time every day

reading to your child this is an

activity you can continue doing

throughout your child's life your child

will never get too old to share a story

with their parents there are some very

good advantages to reading to your child

every day two of those being that

children that are read to at an early

age do generally turn out to be early

readers and second of all they develop a

love of reading which stays with them

throughout their lives but let's get

back to your question when can I start

teaching my baby to read well I was very

very eager and excited to get started

teaching my babies how to read and I

generally began around three months at

an election baby we have developed a

baby reading program that is

specifically designed to teach children

to read during this period of

development and we recommend it to

children between the ages of three

months and four years old these are just

general guidelines and you can use your

judgment to decide if you think that

your baby is ready basically you don't

want to start sooner than three months

because you want to make sure that your

child has the ability to be able to

visually track an object this means that

if you hold an object between eight to

ten inches away from your baby's face

and you move it to the right and to the

left that your baby can follow the

object with their eyes if your baby is

capable of doing that

this means that they will be able to

recognize and see the words clearly as

they're presented on the flashcards on

the videos and in the books but what if

your baby is past three months what if

your baby's one two three or four and

you're just now considering

teaching your baby to read oftentimes

parents will ask am I too late did I

miss the boat can I still teach my baby

to read answer is yes yes and yes you

can still teach your baby to read

scientists have been doing a lot of

research on the developing brain and the

fact that they have been discovering are

just astounding they are realizing that

so much brain development is taking

place during the period of birth to six

years old and that children can learn

language effortless effortlessly this is

the window of opportunity for your child

to learn language this is very evident

if you've ever watched a child that is

bilingual or multilingual

interacting with several people you will

see that they can switch languages

without any effort it requires no effort

for them to speak to one person in one

language into someone else in another

language and to be able to listen to two

conversations going on in different

languages and still be able to

understand what's being said this is the

magic of this time so I cannot encourage

you strongly enough to just take part in

some early learning activities with your

child I would like to leave you with

some benefits to beginning an early

reading program now there are so many

which we may just touch on in another

video but for today I'd like to leave

you with three first of all babies that

are taught to read learn more easily and

it is more enjoyable for them they're

able to easily understand subjects and

things that are being taught to them and

this is a wonderful thing the second

benefit is that it leads teaching your

baby to read leads to an advanced

vocabulary which can increase your

baby's IQ making your baby smarter and

the last but not the least as there is a

very special and strong bond developed

between the parent or the caregiver and

the child that is being taught there is

so much respect for these little

children we often think that they're

incapable of doing so many things yet

parents that engage in early learning

programs are just astounded and amazed

at the abilities their babies have to

pick up information and learn it so

quickly so easily and so joyously well

that's it for today's edition of video

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