The basics for teaching a preschooler to write

I've got quite a few children showing

all that I'm interested in writing at

the moment and parents asking what they

can do at home to further this skill

this is a short video just on some

basics with what to do at home if you

would like to incorporate just a little

bit of writing into everyday again as in

as is with everything routine and

repetition so if you can do one little

page every day which doesn't take more

than a few minutes you'll really see big

results I want to really reinforce that

you don't want to rush this process you

want to try and start very gradually

with the basics and as your child starts

to gain this skill very gradually

bringing new letters so that you're

never threatened their confidence and

they're always feeling like they are

achieving it and they're doing well

always making sure that they are holding

their pencil correctly is a big part of

this so I don't want to see the morning

at like this or with their thumb not on

the pencil try and hold it nicely with

their two fingers and their thumb

certainly developing a good pencil hold

for later in life also always making

sure that they are forming the letters

correctly but again we don't want to

have to unlearn bad habits so now very

keen to write a note for notes like this

or starting at the bottom or month for

mountains we really want to try and take

choice to pay the staffing at the top so

reinforcing that going down and coming

up on the same line every time also

whenever you're teaching them in new you

later so say you're teaching them how to

do an a always start by going back to

the basic letter within it so for an a

we have to see that getting them to do a

whole line of see before you give them

that app for Apple which has the scene

of the star so they really remember I

need to start with the cup and then I

can make an apple or if you're teaching

them how to enough the noise I mean the

whole line of ones and then you say just

don't one I'm not on the same line turn


it's really not that hard when they


that they are just doing that easy

letter that they are already good at

that's pretty much it have a quick look

at the video and if you have any

questions email me and I can send you

extension writing activities if your

child is ready to that's very the fits

letter where we start with it's an oh oh

oh are actually in the first box and

your child needs to fill in the rest of

the boxes in that line sometimes it's

quite hard for them to remember just to

write in that line and they want to

write one all over so just teaching them

to write in the first line the next one

number one if they're okay at doing a

good very carefully doing it dust on the

top always stuff at the top going down

and then dust on the top great it is an

extension from the one pretty simple if

they good at the ones this should be

easy for them yeah good now turn turn

will chop the top okay it's saying the

letter and help them to remember what

the letter is

when then then you know Nessa sounds

tough okay woodshop it up there you have

it that's the first step they're all

quite simple if your child is still

working on these letters and not too

confident keep doing these letters every

day just a little page and they'll

develop concentration and their

confidence with that and soon they'll be

ready to have extension if your child is

really good at all those other letters

then you might be able to start doing a

curly curly curl sometimes I start and

put a dot at the top of the box with

just they know where to start so there's

no reversals then you cross the top down

and around

good job okay now if they are really

good at those helices you can start

introducing them to a lot of the numbers

and letters that are hidden inside a

Kalika like a silly six silly silly six

sits on his head with his feet up in the

air very good it's just a curly cup and

loop around that's a curly Cup but where

do you start your curly cut okay they

cut and lay around it son Kelly cap and

they around happily grab back to there

that's fine okay and one more care leak

up and leave the round now these two

come quite easy to them once they're

getting a bit more confident at their

writing I probably wouldn't broached all

the other ones that have a curly cut

hidden in them yet because they are

quite difficult I'd probably start with

them something like a number four shut

the door

this is sort of along the lines of a

turf or tree so if they're good at teeth

then they might be quite good at for

something up there head around it it's

just chopping the bottom instead of the

top this time so I find that before

showing them all the letters that have a

curly calf hidden in them it might be

easier for them to start with the ones

that have a number one Jake number one

from the same line and coming around or

they look it there's a rough or rabbit

starting always at the top making sure

they're always starting at the top it's

really important so they don't form a

habit of rising it incorrectly that's

very hard to unlearn straight down make

a number one up and beautiful curly at

the top good good

now you're good at a rough than enough

for nose shouldn't be too hard after


see what I'm doing you know my nose good


yeah boy stuff with the top all the way

down coming all the way on the same

running around now if you have too much

at the top here it's gonna look like a

hub so make sure you're coming all the

way up to the top again all the way to

the top and then around to be enough and

naruse one more for noise damn to the

bottom I pull the same line I'm turning


okay let's try half the hill this one

can have a long fly at the bottom nice

and long and just a little hill good job

another one if they wanting to come back

up on a new line rather than coming back

up on the one they've made sometimes I

talk about you've got to drive a little

bit back up on the same Road and then

around and drive from your car up on the


I kept little stories for that just up

on the road and do around good another


one more find this especially likely to

do that with a mother mountains so we

can say we're starting at home they go

down to school but we've forgotten our

lunch come back up on the same road so

you don't get lost and go back to school

oh you've got your drink bottle back up

the road and then around so we start at

the top coming back up on those same

lines down to school oh you forgot your


on the same road and around and around

and then coming back up on the same road

and around good another one

next I'm staffing at home down to school

come back up on the same road and around

down to school come back up on the same

road and around beautiful yeah it looks

your child's good at killing his start

practicing some more of the letters that

have it hidden inside it now before I

get those do anything unites I'd have

them do a hold another line of Kelly

kiss but we'll skip that step right now

check I want you to do a care leaker and

come up the top down and around

shiny Oh starting on this side okay

up to the top down and around and I are

quite inclined to reverse it with these

ones that have a curly kept hidden

insider so always making sure they're

clearly kept starting on the right side


you can give them little tricks like say

he likes your other hand he wants to run

towards your other hand first yep

always running towards your other hand

that's it okay okay up to the top down

on that Spain I'm trying to reinforce

going down on that same line again

always up on the same Road

yeah as you come down great so when

you're good at after Apple you can do a

little Apple little curly cap taps the

top and straight down to do a number

nine same things but I think a good

little curly kiss nice so Kelly go up to

the top I'm just a bit longer this time

great if they're quite good at as four

nines to come very naturally to them

just the slight extension drag down

right another one Kelly kept up to the

top straight down yeah careful nine

standing up nice and straight what have

you forgotten always starting with your

fairly cut up to the top right down one

last one can occur yeah okay up to the

top straight down right and now if

you're good at number nine you can do a

care leaker up to the top straight down

and flicking out the back just a very

slight extension again okay early cap up

to this top down on the same line who's

looking out the back

great maybe your flick go a little bit

more out behind it it's the Queen's

dress that one is she's got a dress

going behind her down and flicking out

the back great next time okay

Oh what if you forgotten we must always

start with your fairly cut up to the top

straight down and flick it's always

reinforcing you can put these little

dots to remind them if you're getting

little curly cur always starting with a

curly tail for these letters these are

the letters of the hidden curly kiss and

flicking out the back okay cap the back

and then I probably doing good good go

down the drain we've got it curly cut

top just an equal rate just like a

diamond our little curly see if you can

do that now

remember always starting with our little

curly cos this happen good good good

good good down the drain great go for

great Kelly kept scrap to the top and

good good good good good good

go for good so Jake now that you're

gonna kill against let's do a curly curl

that loops around to be a service snake

can you do me an isosurface make

starting at the top with a little key

ally cap moving around beautiful another

one surface snake great oh wow no sir

snake and then when you're good at stuff

a snake you can chop through the middle

and do me a nice lovely

well mr. Knight good well make sure you

Stephanie your first night that's right

chopping back to the top is a number

eight then I start for the surface


Oh how's it go yeah good sir for snake

always going to care liquor great right

no another lesson that's quite sure yeah

good so good yeah ah uh-huh upside down

can you do that for me oh no great ah

upside down

great notnot at upside down fix it up go

down to the bottom

the notes okay ah good that'll do try

and make it even nicer for you yet for

yo-yos that go yo-yoing down the drain

well what do we need to do we need to

come back down on the same line can you

show me one that comes down on the same

line like this one so up to the top

coming down on that same line and

curling around at the front good yeah

yep for yo-yo and we've got a a what

elephant I'm going my name nope just

doing an F elephants train across the


I've been around great can you even nice

way okay my name isn't your name yep

straight line up in around great and

that's a first for fries and trunk is a

pretty tricky one thing that's a key

thing right show me go up and around and

down and shopping it good really start

trying for you that's much nicer great

job what's which I was really good at

copying the letters you can start

testing them to see what they remember

Jake can you finally write me an O can

you write me an E she's Bob you write me

a turf or tree did you do me a number

four shut the door you wrote me a curly

curly curly

and what about a silly silly six number

four again can you do me a silly six you

know how they're silly six good and a

seven straight straight to heaven do

another one in the next box thing okay

straight straight to heaven at this

point I'd probably point out that would

like it to be really straight and going

pointing down to the corner and have him

do a whole line of those what about can

you do for me

rub rub for rabbit let me a Russell

Radek like that you came up on that same

line so nicely could you do that with a

nut for nose very good could you write

me a cert for snake

yep okay yeah and since you're so good

at the slip could you do me a

rollercoaster number eight great job

could you remember how to do that vote

for volcano beautiful and could you do

for me

not much for mountains remembering

always to come back up on the same road

that you went down on yep coming back on

that's a Oh what's happening

that's nice were four waves but what Sam

up for mummy you look like you do it for

mommy there that's nice good

so again doing a whole line of MERS and

maybe a whole interval is just to

remember that wait a minute one more box

here what would you guys do there could

you do me a cuff a kick cuff a kick

great so just practicing any of the

letters of this juggling another way to

test your child and they're good at

writing the letter sounds is to write

some short phonetic words so here we

have a hat wrapped mug and cut I'm going

to spill them out so Jake how would we

wrap hat

what's the first letter tell me good

what comes next fur right comes next

okay good hats what about rat Ken great

we're back mug like like he came up in

that same line oh this will make it

cracks coming up on the same line again

so one like that I would look at and

later do a line of moves for me Nick see

right in squares

what comes next ah-ha that's it perfect


good what comes next

wait a minute oh it's a dig your yo-yo

at the end uh yeah what is it

how are we doing me yeah that's it yeah

but are we wanting a yeah no um yeah

good how do you make him do it good and

get it set to join the top so again that

would be a good one to practice for you

and cut okay good cook oh right and then

could you write your name on the bottom

I believe there is an optimal order of

teaching the letters I think it is

always best to start with a 1 and I L if

you're doing a cursive and T Oh in the J

this is a good place to start

it's very simple it gives some time to

develop their hand strength and

coordination before moving on to things

that are more complex from there I guess

it does depend on your child's abilities

and interests but I would say that

bringing in a curly Kirk it's a good

idea and then if you sure if they show

you promise of that you can start

showing them how to loop around to make

a 6 it is just the C with a loop so

always trying to give a little step so

they can see that there's simple

progressions and that it's not anything

too challenging for them number 4 shut

the door very similar to the T we're not

chopping the top for topping the bottom

and trying to get a straight angle there

and I guess X that's quite a good one

for them going from each corner of the

box to the other corner and when they're

good at that they might be quite good at

sevens that go following that same

downwards progression and I said follows

on quite easily from 7 always moving on

to the next step only if you see that

they're very good at the first part of

it because it's although I scare me too

challenging for them now you can go on

to other letters that have a C in it


they're good at that or it might be

easier to start with ones that have a

number one like the are it's just

reinforcing it is number one having them

do a whole line of ones first then doing

in our n is just a one coming up and

going around or saying it's just like a

rough I'm just going down a bit more I

hate a little bit of a longer bit at the

top and M same things and end just

coming up on that same line and around

and then we've got P and B and K which

is probably the more tricky ones

starting with the number one then all

the way the starting with a curve I'd

say an app would be a good place to

start and then a number nine it's just

along the line on there and a clerk for

Queen nine with a flick out the back and

a G just an apple and going around and

the S Curl Iike leaping around again now

from an S they're good at that then you

can do roller coaster number eight we do

a so straight back up to the top and

then it's number eight other letters

like a V can lead onto aw we've got you

leads onto a wife and a ex also seems to

be good to do in preparation for a

number two because of that mind going

across goes up the last of struggles are

just the three number five a and sure

we've got the Manya and so some of these

letters here you can do it not

necessarily after those ones of V might

come easily to them after they've done

some of these ones and it's in their

name you might want to be known in

faster but it's great to stay with the

ones that they are grouped with so they

are always remembering that basic

element of it being going down first

coming up

the same line for all of these ones or

with these sons always starting with a

curly cut and that really helps them not

end up doing their ace in all kinds of

funny ways that they can develop