How to Teach your Puppy to Sit and Stay

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today I'm gonna show you how to teach

your dog to sit and stay but most

importantly how to do it in really

distracting situations and completely

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that's just for my viewers now let's

meet hazel and Liz hi my name is Liz I

live in New Orleans with my family and I

run my own home staging business

we only got hazel three weeks ago and

she's 11 weeks old we decided to get a

pub because it's the right stage in our

life to dedicate some time to training

her we chose a goldendoodle cuz we've

always wanted a larger breed and they're

so cute I know she's still little but we

wanted to set her up for success so she

can be a well-trained dog one day baby

pack please help me help hazel in order

for me to help Liz with hazel we first

have to teach her how to sit and stay

and how to get her to do it when she's

tempted not to throughout your dog's

training having them sit and stay will

be very important in fact this will

likely be their default behavior when

you suspect that they're about to become

distracted or when they start biting or

jumping on you as puppies often do so

having sit stay pay attention to me will

be very important so that you can

essentially pause your dog in order for

you to determine what to do next this is

also one of your very first

opportunities to truly teach your dog

how to think because you're not gonna

make them do this you're gonna get them

to do it voluntarily remember that using

force during training is unnecessary and

less effective I'm using really tiny

salmon treats today teaching your dog to

sit is as simple as luring them into a

sit just like

well okay that's the opposite of sit

sweetheart you can see her butt starts

to go down yes good job and it's really

natural for puppies to want to use their

paws like she's doing right there but

right now as long as she's in the sit

I'm gonna go ahead and release that

treat at the moment her butt hits the

ground so in the beginning many puppies

are real clumsy and if you move it too

fast they're like hey where'd the

Treecko most puppies are not quite yet

conditioned to follow a lure so it's

really critical to go very slow if

you're new to this you're probably gonna

lure like this way too fast let me

pretend she's not here for a minute

if there was an invisible dog right here

this is how fast the lure would be going

most puppies will catch on to this

really quickly and hazel is no exception

look at that sit that's looking so good

but of course we don't want to have to

lure our dogs into a sit for the rest of

their life so I'm gonna start phasing

out the lure I'm gonna show her the

treat look at that fantastic so she went

right into the sit when she saw the tree

she's starting to get it now that I'm

reasonably confident that she's gonna

sit I'm gonna introduce the word sit to

her in advance so it looks like this sit


nice job so she's learning how to sit

already she's doing great and even a lie

down how about that I'll give you a

treat for that I love it since she keeps

jumping up on the table over here where

I'm hiding my treat so I'm gonna

redirect her bring her over here yes and

I'm gonna ask her to sit so that she's

actually earning the tree rather than

reinforcing her for jumping on the table

I think it's time that we show her what

stay means so I'm gonna do the same

thing that I just did but I'm gonna take

a little bit longer to get the treat to

her this time as if to say hey if you

hold that sit position for just a little

bit longer I'm gonna give you the reward

so sit yes good I'm not even telling her

to stay yet because I want to really

make sure she understands the concept

good job the fact that she went into a

down totally fine right there she's

staying in position I really like it sit

now that's a good-looking stay right


now let's introduce the word I feel

reasonably confident she's starting to

get this sit stay yes good job really

good I'm telling her stay as she's doing

it be very methodical when you're

introducing new words or phrases to your

dog stay she's doing so good see right

there now I asked for too much time

there avoid doing that I'll only

gradually increase the amount of time

you ask them to stay don't ask for too

much too well you really come and

beginner mistake okay good job good job

see we're showing her how to sit and

stay and how to do it voluntarily no

leash no collar and no force this is the

difference between making your dog do

something and making them want to do

something and it's always good practice

to let your dog know when this day is

over okay come on let's go good job nice

work and that's what a stage should look

like now most people would stop right

here but we're just getting warmed up if

you're serious about having a

well-trained dog you will need to teach

them how to listen to you when they're

distracted so we're gonna do a puppy

distraction training session in general

puppies are really distracted by things

that move so if I were to drop that

treat for example she's very likely to

get up and go after it so we're gonna

start off really small with this I'm

gonna show her the treat I'm just gonna

move it like that good job but stick

with me here cuz we're gonna make it

much more challenging stay yes good so I

set the treat on the ground for just a

moment and I immediately gave it to her

before she even had a chance to break

this is a good way to show your dog what

you want rather than correcting them for

something you don't want them to do much

more powerful much more effective let's

see if we can raise the bar stay yes

good that was probably twice as long

stay and right there I accidentally

moved the tree and you can see how

responsive she was to a moving tree so

let's see if we can work up to being

able to have a moving treat in front of

her and have her stay don't

underestimate how important it is to get

your dog to stay while something moves


front of them movements okay very

distracting the most dogs Oh too far too

far that's okay sometimes you got a try

right yes wonderful get this exercise

solid and all of your future training

will be much easier of course this is a

very basic beginner stay in the

description I'll have a video on how to

teach your dog a more formal stay I'll

also have one on teaching them to stay

at doorways and not dash out the front

door and one on how to teach them to

stay while off leash outside helping you

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