When Should you Start Training your Dog?

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one of the most common questions about

puppies is when do you start training

them today flurry the lab puppy and I

are going to tell you everything you

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videos so how old should your dog be

before you start training the fact is

you can start training a dog at

absolutely any age there is zero truth

to the myth you can't teach an old dog

new tricks but if you're asking this

question there's a lot more you need to

know from the moment you get your dog

regardless of their age you should be

teaching them ideally the youngest you

would get a puppy is at about ten weeks

old that's a perfect time to start

training but so is ten years the

relationship you have with your dog is

going to be the foundation of all of

your future success with them your very

first priority should be to bond with

your dog and if you do that the

communication between you two is going

to blossom

today flurry and I are going to show you

several great ways to emphasize trust

build a strong relationship and build

communication with one another we got

some work to do don't we

a couple of days ago I had flurry over

here and I noticed that he was a little

nervous about going down the stairs

because I know he could be nervous about

these stairs I'm gonna seize this

opportunity to build some trust with him

and that's one of the cornerstones of

teaching any dog now for safety reasons

we're gonna start here at the bottom of

the stairs that's probably gonna be a

lot less daunting to flurry remember

your dog has some say in how fast

training should be as well so for

example if flurry decides that today

isn't the day where he's comfortable to

learn how to go down the stairs I'm

going to accept that I'm gonna make sure

that flurry doesn't fall down the stairs

so I'm gonna secure him on his leash and

harness here and I've got some great

treats that he really loves I'm gonna

see if I can just lure him down one

steps he's a little

there you see that doesn't want to take

that step you can understand I mean it's

got to be a little weird why is the

ground changing level right there he

just lifted his foot I love that he's

trying there look okay all right that's

one interesting loophole I'll take it

the fact is he's engaged with me he's

trying right now plus I wanted him to

know that I'm here he can trust me and

that he doesn't need to worry about

falling and I'm not gonna let anything

bad happen to him you want to go this

week okay hey he made it somehow to the

next stair yes good job buddy very good

so he's made it from one stair to the

other albeit a bit unconventionally but

that's okay I'm not picky remember the

bigger picture here is we're emphasizing

trust between one another and to make

sure I'm here to support him yes

look at this guy's yes good job

so he's handled a couple of stairs there

now let's see if we can get him to go

all the way down to the ground yes good

job we'll give him an extra big reward

there let's try out a bit faster yes

right away just like I thought yes I

think he's learning the stairs

wonderfully yeah good job really good so

I'm just thrilled with that you can't

ask for any better than that that's


good job flurry part of knowing when

it's the right time to teach your puppy

is being able to read them if you notice

that your dog isn't particularly

enthusiastic about learning something

new then that might be your cue to take

a step back and be a little bit more

patient when working with them and so

they're feeling a little more

comfortable why are you biting my hand

ouch all right now that we're down here

let's have some fun by far the fastest

way to get your dog to bond with you is

to get them playing with you and that's

not just my opinion either a study done

on the physiological effects of human

animal interactions has shown that

levels of the bonding hormone oxytocin

increase for both the human and the dog

during interactions like this when your

puppy is having fun good things happen

this may not look much like training but

actually this is one of the most

powerful things you can do to get your

dog eagerly excited about you remember

the two raw ingredients for teaching a

good game of fetch are chase and

tug-of-war come on let's go look at that

and right there we just got him to do

his first fetch that was

and just look at his body language you

can tell he's having a blast right now

look at that make sure you let him win a

little bit he'll be a fetching machine

in no time since every puppy will have

different needs you should make sure

that you talk to your vet about the

level of exercise that's safe for your

puppy as he grows but as a general rule

the younger your puppy is the more

careful you need to be Fleury that was

excellent now I think it's time to go

inside and play a brain game whoa come

on all right let's see if we can go up

the stairs

yeah good job you did it when you have a

dog as young as flurry you're not gonna

have a ton of mutual communication yet

so how do we begin to build

communication with a dog who's had

little - virtually no training at all

well I know that flurry likes to play

and I know he likes food so let's see if

we can use some treats to build some

more sustained interest in interacting

with me as important as exercises lots

of mental stimulation for your dogs so

we're gonna play a little game with

flurry there we go

I knew that would wake you up now we're

gonna put the treat right here I'm gonna

cover it up right there and let's see if

he can figure out where the treat went

this is gonna be interesting

yes there we go

and hey nice work bud and he found the

treat this is a great game for teaching

him how to brainstorm we're gonna put

the treat there cover it up there you go

good work that's nice now let's see if

he puts two and two together here I'm

gonna put a treat inside of here and

just do that now and let's see if he

figures it out again this kind of on the

right track maybe there's the treat you

got it all right chunky burrito you

ready to do this with two cups now let's

see if he can do it with both of them

okay well he seems to have forgotten

about the treat here and he seems to

prefer the cup long as he's having a

good time I'm happy now it might look

like Flores just getting treats cool

what else is happening here

look he's engaging me he's interested in

working with me right now

whenever your puppy is paying attention

to you like this it's a golden

opportunity and I don't want to squander

that I want to seize that opportunity to

really build some communication with him

by playing a simple game like this

you're increasing your overall bond and

communication simultaneously because

you're teaching your puppy that looking

at you can make his life awesome and

he's paying attention to you that

probably means he's receptive to

learning new things get flurry a thumbs

up if you think he did a good job thank

you so much for patrons who made this

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thorough dog training experience that I

know how to give my child flurry you did

a great job