How to Make Healthy Teething Biscuits


welcome to Mama's kitchen today we're

going to be making organic teething

biscuits teething biscuits are hard dry

crackers that your baby can on which

helps soothe their aching gums now when

I first wanted to get these I went

online and I was horrified at some of

the ingredients added wheat gluten corn

syrup solids and even hydrated soybean

oil so my little baby even the organic

varieties had enriched flours and

polyunsaturated fats which aren't stable

at room temperature so when I did some

research I made some adaptations and I

came up with a core teething recipe that

has three different flavors that I want

to share with you today

okay the cord this recipe is really outs

here you need two types organic rolled

oats and organic steel-cut oats now if

you can get this for a really good

manufacturer there actually will be

gluten free to boot okay I'm gonna start

with a cup of steel-cut oats I'm gonna

put him in my blender here and then

we're gonna blend them and grind them up

so that it becomes a nice boat flour so

here we go okay so here is our oat flour

we're gonna put this in a mixing bowl

here okay then we're gonna measure out a

cup of your rolled oats then we're gonna

add this to our dry ingredients okay and

then we want to add a teaspoon of

aluminum free baking powder you can find

that at health food stores or online and

then I also add some spices now you can

add nutmeg ginger cinnamon clove

whatever you like I think this is really

important because again it's getting our

babies used to different flavors

different sensations and then I also

added about a half a teaspoon of sea

salt so there is our foundation of our

dry ingredients okay now it's time to

add our wet ingredients so first I'm

going to add three tablespoons of

unrefined organic coconut oil now

coconut oil is great because it's a

mediums saturated fatty acid it's very

similar to what's found in breast milk

so it's great for babies and then I'm

going to add a cup of homemade

applesauce now you can certainly use

store-bought but if you do just be sure

it's unsweetened and

Beck okay so here are the wet

ingredients now we're just going to mix

this up with our hands be sure your

hands are clean and we're gonna start

creating a nice batter and with this

batter we're gonna start shaping our

teething biscuits okay I'm also going to

add in a quarter cup of organic

unsweetened coconut this is not

necessary but I think it adds some extra

nutrients you could also do wheat germ

if you know your baby isn't sensitive to

gluten and you have to kind of play with

it depending on how wet your applesauce

is but the point is is we want to be

able to form balls easily okay so now

I'm just forming my dough into biscuit

shapes and putting it on a lined cookie


you also could just oil your sheet if

you wanted to do that and you know in

terms of the shapes that you can play

with it I like to do these kind of date

like shape or I think of them as stubby

fingers and I think they cook well and

they're real easy for the baby to hold

now as you can see it's kind of a messy

process so it's all in good fun and

there you have it 12 of our teething

biscuits and now we're going to put it

in the oven at 350 degrees okay here are

the appletv biscuits now these were in

the oven at 350 for about an hour and I

flip them a couple times so they got a

real nice golden color all the way

through front and back and the key is

you want these hard because you don't

want them to break off in your baby's

mouth so those are the apple variety now

as you saw the applesauce was really

that core ingredient that made this wet

made the whole batter wet you also can

try it with mashed banana or pumpkin

puree and I made those earlier here's

the banana and here the pumpkin I kind

of was experimenting with shapes here

and this pumpkin one actually the

pumpkin is probably the hardest one

they're like little rocks so these would

definitely not breaking your baby's

mouth so you can experiment and use

ingredients that you want all of these

recipes will be in the video description

below the other thing you want to do

with these when you take them out of the

oven you want to sit them on the

countertop and just let them sit for at

least 24 hours room temperature you

don't need to cover them and that will

also harden them up you could literally

leave them out all week because that's

how stable the continent oil is they

won't go bad and then if your baby

really likes you know teething comfort

you can put them in the freezer and then

just pop them out when you want and your

baby can naanum and not only is it hard

but it's a

so kind of numbing that gum area so

there you have an organic teething

biscuits I hope you guys give them a try

and now we're gonna go for the real test

griffie D is gonna taste these all see

how he likes them