Too Late to Start Playing Tennis? - Ask Ian #28

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just like you welcome to episode number

28 of ask Ian today I'm going to be

answering a question from Michael and

Canada who wrote to me and said it's a

two way to get serious about tennis at

21 years old I've improved greatly over

the summer I want to be able to compete

in some sort of tournaments someday okay

the short answer to your question

Michael is no it is not too late now I

there is an asterisk and that is simply

it depends on what you mean by serious

you ask if it's too late to become a

serious player well here's the thing and

I have to go here because I get

questions constantly from players of all

different ages from all different parts

of the world where their question is

basically Ian can i still be a

professional player and you know Michael

I don't I don't know you I think this is

the first time that we communicated back

and forth so I don't know if that's what

you had in mind or not if it is what you

had in mind if it is what you had in

mind if you're thinking like you know

high-level competition low level you

know professional tournaments or

whatever then yes it's probably it

probably is too late at age 21 unless

you have a really big experience being a

very high level athlete in some other

sport you know that's the only way it

could be if you were a professional

athlete and some other sport maybe you

could have some success going up to

really really low level professional

competition but even then it's next to

impossible starting at that age now if

if what you mean by what was the word

serious can you let's see was it is it

too late to get serious about tennis if

you mean playing tournaments tournaments

as in you know USTA tournaments

maybe state regional or even national

tournaments for maybe age division you

know talking about

just change this I don't even know if

they still have 30 use thirty fives 40s

I think everything is kind of grouped in

and the open level below that anyway no

absolutely not it's not too late in fact

you're starting in a place where so many

people that have tuned in today are

completely envious of you starting at

age 21 not sure if you're aware of this

or not but there there is serious

competition all the way up through the

90s as far as age bracket you know age

level of competition there there are

people playing tournaments in their 90's

still that means that you could play

serious tennis for the next 70 years so

no it's not too late you could have

started thirty years from now and still

had decades left of amazing experiences

around the game and the thing that comes

to mind for me

PJ Simmons who is the the creator of US

tennis Congress which is a weekend camp

completely centered around you're

passionate driven amateur tennis player

and these are people who are in their

you know 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s I mean

the this the age of student probably

spans four decades I mean literally and

these are players who are unbelievably

excited to be on the court with high

level instructors and they're you know

there's not a lot of big event you know

type opportunities like that but

tournaments yeah there's there's a huge

amount of opportunity for tournaments

and competition and people right at your

age right at your level that love to

compete no matter where you are no

matter how old you are or what your

skill level is that's one of the most

amazing things about tennis and you

should be excited about that and excited

for the opportunities that you have in

front of you if you do take it seriously

you do work hard and you do have a

passion for improvement

you have huge potential and just an

awesome you know road in front of you

trying to become as good as you can so

if you had aspirations to being a


player I you know probably just crushed

your dreams I'm sorry but the fact of

the matter is I mean people who are

playing professional tennis are 1% of 1%

of 1% of 1% I mean quite I mean that

that may actually be literally true and

so if you don't get on that you know if

you don't get on that path when you're

very very young and you don't have very

very high-level attention for you know

years and years as a young child is just

unbelievably difficult but on the other

hand if you just have aspirations of you

know just like the rest of us me

included I never I never had the

opportunity to play pro tennis it's just

was never in the cards for me whether it

was more when I started playing or

whether it was more you know financial

or you know whatever it just it was

never in the cards for me but I I can I

could go back focus on my game and and

have an unbelievably good time competing

at any point the rest of my life and

that's one of the best parts about about

tennis so Michael hopefully that was

helpful to you and if you've tuned in

today hopefully you've enjoyed my answer

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