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by all the ovulation tests and pregnancy

tests every single month it can be a lot

so i thought that this video might be

helpful to break down a few things that

you should do when it comes to ovulation

tests a few things that you

definitely shouldn't do and if you have

anything to add or if there's anything

that i missed

definitely leave it down in the comments

below first thing you should do is

read your test results within the

specified time frame

so i'm kind of guilty of this i will

multitask as

a lot of moms do i'll do something and

think okay i'll come back to it

in five ten minutes and it'll be fine

and i completely forget completely

forget and i did this

one time when i was testing for

ovulation i took the test and i thought

okay i'm not just gonna sit here for

three to five minutes which is what my

tests specified

that you could read the results after

three or five minutes and i thought okay

i'll i won't set a timer on my phone i'm

just gonna go

i'll fold the laundry it'll be fine i

completely forgot

and came back 30 minutes later of course

at that point the test isn't valid

anymore so make sure that you check the

directions of your specific test

when you're supposed to read the results

for me i use the easy at home

strip ovulation test they're super cheap

i get them on amazon i will link them

down below

but for those tests you're supposed to

read the results three to five minutes

after taking the test don't for

ovulation tests

is don't test first thing in the morning

and this is a really big one because for

pregnancy tests

you have the highest amount of

detectable hcg

in your urine first thing in the morning

and that's why especially if you're on

any ttc message boards you'll see the


fmu acronym running around like the

first morning urine

is huge in this community but for

ovulation tests you actually

get more lh detection in your urine in

the afternoon and evening

times speaking of afternoon and evening

something that you do want to do

is to test in the afternoon and evening

so a lot of chess will recommend

actually testing

twice a day because for some women that


surge window so the time in which you

are experiencing that lh surge

indicating that you are going to ovulate

24 to 48 hours afterward is

very short and so testing twice a day

is a really nice way of making sure that

you don't miss that lh surge window

so the next one's a big one don't read

your ovulation test as a

positive if your test line is fainter

or lighter than your control line

so again in comparison to pregnancy


when you get a really really faint test


in comparison to that very dark stable

control line

it means you're pregnant right it's the

most exciting thing i'm sure some of you

have watched those videos

where you've seen other women get really

really faint lines and it means

that they're pregnant however with an

ovulation test your test line has to be

as dark if not darker than your control

line for it to be a positive test

and that's a mistake that i made

especially in the beginning

was reading my ovulation test as

positive when i saw the faintest of

lines you always have a small amount of

lh present in your urine

and it's not until you have that surge

it's not until your test line and

control line are

as dark as one another that you are

actually going to experience ovulation


i hope that made sense but it's super


when deciphering your ovulation tests do

start testing before

your lh surge so to accurately pinpoint

when your lh search is

recommended to start testing a few days


you think you are ovulating so if you're

brand brand new to tracking your

ovulation i do recommend

joining some sort of tracking app period

tracking app fertility tracking app

i love ovia but there are so many out

there there's glow

clue i think there's one called candara

there's so many

and there's so many wonderful support

systems built into those apps

but when you are testing for ovulation

it's really

like i mentioned before easy to miss

that very small window so what i like to

do is the day after my period

is done i'll start testing for ovulation

obviously those first few days

right after my period is done i'll get

really really

light test lines but then i can see and

i made an ovulation test progressions

video and i will link that

down below but then i can start to see


test line getting darker and darker and

darker and darker until eventually it is

as dark as the control line and then i


that my lh surge is happening and i'm

going to be ovulating in the next like

12 to 48 hours-ish

don't use your test more than once this

sounds like a bit of an obvious one

but it is something just to put out

there you

cannot use your ovulation tests

more than once and i don't know of any

brands that

work any differently do baby dance or be

intimate with your partner

12 to 48 hours after you get your

positive ovulation tests

so your positive ovulation test is

indicating that

lh surge which means that your ovary is

going to release

that egg in the next 12 to 24 hours

everyone's a little bit different so

just to be safe

i would say start baby dancing right

away and

if you're able to you dance from the

time that you get your positive

ovulation tests and the day after

and just to be safe the day after that

too the last

don't is don't test at different times

every day

don't test one day at 10 a.m and the

next day at 2 p.m

the next day at 5 00 pm the next day at

1 pm

it's recommended when you are testing

for ovulation

that you test at the same time every day

and that ideally

again you're testing in the afternoon

slash evening times

and not first thing in the morning last

do is

do limit your fluid intake about two

hours before you take your ovulation

test this

is because if you drink too many fluids

right before you take your ovulation

test it can dilute

the lh in your urine and then can


give you a false positive or false

negative again this was something that i

didn't realize and didn't know

and it's very different than when you're

testing for pregnancy because when

you're testing for a pregnancy it's

almost like i'm going to drink a lot of

water so that i have to go to the


but with ovulation tests you want to

make sure that you are not drinking a

lot of

water or fluids right before you take

your test because you don't

want those fluids to dilute the lh in

your urine

so just be aware two hours before you

want to test

just limit how much water you're

drinking those are all of my

do's and don'ts for ovulation tests

again if there's anything that i missed

or there's anything that you want to add

definitely leave it down in the comments

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