Ovulation Tests: How to use and Which One Helped Me Get Pregnant?

so what's the story behind relation test

well that's what I'm talking about today

so I'm gonna do here three contests easy

at home

the clearly monitor and the clearly

digital ovulation test strips I'm gonna

go over priest I will use them and right

she says on them

and spoiler alerts and affirm using one

of them




so there are these these testing for

ages they're testing for LH surge or LH

hormones what that means is your body is

getting ready to ovulate as we know

ovulation is the ovaries

release of a sure egg so they can delay

this you're eligible are low throughout

the entire month however in the middle

of the month

typically your LH hormonal surges which

means your ovaries of producing a mature

egg and influences most fertile I

started this process back in September

of 2018 and it started with the flow of

the phloem is great but it requires a

lot of information in order to be

accurate so and I found out through

using my ovulation test that I actually

ovulate earlier than what the app was

saying so I found this out back in

December and I started in these I

started with the easy at home

and these little guys right here are by

far the cheapest they're only sixteen

fifty on Amazon

they come with pregnancy tests and our

relation tests so the blue is ovulation

the purple the purple is the pregnancy

so here's how it works so the easy at

home the little is up you mission these

guys are yearly suggest that you test

your pee in the afternoon or early

evening this is different than the clear

blue monitor and clear the clear blue

Digital ovulation tests those suggest

you do first thing in the morning for

this day in the video I'm going to use

the same P this is my P input so you can

also use these and run it underneath

your narrow eyes rapini

but again

to make it easy I'm going to show you

yeah yeah taro and the strip and then a

lot of that it's not contaminated to

stick your feet in underneath see the

black line if you stick it in for five

to ten seconds so on all right I'm going

to set this over here and let it sit now

I want to show you guys exactly what it

looks like because I felt that when I

was first doing this I need more so that

would figure it out but it all makes

sense that were you doing all right

this is how it works this is day one day

one is obviously the first day of your

period I started testing on day eight so

you can see here and this is the control

line the line closest to the blue when

the second line they're lying

closest to the black line is darker than

this that's when you're ovulating so

this was a little difficult a little

tricky at first to see something wait

what am i eating my nod but it makes

more sense and I'm going to show you so

please excuse my ghetto fat

the sheets but this is the sheet that I

use and this is the month that I

actually got pregnant so you can see

here all of these are lighter all of

these are lighter here this one right

here is slightly darker than the control


so my except line is darker that means

I'm ovulating this day I got pregnant

February 11th 2019 I got pregnant

unfortunately I had a miscarriage and

I'm gonna do a whole video on that

because I think it's something that more

women should be talking about next we

have clear legal facility it's very sure

is 149 so it's substantially more

expensive and keep in mind the fertility

monitor test strips June oz do not come

with the longer and ending this is date

the first time I didn't buy them

together so if you do not find them

together you have to start your family

monitor within the first four days of

your period if you don't you didn't have

to wait to the next month to start

testing which is kind of annoying so

this is how this works at least our 5311

I think on Amazon so all tans are not

simple a little over two hundred dollars

since again a lot more expensive none of

these things work

okay so the way that the clear blue

monitor works is you have to set up a

test window I set up my test window to

be 6:00 a.m. and noon and so within

those hours I can test again I who's

there blue suggest that you use the

first p of the day what also is kind of

nice about this is you can set an alarm

so let's say you need for work every day

at 8:00 but you don't want to forget to

do it because I have forgotten before so

I've had to come back home you can set

your alarm for 7:45 and it'll literally

beep so you don't forget okay so the way

this works turn it on

but boom

a lot of big 50 you open these up but

this is you gotta lick it muscles or

maybe you do are you oh my god okay so

now you pull it up like this these guys


we stayed in here for 15 seconds so why

15 all right you take the cap off put

the cap on now see this little divot

guys see how that goes down right there

you were gonna stick that little divot

Abby showed you into that goes down you

just take that in the marriage what it's

gonna say that in five minutes it's

gonna give me a result and she wasn't

introduced seasick five minutes

something I want to say about this is

you have the way the clear blue work

seems you start testing on day six again

it's really important that you start on

day six because if you don't they say

that you go likelihood even being

accurate is less so and whatever you do

don't skip a test day because that means

you might not show higher or peak

fertility so clear blue you have a

little fertility or to show you high

fertility or it will show you peak

fertility that's me get it no so the way

that this one works is it's going to

show a circle if it's low fertility

blinking smiley face

and if it's high in fertility and peak

fertility is just going to be a stand-in

smiley face so my kid over these better

than I can open the other ones but I

yeah there's a little

will you do this up top there you go

you open it up all right I gotta stick

these in for 15 seconds so one all right

you put the big hat on in order not to

contaminate it and then here you go stop

you stick this guy in here so see how

this arrow and this arrow the points

match so think it one like they're


hey Lily alright and now this right here

shows you that the test is thinking if

this is your first time ever using it

what will happen is you'll get a test

strip a smiley face and it will all be

blinking when the bleeding stops that's

when you start to test this takes about

five minutes as well well those guys are

thinking I want to say something to us

and like you know most of us women know

this that this is just serve as a

reminder to myself and this is maybe to

you guys you know this process around

the population is a little stressful and

it gets to be burdensome and I hope for

all of us that we can do the process and

then let it go because it's really

important I feel like it's like in

anything right then where you hold on to

something the less likely you allow for

that energy to flow in your life it's

not like you don't like that boy in high

school the more you like uncle su likes

you it's kind of like that so maybe we

can try and we really consciously aware

we need a stress-free environment to is

again this process is not sexy and when

you know you come to your significant

other and you're like loopy fertility

you let's get it on

it doesn't really lend itself to sexy

sex so my suggestion is about me my


trying to do is around this time of the

month like make it fun so if I'm not

believing I'll send may be a dirty cute

text or maybe we'll go mean on each

other's lunch break and have sex

somewhere I want to make and create a

little bit of fun around it because

let's face it that should be fun

okay so there's my two notes while these

are thinking so this guy right here do

we see the test line is later than the

control line that means no ovulation

beeping music remove the test high means

an increase in estrogen high doesn't

necessarily mean that you're getting

ready to ovulate it means that an LH

surge is coming I want to point

something out though because I think

this is really important so last month I

had a series of high in a series of high

notifications I did not receive a peak

notification so I called clear blue and

I asked them about it and they said that

some women some ones don't really I did

not get pregnant last month but we're

gonna see if I have a peak fertility

this month she said that if you have you

do have high fertility for three months

in a row without a pink - then consult

your doctor but in the meantime I'm just

letting it go because there's nothing I

can do about this guy here zero so that

means no LH surge that means I'm not

getting ready to ovulate one more thing

I want to just let you guys know that I

found these for thirty nine ninety eight

on Amazon so to sum this whole thing up

I hope you found this useful and

valuable on how to use them

my overall take on it is I would start

with the easy at home they're only

sixteen fifty on Amazon it's by far the

cheapest I did get pregnant using them I

know a lot of Obie's suggest the clear

blue and I think that the monitor

there's value to tracking your progress

you know consistently for a couple of

months and I think the monitor probably

does that the best finally most of my

girlfriend's though use the clear blue

digital strips again these are the

thirty nine ninety eight let's create a

forum in a community I would love to


what you guys do for ovulation what

helps for you what have you tried leave

your comments below and I also met with

a fertility nutritionist and I'm gonna

be posting that video too so lots of

good things to come thanks guys

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