TRT Results Before and After For Men - Testosterone Replacement Therapy Pros & Cons For Men [GUIDE]

all right my friend welcome back this is

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breaking down

testosterone therapy for men we're going

to talk about what it is if it may be

right for you what are some of the

benefits in different forms it comes in

where does some of the real research

backed health risks and at the end of

this video we're gonna give you some

alternatives and our overall stance on

TRT I know you're gonna learn it's on

this video so get out your pen and paper

take some notes and let's dive on in fit

father project calm so over the past few

years testosterone replacement therapy

has gained a lot of popularity partly

because of media and marketing but

partly because it can produce real

results and life-changing results for

guys who do have testosterone deficiency

so let's look at the big picture first

and that is that after age around 35

men's testosterone levels naturally

decrease by about 1% every year and that

means that when you're in your 60s you

might have 25 to 35 percent less

testosterone and for some guys this

leads to a lot of problems it leads to

feelings of low energy no sexual drive

even depression of inability to build

muscle and lose fat so these are things

that are real symptoms of testosterone

deficiency in men but our bodies

naturally decrease in testosterone what

also happens is when we put on the whole

layer of our modern stressors meaning

we're living in stressful environments

we're not sleeping enough and there's

also a lot of estrogens in our

environment from plastics from things

that are in our water supply men's

testosterone levels are being bombarded

so there's a lot of guys that are

turning to TRT as an option to feel

better and when some guys to take it

they feel substantially better so what

is testosterone replacement therapy well

quite frankly it is administering

external which I'll use the word

exogenous from here on out testosterone

in a variety of different forms we're

gonna discuss to replace the body's

lacked production so under normal

circumstances our brain communicates

with our testicles to produce

testosterone levels and normal men's

testosterone levels are anywhere from

two hundred and eighty which is on the

very which is on the baseline of the low

range nanograms per deciliter up to

around a thousand so when we're

teenagers are we're on the higher end of

the range and we slowly decrease over

time and there are a lot of reasons why

your testosterone could be in the low


so what testosterone relation therapy is

is for guys on the low

end of the range which is a very

debatable topic as we're going to talk

about where that lower end really falls

in it's taking external testosterone

through either injection through pill

through cream through an implantable

pellet that actually gives your body

testosterone what happens is that

testosterone binds to the androgen

receptors on your cells and does all the

things that normal testosterone would do

and as a result your body stops

producing its own testosterone for the

most part when we take it externally it

provides a feedback loop in the body and

the body stops taking testosterone and I

need to also say this point here is that

there's not too much of a difference

between an anabolic steroid that a

bodybuilder may use if they're using

pure testosterone and the stuff you

would get in testosterone therapy in

fact a lot of bodybuilders use the exact

same thing that you might get an

injectable testosterone testosterone

scipio Nate the bodybuilders used the

same drug it's the dose that changes the

difference so normal testosterone

replacement therapy dose may be anywhere

from 75 milligrams up to 150 milligrams

on the very high end per week if we're

talking an injectable form a bodybuilder

will take 5 to 10 times that amount so

need to know just to kind of clear that

thing up and there are other

bodybuilding drugs that people use we're

talking about testosterone replacement

therapy we're talking about taking

testosterone the actual molecule that

our body produces it's just bound to

different kinds of salts depending on

the delivery mechanism so is it right

for me well it's really a question for

your doctor and getting some real lab

work we need to combine lab work where

do you fall on the total testosterone

picture so we want to know where you're

at on your total testosterone range

which you can do with a simple blood

test we'd also want to know what your

free testosterone is because a lot of

guys don't realize your total

testosterone levels don't give the whole

picture there's something called sex

hormone binding globulin

shbg that binds up your testosterone and

keeps it from actually acting on these

nuclear testosterone receptors but we so

we have a free level which is basically

how much is bioactive and that can be

low in guys so you could have high total

fine total testosterone and léa low free

and it still could be indicated for you

but again this your doctor needs to

really work with you on what's your

blood work and what are your symptoms

and does it fit the picture and it's

kind of like the wild wild west right

now on testosterone levels that people

are prescribing on some people are

giving some doctors are prescribing

testosterone replacement therapy for

guys and ranges around five

hundred other think that's absolutely

crazy and you need to wait until you're

around the 200-300 range so it's very

dependent on your relationship with your

doctor what they think is matically safe

for you based on your history so this is

something in that the take-home point

here go to your doctor if you're

interested in look going down this route

and get supervision for your particular

circumstance we can't just say oh you

have testosterone levels of 400 it's

good for you to do TRT therapy because

there's other alternatives we're going

to talk about on ways you can

potentially increase your testosterone

naturally that does not require going on


which again shuts down your internal

production is it a long-term thing

if you want to trt it's something that

you're sticking for it's not like you do

it for a little bit and you necessarily

come off let's talk about the benefits

well when you have more testosterone and

you've been deficient you're gonna find

that the number one thing guys start to

experience is an overall greater sense

of well-being in energy a lot of guys

who feel like they're just lethargic and

exhausted all the time and feeling kind

of depressed when they start TRT they

feel better they feel youthful they feel

the vigor because testosterone acts on

our brains too and what we know is that

testosterone deficiency being low in

testosterone is a risk factor for

Alzheimer's and cognitive decline so you

don't want low testosterone levels you

don't necessarily want super high levels

either we can talk about that in a

little bit so guys start to feel better

you might find that your muscle mass

increases a little bit you might find

that it's easier to recover from your

workouts and you lose fat a little bit

better but do know this just taking

testosterone replacement therapy without

changing your diet and your exercise is

not going to turn you into Arnold

Schwarzenegger you need to have the

whole plan in place but it can augment

your results on those things the forms

the testosterone replacement therapy

comes in the most common form I would

say would either be a gel so you can you

rub gel on your skin it can deliver the

testosterone transdermally other guys

use injections which I would say is

honestly a better option because you can

be a little more standardized with your

dose and you know I'm injecting X amount

of testosterone per week so we can track

that with blood levels versus a gel

there might be some differences and how

much is absorbed for any given day did

you have something on your skin where

you're sweaty a little more variability

but there's other methods too for guys

who don't want to have to get injected

once a week once a month depending on

your doctor schedule and the

testosterone they may choose for you

might do something like a pellet where

they can actually implant a little

pellet into your hip that dose time

releases testosterone and now there are

even some

forms that are available but with a lot

of these oral forms of testosterone and

derivatives of testosterone you have to

worry about the effect on your liver

because your liver typically has a first

pass metabolism where to survive that

first pass metabolism they have to add

certain methyl groups and stuff to the

testosterone that can be a little hard

on your liver so that is concern as well

the cleanest route seems to be injection

for most people who go down TRT but the

pain in the ass

pun intended is you got to inject

yourself often well that's going to the

doctor's office or you can even do it at

home under circumcircle stances but

again you also have to work with the

doctor and see what the laws are in your

state so let's talk about the medical

risks because as good as testosterone

sounds like wouldn't we all want more

vigor more muscle building more fat loss

better sense of confidence and energy

there are legitimate risks because

Sasaram does certain things to the body

the first main thing we see with most

people who start trt is they do have a

thickening of their blood and this is

largely evidenced on bloodwork as your

hematocrit which is the percentage of

your blood that's filled with red blood

cells testosterone causes your blood to

be thicker it causes your body to

produce more red blood cells this

increases your risk it's not causative

but it increases your risk for certain

heart problems you have thick blood

pumping through those arteries increase

your risk for potential things like

strokes and blood clots like that so

some people who are on trt they need to

have this aspect managed to get regular

blood work and some people even take

baby aspirin to thin the blood a little

bit to make sure it doesn't get too

thick another risk that can happen is

for some guys especially with family

histories of male pattern baldness

testosterone can convert to a derivative

called DHT

and in DHT areas of the brain that are

very sensitive are right here balding on

the scalp in these particular areas

right here some guys find that they lose

their hair when they take testosterone

and that's not something that

necessarily comes back unless you do

another different kinds of therapy with

stem cells or different things to get

your hair back you could lose your hair

doing TRT some guys are very sensitive

to it that's why you see a lot of bald

professional bodybuilders who abuse this

toss turn for years no more hair up top

so that's important to you consider that

additionally testosterone can increase

the oil production of your the

glitt'ring glands on your skin so you

can find that oh man you have acne for

the first time in 20-30 years if you

start testosterone therapy

another thing worth considering is

testosterone doesn't just state

testosterone again it converts the

things like DHT and estrogen yes estas

turin can turn into estrogen so some

guys find then when

take testosterone it can convert to

estrogen through this process called

aromatization and there are tissues in

the male body that are sensitive to

estrogen even our nipples so some guys

find that they have growth or breast

tissue under the nipples so these are

real concerns and things that can happen

and doctors do prescribe different

adjunct medications often with TRT to

block some of these estrogen effects so

you may find things like clomid or

Arimidex which are things that might

block the estrogen receptor or block the

conversion of testosterone to estrogen

can be something that's prescribed as

well so though the picture here is that

TRT is a big decision if you're gonna go

down this route you're gonna be managing

a lot of different variables and then

trying to do it naturally and it may be

indicated for you it's just gonna make

things a lot more complicated between

injections looking at the kind of

schedules of these things and maybe even

taking different kinds of medications to

make sure that the testosterone ends up

on the right track and not causing

different kinds of side effects so those

are the main medical risks I would say

as long as the fact also understanding

that it does decrease your own natural

testosterone production if you do it

long enough it can be you can get

kick-started again but your levels can

really really decrease if you come off

the testosterone you are gonna have

lower levels and when you even started

in the first place it's it's more of a

long-term thing some alternatives well

depending on what your blood work looks

like there are certain things you can do

in terms of vitamins herbs and minerals

that may be able to increase your free

testosterone levels so stinging nettle

is an herb that has some research

showing that it increases free

testosterone levels so let's say your

testosterone levels are in the middle

the normal range but your free

testosterone is a little low I would say

as a first-line thing before we go down

the rabbit hole of TRT is like what can

we do to naturally increase free

testosterone levels can we sleep more

because cortisol in testosterone have a

seesaw relationship in Cordova the

cortisol goes up testosterone goes down

spooning with sleep and reduce stress

can we you think use things like

stinging nettle can we take some of

these natural precursors that tend to

support testosterone levels like vitamin

D DHEA magnesium a good probiotic is

also a really good idea as well and some

creatine monohydrate these things are

research proven to help support natural

testosterone levels so if you've not

exhausted all those options yet I would

look there first a hundred percent and

we're gonna link an article below in

description called the natural

testosterone boosters that actually work

and this is where we review all the

research and show you

which ones work because there's a lot of

crap out there with different kinds of

herbs that people claim work but they

don't actually show up in the studies to

improve testosterone levels but they're

all our turn alternatives and there even

are some prescription medications like

clomiphene that clomid that can increase

your free testosterone levels although

it's not technically it's not

testosterone at all

it's an adjunct medication that

decreases estrogen which may improve

your testosterone overall load in your

body and can give you some of the

benefits without necessarily having to

go down the TRT route so we've arrived

what is our overall take on this TRT can

absolutely be life-changing for you if

it's medically indicated and I think a

lot of guys are going pretty Willie

doctors are going Willie milling these

days with prescribing a lot of

testosterone and in the United States

the FDA is cracking down a lot harder

and they're making sure this is really

medically necessary because there's a

lot of people that were abusing these

therapies over the past few years so

work with your doctor see if it's right

for you at the very least I know you

start with some of these alternative

therapies to make sure that you've

exhausted your options with doing this

naturally and if it ends up being

indicated after that then it could be

life-changing for you so we're

definitely big proponents of TRT for the

guys that's indicated for and we also do

believe that you first start off with

the natural lifestyle stuff before you

need to go on TRT and if you can prolong

that decision as long as possible you're

probably gonna get the best bang for

your buck and keep your body's natural

as long as possible so hope that helps I

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