welcome back guys it's been taking me a

little bit of time to get this up I was

supposed to have it up on Friday but I

was traveling I was I was working with

Kirk I was in Oregon talking to a

hundred Chiefs police chiefs and the

state of Oregon about leadership and

what a wonderful experience but I was

traveling and I didn't want to rush this

and I wanted to spend some a good time

and answer these questions because

there's some really good questions out

there and again the whole purpose of

this the whole purpose of you know

coming out about coming out about my HRT

panel or what I'm doing or protocols is

so that can kind of dispel some stigmas

and really give you guys information

based off of my experience and what I'm

doing to be able to help some people out

there because you know as I've been

posting this the comments on YouTube in

the comments on Instagram and Facebook

have just been kind of crazy and there's

a lot people would make a lot of quick

judgments out there or they'd spit out

their broad knowledge without any

information or experience on the subject

whatsoever so with that said I want to

answer those questions as we go through

this this series it will become is clear

and clear and then I'll make a playlist

and put it all on there so anytime

anybody asked me I could put it on there

so some backstory if those of you that

are finding this video and haven't

watched haven't watched the other ones

when I left the Special Operations I was

experiencing some symptoms without me

really knowing I met a friend he said

hey I think that you've probably got

some loti issues let you know let me

introduce you to my doctor in Kansas

City and he did and I got tested and it

was like a 190 or something which was

like the 431 year old male to have a 190

testosterone level was is that

absolutely insane and so I I got back up

and and man it changed my life health

fitness mental there's a million things

that was going on with it and

it it was it's a lot better I came off

of it because me and Miss capper decided

to have a baby and I'd have a surgery

which means I needed to come off

testosterone because it does make you

you know sterile yes there are ways with

you know some medicines to kind of keep

that process up but it was for me it was

just the best bet to come off I'd get as

healthy get them as producing as much as

possible so we could do the surgery and

get those out and then me to get back on

it and that's what we did I came off for

eight months at the eight month mark I

had surgery it was successful they were

trees 1.5 million sperm and then this

week we'll be doing an IVF update on

that process so without further ado

let's get into it

my the first one the first three

actually is mr. Johnson's burger

importance of actually let's go what

measures can someone take to naturally

improve test levels prior to taking the

leaps to TRT and this is kind of there's

are several questions this is going to

jump into but so the answer that is

sleep not sleeping well is good is gonna

is going to lower your natural

testosterone alcohol is going to lower

your if you're just boozing it up on the

regular that is going to lower your

natural testosterone physical fitness

actually can sex can boost it as well

and really diet like looking at where

you're getting your food if you're

eating a lot of prepackaged stuff if

you're taking testosterone now

over-the-counter testosterone boosters

if you're even in just complete [ __ ]

that comes in a prepackaged thing if

you're just consuming all your drinks

from plastics that can have or have an


eating tofu and soy and things like that

can also have an effect as well so just

trying to be as healthy and clean as

possible getting eight to ten hours of

sleep at night having a regular set you

know healthy sex life and eating food

that comes from the earth or grass-fed

items you know free-range chicken

grass-fed beef and farmers market style

of produce will also help as well

who should avoid tea or tea and

if you are young if you're under 30 and

you don't have really any issues then

you should not do it until you need to

because it will it will start to reduce

your natural progression of testosterone

also if you're young and you're looking

to have a kid in the future also try to

do the natural and healthy way prior to

getting on any sort of testosterone

because once you're kind of on it you're

kind of you're on it the last one from

josh is the importance of staying

regimented once on testosterone and why

so there's a half life cycle to

testosterone right so like you take a

shot on say you take a shot on Sunday

it's gonna peak around Wednesday and

then it's gonna start coming down

throughout the week alright so what I

used to do when I first came on and what

most people do when they first start is

they they get basically every Sunday or

Saturday they'll do a shot and then

they'll take them for the week and then

every week they do it as you kind of get

into your system like I said for sit

after six years I started to see that

that peak and I me and the doctor said

okay what we'll do is we'll half the

dose and then we'll take Sunday say

Sunday morning and Wednesday night and

then that kind of levels those Peaks out

and it just keeps you level and that's

the whole the whole goal with this is

that to keep you instead of doing you

know dropping down and experiencing

negative sit and have negative symptoms

you just kind of keep it level find out

where you need to be and then you ride

that line forever and you feel normal

and you don't feel like all jacked up

and crazy you just feel the way you're

supposed to Philly Philadelphia

Philadelphia says in 48 old forty eight

years old I want to know if there's an

alternative to needles HRT tear I fear

needles will so that's one yes there's

all kinds of gels there's pellets

there is other things other the needles

my personal preferences they're not as

in again personal products are not as

effective but a lot of people have seen

a lot of great results in them if you

have needles talk to your doctor and go

that direction tip most doctors will

start that direction and work your way

up to injections if it's a necessity so

typically what they'll do is like the

underarm gel and then we'll see it and

see how that goes and you start feeling

better and if your symptoms stay the

same then they'll up it and now they

have actual pellets where they inject

you a pellet for six months and it


so we'll therapy nullify anxiety and

sexual disinterest those are symptoms

that that it can help with and maybe

there's something else that is you know

at play here but absolutely if if you

have those symptoms and those symptoms

are being caused by low testosterone

then yes they will help this is a good

one same Philadelphia same question as

as far as TRT in relation to heart

attacks and cardiovascular disease

prostate all of these things that that

that the mainstream says that

testosterone or steroids causes that is

absolutely not the case what you see in

people that are taking stem sovereigns

especially in like the professional

bodybuilding world that they just get

ginormous they get four times the normal

size of a man you have to look at what

that's doing to their body it's not has

nothing to do with this - the

testosterone other steroids it has to do

with the sheer mass that their body is

this is the reason why you see guys like

Andre the Giant you see guys that are

just born naturally large even the guys

that are you know eight nine foot tall

in the world they don't have a long life

expectancy because their heart has to

produce enough you know circulation for

that body and that's a massive amount of

work so it's less it's less

about the steroids and what that causes

and what the steroids does to allow

their body to get to a certain size and

have to pump that and that's where the

that's where the the problem comes into

play it's not necessarily stories is the

mass that's the size that you actually

get and the body has to you know support

that again

anything in modern anything over the

moderation is is not good for you you

know like drinking is you know you it's

not bad to have a beer

but having 30 beers a night is a problem

so everything in moderation

Mattson runch why you stir is all what

are the dangers of tea or tea and

long-term use with all within your

normal range and prolong use so this is

a big thing that people think I'm gonna

get on there it's gonna fix it and then

and then you're gonna I'm gonna come off

this is something that the work through

a doctor for me my pure Terry gland

forgive me if I'm saying that incorrect

but it was damaged I mean I damaged my

hormones in the military with a couple

injuries and it just wasn't happening

and when I went to the brain clinic in

Dallas the doc said hey let's let's test

them things out and he's like absolute

absolutely your Lipton or something like

that probably not right not Lipton tea

something something with an L you smart

guys comply drop it in the comments but

he's like this is actually damaged and

he actually asked how does your orgasm

feel is it good is it bad and so we had

that conversation he said yeah you're

probably gonna be on t to you for the

rest your life my doctor has been on tea

or tea for 30-something 30 40 years he's

75 and he's cruising man and he is in

for 75 year-old man he is sharp and

healthy and it's impressive and I hope

to be there at 75 that answer your

question Matthew okay coach Marlon

Carson is asked what kind of performance

effects do you notice from TRT I realize

the dose of HRT tea or tea are can still

be lower than those taking my people

performance enhancement bottle blah blah

so anyways

what kind of performance-enhancing I

feel like I'm in my 20s I feel I just

feel normal I feel like when I'm

training I get the results that I did

when I was in my late 20s kind of what I

felt like was my prime on it you know

his last eight months I got I got the

experience of being off and like I said

in some of the other videos I would do a

calisthenics workout and then I would be

sore for three weeks and I'm what I mean

sore I mean like wouldn't be able to

walk in function for three weeks and

that's when I started taper down my

training you really can't make progress

in the area of performance if you're not

recovering and that was the biggest

problem for me it's just I simply could

not recover and no matter what I was

doing physical pain and just being sore

was was overwhelming and that's the

biggest thing that I've seen with with

coming back on it was almost immediately

I do a workout I'd be sore for a day and

then right back that body part would be

sore for a day and I'd be able to train

you know another body part are you know

that party part in two days so again you

look at the symptoms if that's you know

recovery is a big big telltale if you're

not recovering get yourself checked this

is a great question from Joseph

McChrystal Joseph M Christian is it

preferred to go to a primary care

physician or urologist this is where it

kind of gets difficult because not

everybody is on the up-and-up most

doctors are on old-school medicine and

they're just gonna be very cautious

because they just their education level

is not there some primary care

physicians are a little more progressive

and have kind of are up to speed on this

on the subject but unfortunately most or

not I would start there get their take

and if they if they do this this is the

test if they say hey well the range is

300 to 800 and you're a 350 so you're

good and they don't focus more on the

range then they focus on the symptoms

that's your first he'll tell that that's

not the doctor for you

you can see a urologist you can see an

endocrinologist all of those same thing

that's your test if they go off that

range from 300 to 800 and they don't

talk about your symptoms and how you

feel and how you're like what you how

your life is then they're not the doc

for you another another option would be

is an anti-aging clinic aren't TRT or

HRT clinic

those are pas are doctors that are very

very well versed in this subject and

what I've seen with with those Tala

clinics is they will give you the full

panel of things they won't just give you

a testosterone shot a low-dose

testosterone shot and send you on your

way they are actually going to give you

a full panel can you still have a good

sex drive and beyond low testosterone

yes so again they have a list of

symptoms depression not recovering

leptin you know lack of sexual appetite

lack of sleep those sort of things those

are all symptoms you might not have you

don't need all of them you just need to

some of them so yes you can still have

this good sex drive and be and then be

still be depressed and not recovering so

I guess list of symptoms those are what

you're growing off of you don't have to

have them all this is a pillage and

plunder so average company does your HRT

affect your ability to grind it out in

the gym yes but not the way I think

you're asking grinding it out in the gym

or training is significantly improved

when your testosterone levels your

hormone levels are balanced if you're

they're not balanced your it does affect

the ability to train a movie alert

similarly an oberek how often you

recommend so with my doctor because when

we first started we were doing it pretty

regularly with my doctor now I do it

once a year because we know and I know

based off how I feel we know when my

levels are good based off my dosage what

my levels are gonna be so I can tell you

that you know based off my dosage and

how I feel my love

we're going to be like a 1200 and that's

where I sit and I feel normal sitting

there but that's something you have to

work out with your with your doc movie


same thing out-of-pocket expense for HRT

I pay anywhere from my insurance that my

VA doesn't cover it so I pay anywhere

from probably 400 every couple months so

maybe 200 a month and then $300 for a

visit so it's not you know it's not that

it's not that expensive in my in my

opinion especially with the quality of

life improvement that it is it's it's

worth it I mean if it was more of still

be worth it what drug so Andrew Hirini

58 ask what drugs are used for home loan

replacement therapy how does this affect

estrogen progestin in your body that's a

great question because that's where I

feel like some main doctors just give

you a low-dose testosterone but that's

it when you actually go to a hormone

clinic they're gonna give you entire

stuff the blog is listed below of

everything I'm taking but typically it's

your test you're taking tests see that's

really great for testosterone therapy

and then HTG from natural productions

and then there's some pills to deal with

any sort of sides if you have them again

that panel is from your doctor and

something you've talked to them but mine

is linked below Joe and Cleveland I felt

many of these symptoms lack of sleep

depression many of these things for

years I'm also a veteran I'm wondering

the VA will help with testosterone plate

replacement if you hammer the drum with

the VA it's a great question if you

hammer the drum with the VA yes they

will and know guys that are doing

getting testosterone from the VA the

problem with the VA is they're one of

those people they do not really support

that kind of therapy so they while they

will give you testosterone they will not

give you anything else so like all the

stuff that you see in the blog below you

won't you won't get so they'll give you

a little bit of testosterone to shoot

but this could also create side effects

and they really won't support those

those side effects

so take it for what it's worth my my

advice would be educate yourself on that

as much as possible for yourself and go

from there

blaze lection said would it be good

route for a firefighter or anybody in

the fire service and I'm gonna say I'm

gonna say anybody in the first responder

or military if you're experiencing them

these symptoms 100% go to a doctor get

checked your job is performance-based

you don't have the luxury to not being

able to run up stairs and recover and

then being able to do it again and again

to save lives

same thing with law enforcement military

if you're experiencing symptoms and you

are in a first responder it is there is

no shame whatsoever it is a non attack

on your mailing hood is something that

naturally happens and get checked and

get on HRT or to your to your whatever

you want to call it so yes

Chapman er are you getting to your tea

from the VA or private I don't have it I

don't have private insurance I use my VA

so I just pay for it again the question

was in there but no I do it through

myself this is another great question is

what is a good healthy free testosterone

ratio I there there's a range I'm not

even gonna say it because I'm a doctor

again there's a range from here to here

it has to for in my opinion and Mick's

opinion there is no such thing as a

range it is about you how you feel in

your symptoms if you are not having any

symptoms and you feel great then you're

good if you're starting to feel symptoms

and you're over 30 and things are

starting not to not to look right then

go get checked and then work with

someone that's gonna work with you to

get those symptoms away and that's

really where that's really where me and

my talk kind of played was what symptoms

are we having and how do we get rid of

those and then you know how do I sleep

better at night how do I have a better

quality life

how about recover better in the gym how

to have a better sexual appetite these

are things that are all part of it so

alright that's it guys again the blog is

linked below

I hope this answered a lot of your

questions I know there's

gonna be more below drop your question

in the comments and subscribe hit the

little subscribe thing and the little

bell so you get notified when these

videos pop up and we will continue down

this road and this is this is something

I'm gonna continue to talk about

regularly and I want you guys to follow

the journey and not just show you and I

just talk about it but actually show you

being off where I'm at and then over

that looks like six months to a year how

I'm going to progress coming back on so

that's exciting

it's exciting for me hope it's exciting

for you you guys know the deal and never

quit never surrender we always keep

moving forward and we'll see you guys in

the next video