How to Quickly Thaw a Frozen Turkey

are you about to cook a turkey and

something realize that it's frozen like

this well if it is keep watching I'll

show you how to quickly thought one


so what I have here is an eleven and a

half pound frozen turkey I got from the

store today it's Friday and I want to

cook it this weekend so I'm gonna get

this thing fine let's get started so

first get yourself a cooler or a bucket

or a big giant bowl some sort of

container that can hold the turkey just

like that as well as covering it with

some cold water now just add cold water

until you cover it okay there we go that

should be enough so I'm gonna let this

sit for awhile even close the lid but it

doesn't really matter so far every half

hour or so you'll want to drain and

replace the water doesn't have to be

exactly a half hour I mean I could go

longer than that but but half hour it's

a good rule of thumb so now my turkey is

tall enough to throw back in the fridge

it's been about five hours changing the

water between every half hour an hour

during that time and it's thought enough

I feel back in the fridge I'm cooking

tomorrow not today so that's why I put

it back in the fridge but it is ready to

go so that's how you do it it's that

easy thanks for watching be sure to

check out other videos on my youtube

channel and don't forget to