PACIFIC CREST TRAIL // The Beginning // Episode 1

we just got the camp out and walking up

to the monument


feels pretty serial first marker first

steps on the trail


hey up goin I'm married and I just

starting out the Pacific Crest Trail I'm

hiking it with my boyfriend Nick there

is I'm from California

Nick is from New Zealand and I've been

living in New Zealand with him for about

three years I'm really excited to be

back in California and back in the US

and during this big adventure that's

kind of an understatement it's been a

lot of planning and it feels kind of

surreal to have this moment of actually

be out here last night we stayed at

scouting photos they're just the most

generous and nice humans who what all

these hikers come and stay at their

house the night before they give you

dinner and they give you breakfast you

got to meet all these other hikers I

think there were 34 people last night

there and they have all these volunteers

that we had a nice guy named Kevin who

drove us out to the trail is about an

hour drive this past week has been

pretty stressful just trying to organize

and get everything ready but having lost

my aunt's getting photos was so so

nicely I just I'm so thankful it was

really calm and stress-free and yeah so

feeling pretty good I can't believe this

is happening this is like our new home

now we take some group photos with

everyone at the terminus we looked over

at Mexico across the wall and never on

our way

desert is looking really green very



one mile maybe let's not think about how

many we have left


just a few more miles


Suns cabinets getting




so it's noon and we've done 10 miles

10.24 it to be exact

we've just stopped off in some shade and

bet you some lunch

yeah doing pretty good so far feeling

pretty good my pack feels pretty heavy

so I'm trying to drink a lot of water I

think I have a lot of food as well but

I'm sure I've already been thinking in

my head some things that I could ditch

at the next town so yeah I'm sure I'll

just come in time

how you feeling Nick good yeah that's

just super stoked to be out here really

as sorry amazing but there's a neighbor

walked and I did it before and now that

I am I'm loving it's awesome yeah what's

for lunch

I've got some tortillas classic we've

got rats cheese and yeah emergency

delicious lunch well as delicious as it

could be and on the road again and yeah

we're thinking and we're gonna stop and

camp tonight at how's that Creek or

maybe right after Hazzard Creek yeah

we're not gonna push it all the way to

like marina Lake marinas at 20 miles and

since we didn't train we're trying to

start off slow and not burn out in the

first week so yeah nice crazy time

enjoying the scenery


we just thought that Hazzard Creek we

refilled our water a lot of people were

camping there tonight but I was pretty

fall up so I think we're gonna get up

there it's so pretty early it's only

around like three o'clock or something

so I've got plenty of time


we set up our tent pretty good it's a

little bit of a small spot but we use

some rocks and stuff to side of that it

looks pretty good and the views from

here awesome

my dad sent me along the way with a

little baggie full of Easter eggs

because it's Easter so eating some of

them they got a little bit squished and

melted so good excuse to eat them all

right now we're just gonna eat dinner

and hang out

we walked today 16.5 miles

pretty good effort for a first day I

think especially because I haven't

walked that far in a long time but I was

really feeling it on the walk up here is

slowed down a lot so it's good glad to

be done for the day


in a recent huge


some say I'm a twine so good there's a

lot of everything

good morning we just picked in the tin

there's an okay sleep it was like kind

of tossing turning he's trying to figure

out how to stay on the sleeping mat

situation we're a little bit of an slope

so I don't know feeling not a hundred

percent today like Ken like we're gonna

go eat breakfast at linked marina that's

the plan more than a like Marina

or Marina marina in Modi the New Zealand

language means morning so good marine

all right so we came into Lake Marina

we're all set we had made over and I out

to eat for breakfast that's what we were

gonna do and then we met someone and he

said oh but you got to go to the malt

shop and get a breakfast burrito and

then we came upon some chow magic stone

dancer I was out there giving out

Gatorade and coffee so we had that and

then she also really recommended going

to the malt shop so now I'm very full

lady don't quite have the shaker hunger

yet and now we're gonna walk it off

back on the trail but it was a really

good stop off nice relaxing and build up

what a used toilet it was really good

now ready to start a new day day - well

I guess we already started it but you

know what I mean








that PCT sign looked scary like you're

going into the forest never going in

there Bridge

the change of scenery is just amazing so

far the desert I don't know I think when

you think well at least when I thought

of desert before I think of kind of a

uniform type of environment but it's so

various and changing because of all the

water this year the wildflowers are just

out like crazy

and there's a lot of water flowing in

the streams and creeks so it's really



we've been kind of seeing the same

people the last couple days we keep

running into them really cool people so

far and you definitely want to introduce

you to more people that I meet along the

way but kind of just trying to wait till

everyone gets into their hiking groove

and I get into my groove as well a lot

of new things going on and just feel

like sorry in a camera into someone's

face isn't really that great so

eventually wants introduce you to more

people but yet people from all around

the world are out here and everyone the

different backstories and yeah really




thirteen point five miles today we

probably could have walked you longer

but I started ringing and then there was

some lightning and then we saw like a

good site camp spot so we were like

we'll take it now we're eating some

instant mashed potatoes heated up with

some cheese added to it

you're my gourmet yeah but it's warm and

that's good that's it this is the life

now pretty crazy pretty exciting