Threading at Home for Lip and Eyebrows with Ami Desai | Skincare with Susan Yara


hey guys I have my friend and fellow

youtuber Amy Desai here you know she's

gonna do she's gonna show me how to

thread my own face my own hair you guys

because she knows how to do it and I'm

so excited about this I'm so excited to

show you I didn't even realize how

popular this was because I've been doing

it for years on my own but it's one of

the most watched videos for my channel

and so I'm really I'm excited to let's

get started just to kind of get started

before somebody decides like oh I can

watch this video and do it with them

right now let's tell them what products

they're gonna need for love it okay so

first of all you want to work with a

bare face so I would just recommend

don't do it with all this making so I

would recommend wherever you're doing it

on your eyebrows or your upper lip which

are the two most common areas to do it

at home is to just wipe that off with

the makeup remover makeup wife and then

you want to prep your skin so you can do

that with ice cubes that's gonna help

numb the area or I actually found this

hack a while ago after having my

firstborn and it works really well it's

baby origel and just like it kind of

helps with sensitivity of your teeth it

really does numb the area that you're

about to kind of thread then after that

what I like to do and this is personal

preference but for me I really am

particular about the shape of my brows

so I always like to keep three things on

hand one is a spoolie and this is just

so I have everything brushed up so if I

am threading underneath I know exactly

what hairs to pick I just noticed I mean

I love that you can do your own brows

reading I yeah I know I went to a

threading place once when I was in

eighth grade enough those like girl I

can do this I love it you save money and

time you can do it in the comfort of

your own home and then I like little

scissors because if you do like to trim

at the top if you got bushy brows like

me then you're gonna need these and then

just some tweezers for those really

really hard to get areas tweezers are

gonna be your best friend so that way

you don't need a perfect way exactly and

then obviously the most important thing

is a thread itself so you can use thread

of any kind like even what you use for

like a sewing exactly so you can take

good old thread

your sewing kit your grandma's sewing

kit and you're good to go I went to

India and I actually cuz we go there

with my family a lot I found this this

is vanity threading thread very cool

name and what I liked about it is that

it just has it says it's with

antibacterial treatment so it's coated

with like a little bit of like thinking

like a waxy substance you can't really

feel it but when you put it on your skin

and you're doing it you can tell the

difference like it just feels like it's

a little bit softer cuz for me

especially if you have sensitive skin

I've noticed that sometimes when other

people are threading me in the past it's

why I don't like doing it either it's

like I would always end up with little

Nick's and then I'm like I just have

little scabs everywhere so I didn't like

it so this is a lot more gentler I'm

pretty sure you can get this off Amazon

now probably yeah exactly so you can get

off Amazon and I think it's like 10

bucks for the box but nice and is a lot

oh yeah it kind of like I think I got

this over five years ago and I still

have you know four left I'm pretty sure

Candace about two so this is great so

this thread but again any thread really

works and then once you're done with the

threading I like to just make sure that

everything is nice and clean so to help

if you do have any cuts or anything like

that aloe vera is great it's soothing

it's gonna take care of any redness that

you have or inflammation so I love aloe

vera gel but you can also use like a

little spritz all around your face

depending where you're doing it some

people like to go all up in it and

thread their entire face so this is a

really good one with some aloe in it and

that's about it I like it all right

we're ready okay ready got my hair on my

face oh you okay so first let's just

take a white got a handy one

and just take off the makeup around your

upper lip mouth exactly

so now that we're clear of makeup we're

just gonna put some or gel on this is

optional I just have a lot of questions

about that I'll get on it yes I am NOT

sensitive whatever I'm not really

sensitive either but I'm just gonna show

you guys to give you a sense of what it

looks like and feels but it's just like

ain't meant so what the kind of comes

out like a little pinky aunt montañas

gonna put that just layer it in the

areas that you need it literally just

feels like a little lotion little bit

thicker than that here we have the

thread I'm gonna have you work with me


Suzanne when you get your very own I get

my own thread red this is what you're

gonna want to do I like to just measure

out I would say about do about a foot

and a half so a foot and a half long and

the reason being is that you want to be

able to tie it in a loop and then you're

just gonna tear that off oh oh okay now

usually when you watch people threading

the person is holding it in their mouth

and they're threading it right but we're

doing it on herself so obviously not

gonna do that so what we are going to do

is you're going to take the thread and

just make a little knot at the top okay

so you just want to go as close to the

end as possible make a little loop deloo

and not that almost just as like when

you're gonna do a so thread write his

own thread so you see that the reason

you're doing this this is your base this

is your anchor right here what I'm gonna

do with this arm right now is this hand

I'm going to turn and turn and turn I'd

say about three or four times and the

reason being is see this part that I'm

doing right here these are the scissors

this is what's going to extract the hair

so what you want to do is just like you

would if you're getting threaded usually

the woman or whoever is doing it will

make you hold your skin really taut on

your brows or on your lip going like

that right yep so you want to make sure

this is laid flat and then oh you do it

so fast oh my god

and then I would go down I could go like

even up to the nostrils can you just see

like it just feels soft and it looks

soft and it just it's hairless now so

nice so now you go in with the lip but

again keep it like I feel like you're

you're awkwardly holding this like try

and keep your hands flat and you you

move your face to work with it like use

your see it see how tight but see you're

doing it you're getting it you're

absolutely getting it I think you're

you're you're into your little mouth

stuff you're a little you're a little

timid with going on to your face yeah so

just go okay so why don't you try above

your brow see if that might be something

so I'm gonna show you yeah it's scary

when it's at your lip cuz it's a small

surface so I'm gonna just show you guys

like right now you watch it work and

this is about like a lot of people like

to do too is I like to just push down

like see you how a little sparse hair is

up there I like to push that down and

then watch I'm going to clean this up

you can even see like the hair yeah area

up cuz I just want to be really nice and

like clean and so again this is why I'm

wearing a headband cuz I just don't want

to get my other hair caught in it I just

think I need to practice yeah you just

need like I need to practice in private

yes I can make mess up exactly the

reason I have the tweezers like I showed

you earlier is because when you are

threading on yourself it's a lot harder

to be like okay hold your skin taut and

do it you can't do it so I tend to

tweeze the small areas just right here

but to give you an example I'm going to

just kind of pick up some hairs that are

straggling right here I'm gonna raise my

eyebrows and you'll see

that's so cool yeah so it just picks it

up do you guys do you guys feel like you

picked it up I feel like when I made

this video I was really surprised at how

much response I got to it cuz people

were like oh my gosh you can do this at

home and I have to spend ten bucks I

mean I think that's the thing right is

just realizing you can do it to yourself

yes and so I will say that the most

feedback I've gotten is that people have

tried it and they'd be like oh my gosh

once I got the hand movements down I was

golden and I was able to do it I

literally started this and when I was 13

and that's why I'm able to go as quickly

as I can but I mean now you're only 19 I

exactly think in like five years um six

years but I think the biggest thing is

that you just practice practice practice

practice and literally within six months

I was just doing it and I was like you

had a girl hey girl I don't got to hurry

up your lip haha well thank you so much

Emmy for showing me how to thread my own

upper lip and hopefully all you know

make it up here at the brows I'll be

practicing okay looks good

so I mean I have no doubt that you're

gonna get this down see you guys um II

also did my makeup using all drugstore

products and it's really pretty easy

it's for the woman on the go or a busy

mom and she did it over on her YouTube

channel so head there I'm putting a link

below there's a link right here

and you can also find us both in our

private Facebook group it's called

beauty and wellness questions answer

link below as well and until next time

see you soon bye happy threading