Teaching my Toddler to Skate

that feel good all right there you go

skating let's go what's up guys my name

is coach Jeremy in this video we're

talking about when you can start your

kids skating I'll give you a few tips

along the way let's go on your mic good




let's do it together ready on your mark

get set go we're gonna do a little race

take some little steps hey can I borrow

your kid mine's just sitting here doing

snow angels are eating snow



we should talk about the gear that you

might want to use when they're little

about a year and a half to two years old

their feet aren't actually big enough to

fit into any skates and also well

they're probably they're just kind of

learning to walk so they probably can't

skate that well so we ended up with

these they're called Bob skates they

have two blades on the bottom so lots of

stability and the nice thing is they

just strap right on the boot you're not

going to be teaching any skating lessons

or anything it's pretty much just to go

out there have some fun introduce them

to the arena atmosphere so that's

recommended for the little ones moving

on from there you want to get them into

some real skates so we got these these

are Bauer little champs I think they're

called their little sport I found that

these were the smallest pair of skates

that I could get on the market and they

fit Mason then you can add on something

like this these are called the skate

ease this is how the skate ease work

they fit through this little hole down

here at the bottom of the skates and

they're pretty much like training wheels

before your hockey skates so if you have

a kid that's falling over to the left

and to the right

early wobbling you can put these on and

that should help we found with Mason he

wasn't really going that hard we were

pretty much just holding up the whole

time anyways and when we let him go by

himself he would stand there and he

wasn't really falling over so we didn't

find a lot of use for this but I think

these were really good for the kids that

are not as scared to be on the ice

they're really going they're moving

their feet they're filling a lot

something like this could be good to put

on their skates for the first few

sessions until they get that balance and

then pop those off and they're on their

skates and going by themselves the

skates that we ended up going with for

Mason are from when well so they have a

bigger blade a little more stable it's a

flatter blade on the bottom so they

don't rock so much back and forth

and then right here it has this serrated

piece right there so it's kind of like a

grip and it's at the heel and the toe so

if they start to slip back or slip

forwards then that's going to catch on

the ice and give me little bit more

balance there are nice thing about these

ones is a button right there you can

push it and adjust the skates so if

you're just skating the odd time with

them then these are really nice because

that you can have them for a few years

so we hope that Mason do the beep-beep

in your head not out loud okay just

pretend like this

just pretend just think it don't say it

those are some of your options for

skates when just learning to skate let's

get out there and see if this kitchen

skate here's something else that you can

use to help them with their balance some

of them to hold on to so they're not so

scared of falling over Mason let's get

mom think we can get it there will be

challenges sometimes they just don't

want to skate how they're supposed to


keep on trying here Mason here hold on

to this right there and on your mark get

set go

yes good job buddy


I think this kid knows how to skate he's

just holding back you see the Tim Horton

sign over there if you can make it all

the way there we'll get some hot

chocolates and Timbits sometimes bribery


holy sweetie Mason Mason make it over

here to the fries the fries are over

here the fries go get the fries are you

gonna eat the fries he really wants

those fries those are big fries time

time for some Mason Patrol okay

sometimes the kids just aren't ready to

be out there you might take him out five

ten times hoping that they want to skate

might not just want to at two and a half

or three and a half so maybe you just

give him a little bit of time off come

back few months later or maybe just

throw them out there let them lay on the

ice needs to know if they're not having

fun they're not going to want to come

back at so you don't want to force it on

them got ya ready what do you like when

I do the monkey one okay so I talked

about making it fun well how do you make

it fun challenges races games making

things up pretending anything you can do

to get them excited about going bribery

also works if you wanted to try to do

something that they're a little bit

afraid to do offer some Timbits we're

gonna let go and you're gonna glide and

I'll catch you any one two one two three

big jump okay how about you skate to me

and then I'll do a big jump with you ASA

skate to me that's how we're gonna get


I won't you skate to me good job good

yeah jump and Mason did you have fun you

wanna come back do it again yeah yes so

that's what you want you want the kids

they want to come back and have fun

don't try to teach them too many drills

or force them to do things they don't

want to do okay so first we're working

our stops and starts so we're gonna do

some crossovers and I'm gonna get your

skin around working our breakouts does

that sound good really have to be

patient out here and basically wait

until they're ready for you to teach

them when is the right age to teach a

kid how to skate and the answer is there

isn't really out perfect age it all

depends on your little guy or little

girl right so take them out there see if

they have fun you know see if we can

teach them anything I know you're

looking for a few more drills so once

Mason gets a little more comfortable

skating I can teach you guys some things

about balance and using your edge and

stuff like that those videos will come

but for now let's go out there and have

a blast one last thing before we go I

want to know from you guys how old were

your kids in your time out of skate was

it easy was it hard or any tricks that

you found because everybody out there is

gonna have some really good advice and

it might work for one Cuban or the other

so let me know in the comments section

anything that made it easier for you or

for your kids let me know thanks all for

watching the video appreciate all the

feedback I get and we'll see you guys in

the next video let's go get some