hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Ali Gooch if you are new and

here on my channel I do a lot of

cleaning and organization videos but I

also do lifestyle and motherhood and

today I am gonna be talking about how we

went about potty training our almost

three year old she's two but she'll be

three in August I have been sharing kind

of our journey a little teeny bit on

Instagram if you guys don't follow us

there my user name is Allie underscore

Gooch there I was sharing just a little

bit about you know the fact that we were

potty training how it was going and you

guys were asking me to share more info

about it so I thought the best way to do

that would be in a YouTube video so here

we are and today that's what we're gonna

talk about so let me give you a little

back story really quick Emerson is our

first born she's the first child that I

have ever potty-trained and we really

didn't know what we were doing so what I

did to prepare was I watched YouTube

videos and I didn't watch a ton of them

but I watched a couple and I picked

pieces from the different videos that I

thought would fit well for me and my

child because I know her the best so I

didn't read new books all I did was

watch the YouTube videos I figured it

would take probably about three days of

us at home with no distractions so I

looked at the calendar and I picked

three days three consecutive days and it

ended up being a weekend and I scheduled

nothing for us I didn't do any work this

was just going to be focusing on potty

training right before those three days

came up I got everything that I needed

Freddie I got a toilet seat a really

cheap one from Target we actually had

gotten one before and it was it had like

Minnie Mouse on it and it was really

cute and I thought that you know she

would really like it cuz it was cute and

Minnie Mouse but it ended up not sitting

well on the toilet seat so I will link

the one that we ended up getting and it

fits pretty much I mean every toilet

that we've put it on in our house and in

my mom's house so this one is definitely

the best and then we also just got a

stool like a step up stool from target

as well super cheap then I got a pack of

pull-ups and I also got a pack of little

girl undies I got a couple kinds and I

will show you both of those one is a

pack of training underwear so they're a

little bit thicker and then the other

one is just a bunch of really fun prints

that she can get excited about picking

out every day but you're gonna need a

bunch of them unless you plan on doing

laundry every day you're gonna need

quite a few underwear so stock up I

didn't prep Everson ahead of time

because we had put her on the toilet and

kind of talked about it and it actually

ended up freaking her out so we decided

that we were just gonna like stop

talking about it not pump her up at all

and just wake up in the morning and say

okay girl this is what we're doing the

night before we were to start potty

training I set up the bathroom so I put

the toilet seat there at the stool there

I also made a potty chart and I made it

really fun looking I am NOT an artist by

any means but Emerson didn't care I just

wanted to have a chart that had bright

colors on it and it was a place for her

to put stickers when she went in the

toilet so after every time she got she

went in the toilet she could put a

sticker on the wall and whether she put

him in the boxes or not who cared as

long as she was like having fun and

associating going in the toilet with

having fun that's all I cared about so I

made up this really bad looking potty

chart and I used I I didn't even have

like a piece of paper so I used a manila

folder and I just used some of Emerson's

markers and just like threw it together

and then I had a little pack of stickers

there too as far as rewards go

we had a big jar of Jelly Belly jelly

beans already so I just filled up a

glass jar with those jelly beans and

then I set it on a cake stand and I just

felt like putting it up on that cake

stand made it look just like it was

really special so as she's sitting there

on the potty like she could see the jar

of jelly beans sitting up there on the

cake stand and it's exciting I was

really just trying to make everything

exciting so the jelly beans were for

going number one because she's gonna go

number one

several times throughout the day I

wanted it to be super small but still

something that she was excited to get

and for her jellybeans is totally it if

you are not into giving your kids like

food as a reward you can totally go to

the dollar store and get just little

tiny toys that they can pick out of a

box whatever is gonna motivate your

child whatever fits your style best do

that but get little tiny tiny rewards

because they're gonna be getting a lot

of them and then for number twos I had a

little jar of these suckers that we'd

gotten from Trader Joe's and if I could

go back I would not have chosen a

different reward for going number two

you know your child better but for my

little Emerson she didn't need to have a

different bigger reward for going number

two but our mistake in doing that is

that once we said you know because you

went number two you get a sucker now

she's expecting every time and some days

she goes number two more than once

sometimes more than twice so that's a

bunch of suckers as she's getting in a

day time so if I could go back I

wouldn't have given her that option I

would have just still rewarded her with

jelly beans or maybe like oh you went

number two so you get two jelly beans

but I would not have done the whole

sucker thing and then I also had a

little basket that I kept all of her

panties in I wanted them in the bathroom

handy because when she would have

accidents and I could just grab one out

of the container and put them on her

right then and there I find them go

upstairs they were just right there I

also had a pack of wipes in the bathroom

the wipes were for number twos number

one we used toilet paper number twos

definitely wanted something moist to

help clean up but I did not flush those

down the toilet those go in the trash

can and then the last thing is I had a

spray bottle of cleaner handy because

there was bound and determined and sure

enough there were plenty of accidents

that needed to be cleaned up so that was

the set up of the bathroom and then the

morning of Emerson came down the stairs

she was wearing a diaper we obviously

needed to change her because it was wet

so I changed her out of her pajamas

took off her diaper and then I said okay


we are gonna say bye-bye to our diapers

today and she was not super happy about

it because she is older she understood

kind of what was going on and she didn't

really want to say goodbye to her

diapers yet um but I was trying to make

it fun so I had like a whole bunch of

diapers I changed out the trash can with

a clean bag and I gave her the diapers

and I said okay we're gonna throw our

diapers in the trash can and say bye-bye

to our diapers so I handed her the

diapers and I had her walk over the

trash can put them in the trash can

herself and say bye-bye diapers

obviously I went back to the trash can

when she was not there and took them out

because that would be very wasteful and

you'll find out later we ended up still

needing the diapers but it was

ceremonious for her and she could I mean

understand bye-bye diapers you know we

don't have any more diapers the ceremony

of throwing the diapers in the trash can

was important and I will come to that in

just a second so after we threw the

diapers in the trash can we came back

over and I said okay we're gonna wear

big-girl panties today and I said we're

not gonna wear diapers anymore because

we're gonna wear panties now and I'm

sorry I'm talking to you guys like I'm

talking to a Mersenne that's probably

gonna be really annoying sorry but I'm

like in the moment here so I said okay

we're not gonna wear diapers anymore

we're gonna wear a big-girl panties

wee-wee and poopoo goes in the toilet

and I would have her repeat that I said

where does wheelie and people go and she

would say in the toilet and so I would

say over and over again okay you let me

know when you need to go wee-wee or poo

poo I didn't ask her do you need to go

wee-wee or poo poo I said you let me

know when you need to go wee-wee or poo


because poo poo goes where and she would

say in the toilet now that I think about

it this is your up to you but we did not

put panties on her for like the first

day we just let her run around the house

buck naked and the point of doing that

was if she were to start going then she

would feel it on her lace immediately

she wouldn't feel it in her panties she

wouldn't feel it in her clothes it would

immediately like be on the floor on her


and that is a good thing if you guys are

like paranoid about your carpets or

whatever put towels down or keep them on

the hardwood floors whatever you need to

do we didn't really care so we kind of

just let her go around the house the

first time that she had an accident she

stopped it and I mean she started going

and then she like felt it and she

stopped it and I think she started like

saying mom mom and so we rushed her and

they put her on the potty and she

finished on the potty and it was amazing

and we were so excited and then we would

go throughout our day playing it is

really important that you do not leave

the house even to go outside because you

need to be watching your kid like a hawk

and you also need your kid just to be in

the zone and paying attention to their

body and all the stuff so if you go

outside and play sometimes that's

distracting especially if you leave the

house that's distracting so it's not fun

you feel like you're going crazy by

being inside for so long but it is

important we had our first successful

potty in the potty and she got her jelly

bean and I kept saying to her like over

and over and over again you tell mommy

when you need to go wee-wee or poop

because where does poopoo and we go in

the potty I just was constantly

reminding her with that there were some

accidents but most of them they were

half accidents so she would start to go

and then realize what was happening and

cast herself and we would rush her to

the potty and she would finish going I

don't want you guys to think that this

was all smooth sailing as far as her

being willing to sit on the potty she

was actually going through a stage where

she was like hysterical about anything

she did not want to sit on the potty

another thing she was going through is

she did not want to wear clothes she did

not want us to change her into anything

she was just going through a stage this

looking back was probably not the best

time to introduce potty training we

didn't know what was going on didn't

know why she was going through this but

she was going through this so I don't

you guys to think that this was all

smooth sailing of her like willingly

going and sitting on the potty there was

crying there was whatever but it was

really important to me to make sure that

when she was on the potty she was not

distressed so if she if I put her on the

potty and she started crying she wanted

off I let her get off and I

okay we'll try again later that was so

important was to make sure that she

didn't associate the potty with distress

for naps and bedtime we put her in a

pull-up so we put her in a pull-up for

nap time sure enough she went in it but

immediately after she woke up from her

nap we would change her back into

underwear so day one was pretty much a

success there was a lot of we that we

cleaned up but there was also a lot of

times that she did go in the potty

another thing is we made sure to hydrate

her offer her lots to drink that way she

had plenty of opportunities to go in the

potty so day two this was Saturday

immediately when she woke up in the

morning we switched her over to her

panties the whole spiel you let mommy

know when you need to go we beer poopoo

cos weird as we be and people go in the

toilet she had not gone number two on

Friday the first day of potty training

so we knew it was coming up she is the

type that likes to hide when she goes

number two she will go she sometimes

would even go in the bathroom but she

obviously would not be sitting on the

toilet and then or she was just hide

somewhere so we knew when she needed to

go I could tell she needed to go she was

kind of acting weird she was trying to

kind of hide and I would keep saying

okay you let me know when you need to go

poo poo because poop goes in the toilet

and then for a split second I was

distracted I'm pretty sure it was with

Oakley Emerson was hiding behind

Oakley's like seat play thing that he

sits in and all of a sudden she says

mommy mommy and I run over there and she

has a handful of poop and she had been

wearing panties this day so I looked at

her and she had poop coming out the side

of her underwear and she had it in her

hand and it was on the floor and so

Andrew thankfully was home at this point

and we were able to tag-team it and

clean her up but it was it was

traumatizing I will not lie it was

pretty bad there was poop everywhere it

was traumatizing to her traumatized us

but it's part of potty training so that

was a failed day at 2:00 I had felt

so good Friday I thought wow this is not

going to be that hard and then Saturday

happened and Saturday was not as

successful there were more accidents

there were there was definitely that big

code Brown experience so it was kind of

less successful and then Sunday came and

this is where I failed in planning

Sunday was Easter Sunday and we were

planning on spending the whole day with

family at my mom and dad's house and so

we woke up Sunday morning and Emerson

was just a mess she wouldn't wear her

Easter dress we were late to church and

I said you know what I don't know what I

was thinking but we can't potty train

today and so we stopped potty training

we did not potty train Sunday she went

back into diapers I said you know what

we are in a hard stage of life right now

as far as Emerson not wanting to change

clothes and just being emotional and I

said we're going to push pause on the

potty training and we'll reevaluate when

she's ready so we stopped potty training

and that was okay it felt like a relief

I think to all of us so fast-forward

about a month I would say a month or two

maybe and we were at my parents house

and Emerson was in a swimsuit wearing

just her swimsuit she didn't have a swim

diaper on she had gotten out of the pool

and we went inside the house and I was

distracted and totally forgot that she

was not wearing a diaper and all of a

sudden she goes mama I have to go

wee-wee and I was like okay let's go so

I picked her up and I took her to the

bathroom and I set her on the potty and

sure enough she went in the potty and I

was like are you kidding me this is

awesome and I praised her and I was so

excited for her so I was like if she at

this point can tell me that she needs to

go in the potty and know the difference

between her wearing a swimsuit and a

diaper she's ready to be potty trained

so the next day we did it again I put

her in panties and I said you tell me

when you need to go wee-wee

bukas where does we be and people go and

the toilet she was potty-trained just

like that

she didn't go number two the first day

of repot e training so we knew it was

coming up the next day I was actually

upstairs making the bed she was in our

bedroom with us and she went into my

closet and shut the door which she does

sometimes she likes to like play in the

clothes and there's nothing in there

dangerous and so she was in there and

all of a sudden it dawned on me and I

said oh my goodness and I'm busted in

there I said what are you doing and it

smelled kind of stinky and I was like do

you need to go poopoo at first I thought

she'd actually gone but she didn't she

just had like tooted and so she said no

no and I knew what she was up to in

there she was wearing underwear she was

not wearing a diaper so I insisted and

she didn't want to she was crying a

little bit

and I was like I'll give you a sucker

it's gonna be fun like this is gonna be

great and I just talked it up and

praised her and so finally I convinced

her to go sit on the toilet I gave her

my phone so she could watch a little

show and I shut the door because that's

what she wanted me to do so I sat her on

the potty handed her my phone shut the

door and next thing you know she's

calling out for us saying that she's

gone number two in the toilet and it was

so exciting and we gave her her sucker

and praised her and so ever since then

she's been potty trained both number one

and number two we still put her in

pull-ups for naps and night time

although for the most part she can go

through naps and she can go through the

night without going in her pull-up and

then she'll just let us know as soon as

she wakes up that she needs to go but

she still is brand new to potty training

and every once in a while she'll slip up

so I do not trust her enough to put her


you know big-girl underwear for

overnight and naps yeah but she is

officially potty trained

she's dang good at holding it when we're

out and about sometimes she doesn't

really want to go on potties out and

about and I don't blame her out on

either but one example is we were

driving around

looking at houses cuz we like to do that

and she said I've got to go and I said

hold it hold it we're gonna go to a

potty we're gonna find you a potty so we

got to the place and I walked her inside

and she changed her mind and refused to

go she got kind of scared she was saying

it's dangerous and she refused to go so

that was a little bit nerve-racking

because we weren't really sure you know

was she gonna be able to hold it but she

held it until we got home as soon as we

got home sat on the potty and there she

went so she's getting really good at

holding it and she's just really good at

communicating it to us so we did

potty-trained her later

she's almost three like I said but I'm

okay with that

I feel like for us and my family and my

little girl that was the perfect time to

potty train her because she was able to

not only understand really quickly but

she's able to communicate really really

well and it's just been easy other than

that first time you know Easter weekend

when we tried to potty train and it

didn't go so well that was kind of the

foundation and then we took a break

because we listened to her and we

listened to just our family

circumstances and then we tried again

and she has been nothing but successful

with it ever since

so I am I'm off for whatever stage of

life you want to potty train your child

in go for it

but since it was our first child I think

that almost three years old

is it was the perfect time for us to

potty train her so I hope this video was

helpful if you guys have any questions

if I forgot to cover something please

ask me in the comments down below I

would love to talk about it or message

me on Instagram we can chat about it

there um potty training is intimidating

and overwhelming at first when you've

never done it before

now I feel like I'm gonna have it down

pat well not down pat I mean it's still

gonna be tricky with Oakley and any

other children that we have but I've

done it once and it's really not that

bad and it's really not that hard and

it's exciting when they get it and

you're excited for your child and proud

of them and it is

nice having them out of diapers and

especially when they're older and you

have to change those dirty diapers like

the number two diapers those are bad and

it's so much easier when you know how to

deal with that anymore so um be

encouraged potty training is hard at

first but it's so doable and you are

just gonna be so proud of yourself and

proud of your child when you've done it

so I hope this video is helpful if you

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