For New Gardeners: How to Start/Plant Tomato Seeds Indoors for Transplants - MFG 2014

welcome to my first vegetable garden

today I want to show you how to plant

your tomato seeds indoors so that you

can have seedlings I've done a couple

videos on how you actually make the

starting mix that I'm using here how do

you prepare the seed cells and I'll post

the links in this video for those but

now you're at the point where you've

made your starting mix you've learned

how to peck your seed cells and now you

just want to plant your tomato seeds

these are seeds that I saved myself this

is actually a Russian oxide bicolor

variety and keep in mind that there's

nine cells here I'm going to tell you to

put in two seeds you could put in three

if you want and that's just so that

you're not waiting around for failed

seeds to germinate if you put in a

couple more you have better chances of

your seedlings germinating or you're

getting nine plants my point is there's

nine plants here so when these grow and

they're ready to be transplanted they're

going to have to go into cups like this

or into a recycled container like this

so you just have to make sure that you

grow the amount of tomato seedlings that

will fit indoors in your grow closets or

your grow box could you end up with a

lot of tomatoes but my strategy

basically what I suggest is put in two

seeds 1 C 2 seed 1 C 2 C 1 C 2 seed and

you can see the seeds in there once you

have the tomato seeds down just use a

pencil or a popsicle stick push them

down about a quarter of an inch you

don't have to be exact if you're 1/8 of

an inch it's not going to matter if you

go down to half an inch it's not going

to matter the starting mix in here is

packed nice and tightly so these seeds

are not going to fall to the bottom and

then once you have them all pressed in

all right there we go you're just going

to take a pinch of the starting mix

again the starting mix is pre-moistened

cover up your plants your seeds and

they're ready to grow now this is pre

moisten but it's not wet through you

definitely need to have your starting

mix totally soaked when you're

germinating plan

what I've said before is you don't want

to pour water on top of here because

this is going to splash out your seeds

you get to get knocked around so always

fill your tray just like this this

happens to have a liquid fertilizer in

it you don't need this is brown you

don't need a liquid fertilizer at this

point for germinating seeds you just

need water this was from what was from

another video so you leave this in here

for about 20 to 30 minutes until it

sucks up enough water and this looks

nice and and wet to your touch something

like this you can see this is just a

little bit lighter this is a fully

soaked starting mix these are cucumbers

over here so once you have that you put

these under your grow lights in five to

ten days they're going to germinate

you're good to see your Tomatoes coming

up in about two weeks you're going to

end up with tomato seedlings that look

like this and you can see in this case

most of them came up and I'm going to do

another video to show you you know how

you manage these ones they're up hope

you enjoyed this please check out my

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