hey guys it's me Keisha from Keisha zone

and welcome back to my channel I have a

son who's going to turn 3 in November

and so we're on our journey to find the

perfect pre-k for him so we're touring

some schools this week and I have a list

of questions that I'm going to be asking

the principal's and I found a lot almost

all of the questions on this specific

website called life as mama calm and she

has a article with 7 questions you

definitely want to ask or maybe 9

questions you definitely want to ask so

I drew some inspiration from that and

when I did add my own questions at the

end so I just wanted to come on here and

share this information with you so if

you're maybe in the position that I am

and this is your first child and you

know you're already excited and nervous

anxious just everything you want to go

prepared and of course especially for my

husband and I it's not only our first

child it's a completely different school

system then it is in Belgium so it's not

at all what we're used to so I'm I might

ask questions that you might think is

weird or the principal my thing like if

you're really asking me that but I'm

like yes because I have no clue and I

need all the information before I

actually hand over my child into your

care okay and if I can if it's not too

much I will go ahead and type everything

out down below in the description box so

you can also follow their I'm just not

sure how much I'm going to be able to

you know narrow it down to but the first

question I'm going to ask is what is the

school's philosophy is it more is it a

play based school is a more focus on

academics is it a

you know a lot of focus on religion now

none of the schools that we are touring

are connected to a church so I doubt

that there is going to be you know a

response back to me that it is going to

be highly religious connected to that

school philosophy is what is their

policy and what is their preference when

it comes to you know the open door

policy can I just walk in and grab a DS

do I have to not make an appointment but

you know let the teachers know a couple

days beforehand like hey on Thursdays

I'm gonna have to pick him up earlier

because of this reason and how am I

going to get information about how he's

doing do I get daily reports do I get

updates is that only on you know if he

napped that day if he ate what he ate

that day if you know all that am I gonna

get daily reports daily updates another

very important topic is discipline the

main one of course is how do you

discipline children because they are you

know they're gonna have tantrums

they're they might push kick you know

obviously you hope that you raise your

child to not do anything like that but

in our case he is an only child so I'm

not sure how he's going to act around

other kids for that long of a time

obviously we've been to playgrounds and

all that stuff but actually you know

four hours with a bunch of their kids

playing with the same toys I hope that

he's very good in sharing but you really

never know is he going to push somebody

because he wants that toy is somebody

gonna pull on him because they want that

toy what is their policy on disciplining

do they take them to a separate room

talk to them is there timeout do the

parents get notified do we get notified

for every little thing or do we get

notified when something major happens

like maybe biting and what is their

policy on by

it also said that on that website that

some kids that some schools do some

children home for today if they buy

another kid or you know whomever if they

bite they send the child home then the

teachers qualifications what are the

minimum based qualifications that your

teachers have right do they have early

childhood education do they have a

bachelor's or master's and something

else you know the CPR training how many

times do they have that the certificate

for CPR I mean how long has the pre-k

teacher been there you know has she just

been there for a year you know like all

that stuff do they do the teachers move

with the children at the end of the year

and so they have them for the next year

of pre-k and then for kindergarten and

so on and so forth or every year he gets

a new teacher because also that's you

know that's obviously different school

to school and by the way guys there is a

website I'm not sure I definitely did

not save it so if I find it I will

definitely put it right here if I can

and also link it in the description box

there is a website that shows you every

States rules and regulations when it

comes to the ratio for teacher and

children so how many children are

allowed in that age group for one

teacher if that makes any sense a

separate topic is also the parent

involvement so again that open-door

policy the daily reports are their

fundraisers that they want us to be

heavily involved in events after school

that we have to be involved in

volunteering like what is their

expectations of me and of my husband as

a parent okay then a social and academic

growth again guys I really I got all of

this from her website so definitely

check it out she has some really good

questions and I did not write down

everything because not everything I felt

was necessary until definitely check out

the link that I will put down below so

their social and academic

how will into this is progress well just

all the children's progress be measured

is it like yes at the end of this year

he has to be able to count to ten yes no

all his colors yes no Allah shapes like

how is that being measured and also how

is that going to be reported are there

parent-teacher conferences every couple

of months or is inside the daily report

safety which is a huge huge one which is

like I probably have the most questions

under the category safety and I

definitely have questions on here that I

would not ask in Belgium you know

there's a lot of stuff that happens in

the United States that is so foreign for

my husband and I and it's definitely

very scary so a question is security

cameras not only at the front and at the

back entrance are there security cameras

in each classroom one of the schools

that we are touring I already know they

do have cameras in every classroom and

as parents you are able to go online a

login and just check on the classroom

which is something that I really really

like some schools have keypad entry so

that's also a question that I'm going to

be asking I'm obviously going to see it

when I'm going to go into the school the

and sign-out procedure is there

a list that I give in the beginning of

the year saying these are all the people

that can pick him up and you know how

will they check that like how like do

you take a picture of our driver's

license so that you can see this face

this name like how does that work a fire

plans like what are the fire escape

plans that you have in place we are in

Kansas so we know that this state is

prone to have tornadoes what are the


what are your safety procedures for

death the cleaning procedure is

something that was so important to me

and I was like is that actually a

question that I can

and it actually was on the website to

ask this question specifically you know

when illnesses hit the school how does

the school deal with it and how do they

clean everything but also just on a

weekly basis how does everything get

clean and remain fresh also very

important one their vaccination policy

is there a list of must-haves vaccines

and then some other random ones what if

any meals are served so one of the

schools definitely does lunch some of

the other schools do breakfast and lunch

so I just want to see like a menu is

there something that we can pick off is

it like do we pick a new menu every week

how do we pick it also birthday policies

are we allowed to bring in treats for

the class probably not food because some

kids may have allergies and you know you

definitely want to stay away from that

but like small toys and stuff is that


a very important question is what is the

tuition of course but our field

activities included in the tuition or is

that a separate fee that we would have

to pay so yeah and then I do have a

couple separate questions that I thought

about after yes

so what would he need to bring on the

first day of school

like does he need to bring a toothbrush

for the napping situation you know does

he need to bring a mattress cover and a


you know his pillow like what does he

need to bring on his first day that we

drop him off then also a simple question

of what does a school day look like so I

just want to hear from A to Z when I

drop him off

what time does whatever course start how

his day is going to look like I really

find that important to know so that's

definitely something that I'm going to

be asking also in their professional

opinion what's the best way for adidas

to transition from being at home to go

into school would they suggest on him

coming in for a full week 5 days but do

half-dazed do they suggest no don't do

have days but do three days Monday

Wednesday Friday and make them full days

what is going to be the best for my

child to transition from being at home

with mom to going to a class environment

with complete strangers and adapting

well obviously every child is different

I'm well aware but just in their

professional opinion what is the best

way for him to for him to transition as

comfortably as possible and then my last

extra question is have they ever had a

student which first language was not

English and how do they handle it

I would assume they're gonna answer me

yes probably they have had kids that

spoke Spanish at home I'm not too

worried about that because I am teaching

him a lot of English words he's

bilingual at this point but he's going

to be trying well soon he does know a

couple of Turkish words here and there

but Dutch is definitely the first

language then English then Turkish so I

also would prefer them to not teach in

any other language at this point one of

the schools does teach Spanish as well I

am going to see if that's something that

I can you know decline politely because

I feel like maybe a fourth language at

this age is going to be a little bit

confusing for him so guys I know that

this was a long video but if you're a

first-time mom I hope you wrote down

some questions and I hope got some extra

information if you have any questions

for me that you think I should add to my

list please let me know because I'm

going to drop this video on Tuesday

that's my goal because I'm going to be

touring the schools at the end of the

week and so I can add all the questions

that you

are going to hopefully give me

additional to the lists that I already

have so thank you so much for watching

this super long video and I hope it

helped you as much as it did me and then

I will see in the next video bye guys