hi everyone its crystal and today I want

to talk to you about tracking your

menstrual cycle and why it's so

important track in your cycle is a

really easy way to get to know your body

better tracking can also offer you

insight on any emotional or physical

patterns you might experience throughout

your menstrual cycle there are many

different ways you can track your cycle

the most popular is by using a cycle

tracking app on your phone if you are

new to tracking your cycle I highly

suggest using the clue app it's easy to

use and free now with saying that I'm

not sponsored anything clue up and has

no idea who I am but their app is really

really great it's very well rounded and

I really really recommend it for

beginners it's a great place to start

now if you're not interested in using an

app on your phone that's totally okay

the next best thing for you would be to

use a journal if you enjoy writing this

might be a great option for you

journaling is very therapeutic and it

really really lends well to menstrual

cycle tracking because then you can

track whatever you want I personally use

an app and a journal because I'm

obsessed with tracking but that's

totally not something you have to do or

it could be something you do just find

whatever works for you because if you

find what works for you you're gonna

stick with it so when it comes to

tracking your cycle what should you

track so I suggest tracking the first

day of your period as well as the last

day of your period so you also want to

track your period flow was it heavy or

light did you have any clots what color

was your flow and then as well as any

menstrual cramps or any pain that you

experienced I also suggest tracking any

cervical fluid changes so cervical fluid

or cervical mucus becomes more

noticeable around ovulation you might

see a little bit of a discharge in your

underwear so it's always important to

track that as well because it does

change throughout your cycle and it is a

completely normal thing so I think it's

really important to track that or just

be conscious of the sensations so the

next thing I suggest tracking is any

emotions you feel our emotions do change

throughout the month

obviously they change every day they

change throughout the day but it's just

really important to do like an overview

of how you felt every day I know for me

I like to track that when I journal at

night I just give an overview like hey I

felt really

like I felt really confident because

those feelings do change and it's

totally normal and when you start to

notice these patterns of feeling like

really confident in your follicular

phase and then maybe not feeling so

confident your luteal phase you can

start to understand that these are just

hormone shifts happening there's nothing

wrong with you like it's okay to have

days where you know you might feel super

great and then the next day you might be

like really annoyed at everything

it happens if you're having like drastic

changes or drastic shifts in mood then

that's when you would probably want to

talk to a health care provider and then

of course the last thing that I think is

really great to track would be any

physical sensations so yes that could be

like cramps but other things would be

like headaches or migraines or anything

kind of out of the ordinary that doesn't

really make you feel great so another

really important thing to track would be

your stress levels stress really affects

your hormones another thing you can

track would be your libido or your sex

drive of course illness is always a good

thing to track because illness can

affect your cycle as well so if you have

a cold or a flu or anything else going

on always good to track the dates when

you're struggling with that because

obviously in long term that can affect

things another thing you can track is

your hunger and your cravings now before

I get into that I just want to say that

cravings are completely normal it's

normal to crave calorie dense foods in

your luteal phase because during this

phase you actually burn more calories

because your temperature is higher so

it's totally normal to be hungrier and

the reason why I suggest tracking your

hunger or your cravings is because when

you start to track that you can start to

see these patterns and you can start to

understand the like I'm not crazy this

is just what happens in my luteal phase

like I am more hungry and then of course

you can prepare healthy good meals or

you can prepare snacks to keep you

satiated and it's just a great

supportive practice to get into because

then at the end of the day you

understand why you want to eat

everything now if you're a beginner all

of those things are great things to

track and I highly suggest starting to

track those things for a few months

before you add anything else in like

tracking your waking temperature

tracking your waking temperature is a

very common tool used in a lot of

fertility awareness based methods

however it's something that I would

suggest doing after you have a bit

a grasp on menstrual cycle tracking

already again this is not something you

need to do it is completely optional all

of the things I talked about before this

are like essential things you want to

track and then tracking your waking

temperature if you want to learn more

about your ovulation and your ovulatory

patterns would be a great thing to add

in but like I said before it's always a

good thing to start with the basics and

then build on top so I hope this video

gave you guys a lot more of like a

framework on how to track your cycle and

what are some essential things that you

should be tracking to get like the best

overview of any patterns that you

experience of course if you have any

questions please comment below there is

so much that you can learn from your

cycle it's such a great way to learn

more about yourself and it's such a

supportive self-care practice so I

really encourage you to be curious and

track your cycle and see how it impacts

your life please give this video a like

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to track their cycle and please

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to me and I really really appreciate it

as always I just want to let you guys

know that your cycle matters so much and

I am here for you so I will see you guys

in the next video bye