How to Train your Puppy 6 Tricks in 1 Day!

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today I'm gonna show you how to Train

lots of different tricks with Goldie the

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excellent way to refine and build

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natural way imaginable oh my goodness

Goldie you need a lot of communication

building you can clearly see that Goldie

is a pretty energetic 4 month old puppy

we're gonna start with kind of a

challenging one we're gonna see if we

can get Goldie to speak or bark when we

ask if this can take a little bit of

time to teach but I noticed that she

vocalizes every once in a while so I'd

like to see if we can get her to do it

on cue in order to teach your dog speak

you want to have something that they

really want I'm using small pieces of

cooked turkey today and you want to just

kind of entice them with it until they

vocalizes it to say hey I want that I'm

just gonna wait

this can take several minutes or even

several training sessions depending on

your dog when she just jumps up at the

treat I'm going to ignore that even

though she's offering all sorts of great

behaviors like sit and lie down I'm

really ignoring those right now and I'm

focusing on the trick that I want to

train at this moment which in this case

is some type of vocalization you can

just see her thinking she's like wow

what a puzzle here I've got to figure

this out even if your dog looks like

they're just thinking about barking go

ahead and reward them to give them that

feedback good did you see that there was

no sound but she clearly is on the right

track that was really good yes good that

one was a little bit louder I could

almost hear a bark in there yes good oh

that was awesome did you hear that it

was quiet but she did it and nothing

we're gonna give her a jackpot reward

and we're gonna come to life and make

things real exciting to let her know we

like that now let's go for another

success immediately yes I'm still gonna

reward even though it's not quite as

loud so I want to keep the energy

positive here and enthusiastic for

Goldie yes fantastic Oh speak good so

now she's really getting it the light

bulb has completely gone off and I'm

gonna withhold all rewards at least for

right now unless she regresses until she

actually vocalizes and gives me a good

enthusiastic bark Oh speak notice how

I'm saying speak just after she barks

and I'm doing it very deliberately Oh

speak yes now let's see if it works

speak oh yes all right good job it is

common for dogs to start barking a lot

once they figure out that good scent of

the treat so get in the habit of not

rewarding when they start barking when

you don't ask for it we've spent you

know about five minutes six minutes or

so working on this now Goldie needs to

learn the obligatory rollover of course

or play dead we'll see which one she

accelerates with now you might have

noticed she's got a really good lie down

that's a prerequisite to this do you see

how her hips are shifted over here that

tells me I need to go this way because I

want to go with the path of least

resistance I'm just gonna lure her

look at that lore look how close it is

do you see that she's a little reluctant

there to go into a rollover and that's

normal a lot of dogs don't like going on

their back at first now look at the hips

they seem like they might want to go

this way so I'm gonna just go with

whatever she gives me

yes I'm gonna reward that right there

I'm gonna actually stop and reward her

right there because that's farther than

she's gotten she's still lanky and

klutzy at this age as she's being lured

here I'm actually letting her nibble

microscopic pieces of this big chunk and

I'm letting her really just kind of

nibble ever so slightly at it to really

keep her enticed by it really we're all

over that was really good can we go back

the other way

Goldy is just such a high energy dog

that doing training like this is really

giving her something to do and it's

satisfying her brain and this can really

help your overall training because even

though it's roll over and speak that

we've been working on that's really

helping us understand her and learn

about her she's getting to know how we

communicate so that's why these are

great this one's a really easy trick

that most of you ought to be able to

teach your dogs and a single training

session really let's see if we can teach

Goldie to spin around in a circle with

spin initially it's something like this

it's a real obvious lure you'll find

that spin will evolve into something

like that a faster lure until eventually

you can just say hey spin but that's

probably gonna take a few training

sessions so we'll not press that one

right now so at first you're just trying

to get them to follow that Lord yes

notice I'm saying yes the moment she

really does what I want or even it's on

the right track yes of course every dog

needs good manners so I think Goldie

needs to know how to shake hands I've

trained shake in so many different ways

and I have no idea which method Goldie

is gonna respond to so let's find out

she'll need to be in a sit for this

she's trying all the tricks she jumped

that time so I'm not gonna reward I'm

looking forward to just lift one foot in

any way that she wants to I'm gonna

actually keep her up here because she

has a tendency to want to lie down so

I'm gonna keep her up here I'm gonna see

if she moves her paw in any way yes

right there she just lifted that paw he

was attempting to kind of jump up or

something but I preempted it by

jumping in with that yes and saying hey

like that coming for a lot of dogs to

pick up their leg and try to clawed at

your hand if it's got a treat in it so

that might be a good guess right there

that's what I'm looking for so keeping

it right about here so it's easy for her

to lift up her paw you see that shake

very good and I'm kind of ever so

slightly opening my hand to reveal a

little bit more of that turkey every

time that she succeeds that way I can

give it to her instant yes even though

it was the other paw I'm gonna go ahead

and reward there now I'm closing my hand

again yes let her nibble good yes now

I'm gonna say shake when she does it


shake shake good girl

let's do something a little more

crowd-pleasing maybe I'm gonna take her

leash off for this one Goldie I suspect

you are an athlete at heart so we're

gonna see if we can teach you how to do

an over and over is where your dog jumps

over something in this case it's gonna

be my legs you want to be cautious when

you're working with young dogs on

athletic things like this but this is

low enough that I think it's probably

just fine for Goldie so right here can

we see how she's looking at me she's

looking fuze she's like this speak work

that's not what I'm looking for

yes over good all I'm looking for here

is just a nice enthusiastic effort to go

over my legs it's okay

yes good job since she's doing that so

will yes did you see how she put some

jump into that one rather than just

walking over my legs yes so that was a

great one good girl over perfect did you

see that that was amazing she actually

started oh she didn't again these things

get me really excited she's demonstrated

many times now that she's able to kind

of really put some pep in her step that

one I'm not gonna reward me because she

kind of climbed over me over Wow

boy that's big air over good and you

could kind of read her eyes there she

was really committed to it so I decided

to say over just prior to her jumping in

order to really communicate to her what

that word means normally I wouldn't

throw so much on a dog in literally one

training session here but she's doing so

well her attention spans holding up and

I think that's in huge part because

we're keeping the

is really positive and upbeat for her

and finding reasons to reward even small

successes but I'd like to see if she can

learn how to crawl your dog's gonna need

to know how to lie down you can search

my youtube channel if you're not quite

there yet so we'll put her into a Down

and again we're just gonna kind of

Lourdes look at this guy's are you

kidding me look at that so I didn't even

have a chance to explain what I was

doing there but let's see if we can do

this again

I'm just luring her very slightly and

I'm watching those legs inch along crawl

good and I want to keep those back legs

down good

crawl good and crawl excellent and if

you go too fast you'll find that they

come up watch see if I go too fast she

actually comes up that's what we don't

want that's why it's important to go

really slow crawl looks fantastic the

actual real time of today's lesson was

approximately 1 hour we were able to

keep that sustained attention from goal

view which is really exciting that's

because I didn't get frustrated and I

kept her from getting frustrated by

finding even the smallest reasons to

reward along the way that's really the

key to getting these long training

sessions goal be really earned it today

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