Training my DUCK Dog | Pt. 1

hey everybody so I'm gonna start a

series on training my lab rocky I kind

of hesitated on doing this because I

didn't think people would be interested

but whether or not if you guys are it's

something I like to keep personal record

for myself so I'll put it up on YouTube

and if anybody likes to enjoy it and

follow along then you're more and

welcome to and appreciated it if you

subscribe if you want to see these

videos they'll get me there's gonna be

more later on obviously cuz he's he's

almost 10 weeks on Tuesday he'll be 10

weeks so I'll show some clips here right

now here in a second and you can watch

those and see what's so far what we've

done but definitely there's gonna be a

lot more so I have decided to I have

picked who I'm gonna use to train my dog

Chris Aikens methods and I got the gun

dog basics here you can see this that I

put it up here there's another fellow

youtuber that I had talked to an emailed

and I appreciate them a shout out to him

and I'll put the name of his channel

right here if you wanna check it out he

has some really cool videos on there

with training dogs so be prepared to see

it I really I'm excited I think he's

gonna be an awesome hunt dog and here's

some clips right now you can check it

out so here he is 6 weeks old got this

picture from my dad and then we did a

little training here at first my first

calm he's just you know just for fun

just let him kind of play around with

the green until then he's 7 weeks here I

just kind of keep an a tracking log of

everything's out there with my daughter

kick him back in treat like a little

baby and also my wife sitting here

treating him like a baby but anyways he

loves to be around now he's getting a

little bigger here 8 weeks I'm just

playing some simple fetch with the

tennis balls but they said just make it

fun not no hard work I'm just like I

said I'm just copying what Chris Aiken

said to do just fall in his methods I

know some out there may say all this you

gotta do this and this and this but I'm

just gonna stick with him if you have

comments that's fine if you wanna say

anything and I don't take no offense to

it I always have my ears open always

willing to learn

all right we're working on Rocky's

create training he is a little over nine

weeks right now at this point so she's

gonna show you some of those great

training here now it goes in the kennel



you know

we're gonna work on some fetch right now

and still nine weeks do it a little bit

the tennis ball sit sit

so I'm just getting the ball farther and

farther out there for him he's doing

really well he's getting out there fast

and he's keeping an eye on her a little

bit better so anyways thanks for

watching guys don't forget to Like and