How to Potty Train a Lab Puppy – 6 Tips to Quickly House-Train Your Labrador

how to potty train a lab puppy six tips

to quickly house train your Labrador

when your labrador puppy moves into his

new home he still has a lot to learn so

how to potty train a lab puppy number

one apply praise and avoid punishment

your Labrador assumes that he can leave

his business anywhere outside his bed so

you shouldn't punish him or yell at him

when he has made his business into the

apartment after all the puppy does not

know that he is doing something wrong

he cannot associate your negative

reaction with his behavior in the worst

case he will do his business later in

secret looking for a new place in the

apartment if he hides under the sofa for

fear of this cleaning and disinfection

will be difficult however if you catch

your little Labrador in the act you

should react by saying no and take him

outside as soon as possible if he does

his business outside the praise should

be generous small treats are good but

you shouldn't give too many number to

observe the puppy and write down his

behavior if you want to get a labrador

puppy house trained quickly you have to

observe him closely

because even with puppies you can see

signs before they have to make a deal if

the dog is running up and down and is

looking for a suitable place on the

ground with his muzzle you should take

him outside immediately even if he

abruptly stops playing whines or beeps

you need to be alert the more often you

are able to recognize the impulses and

move your puppy while an upcoming

business to the garden the faster you

can get your puppy house trained

number three set an alarm and be

reachable if you want the labrador puppy

to be housed straighten quickly

discipline is required a puppy won't be

able to hold out for long and has to be

given the opportunity to go out early in

the morning and at night in the first

week the puppy will not alert you to go

outside by itself that's why you should

set an alarm

several times a night it is also

important that your dog can reach you so

that he can wake you up at any time this

is the only way he learns that you can

let him outside if necessary number four

use a kennel as a sleeping place if the

little Labrador is unobserved he chooses

his own place for the toilet because the

attention cannot always be completely

given to the dog accidents can happen

quickly especially at night this is a

problem for many puppy owners when the

owner is asleep or distracted the puppy

leaves their sleeping place on their own

therefore it can help to let him sleep

in a kennel

if the labrador puppy recognizes his

kennel as his sleeping place he will not

be into the box he would rather draw

attention to himself so you can always

let him out at the right moment it

should not be used as a kennel to get

rid of the dog or even get it out of the

way instead the box should be placed in

a room where you are saying and where

you can see the dog well number five

stay calm and don't distract the puppy

if the puppy is in the garden you should

not distract him after all he should

understand what you expect him to do

when you play or talk to him he gets

excited and forgets that he's actually

here for some other reason if you want

the little labrador puppy to be

house-trained quickly the environment

should be low in irritants for example

no dog toys or bones should lie on the

meadow number six choose a place in the

garden and have dog excrement bags ready

in the beginning it should not be too

complicated for the smaller lab puppy at

best you have a garden where he can make

his business directly with a very

anxious puppy it is also important that

the chosen place is not directly on a

busy road the best place to do this is

behind a garden fence or on a quiet

meadow if you don't have your own

property you should always have dog

excrement bags ready if your puppy is on

the sidewalk you should not interrupt

him or hectically move on it is

important that he does it outside and

in the apartment therefore he should

also be praised then if you want to know

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