Puppy Agility Foundation Part 1.mpg

here here she is quick haha you're about

to watch two series of videos that have

to do with puppy agility its puppy

foundation this is what we teach here

martinis ranching the puppy agility

classes and its prerequisite before the

puppies can move on to actual foundation

work you'll see that a lot of the things

that are in the puppy foundation do

repeat themselves in the foundation

class but what it is it's supposed to

concentrate on helping our puppies learn

how to work with us while still having

fun so she's going to be learning all

the basic moves and skills in order to

move on to foundation one this is the

series of two videos that you'll see

here on I have several good luck toys

for her to play with I have lots of

treats that one treats that going

pockets and treats that can be thrown I

have a variety of those and I have my

clicker so I'm ready to go I'm gonna go

ahead and go get her and we're gonna go

through the stations of the things that

she knows now this video is going to be

representing what it is that we should

have in place before we actually start

agility training so and as I go along

I'll tell you if I feel comfortable that

she's mastered this or if this is

something we need to work on more before

we move on at seven months old she

should not be doing a lot of agility

she's still not full-grown her growth

plates are not closed so I don't want to

rush into it but I can at least get a

feel for where we're at and make sure we

have a good solid foundation on her

before we start actually trying to put

together jumps or sequencing or any such

things alright so the first thing that's

important in in agility is to have a dog

that has toy play she's like oh my gosh

that one's a yucky one I react oh and

she should be able to tug on anything

that I present her so this is a yucky

toy this is one of seventh toys and

it's wet it's yucky it's a rope and it

has fur that's really matted and yet

then another favorite toy but she'll do

it because I'm asking her to do it oh

good girl now there has to be some

things in place in order for toy play to

work and the first thing is is that they

should be able to grip grip when you ask

him and let go when you ask about my

turn to the side you can see ready yeah

need itching oh you're gonna turn get a

tune hey all right

good girl okay yay got a girl that a

girl the other thing is is that they

must bring it to you it's not going to

have a toy if they won't bring it to you

so I'm gonna let her have this mmm let

her have it let her play with a premie

Center pity she should bring it all the

way up good girl ever thought up now I

thought oh my gosh that was awesome

look girl toy play is very important but

there must be rules

in order to make it work

yes good girl okay so there we go good


Brooke this is actually a shaping game

but it also teaches collection she can

actually get going pretty fast buddy

good girl one of the problems that dogs

have is is that rear-end ends up popping

up behind them throwing out we want her

to be able to collect up and get in

these boxes pretty easily



very good girl

very in between in between it the

exercises I actually do let her do

things that are very easy like hand

touches yeah good girl

and also one of the more important

things that they have to learn is how to

line up to your body little excellent

job I don't care that she sits I just

want to make sure she's going the same

direction as me okay

so the next thing that we're going to

work on is getting up on the boxes this

is an all four paw exercise whereas

later you're going to see that we're

only gonna get two paws give a clicker

out good and you should be able to get

them to turn around on this box

following you and they should be able to

keep all those feet on they should never

turn away from you in these exercises

they should always be looking at you we

could even get her to line up on the box

good girl up go excellent

weena yay good girl

as we gonna have things start to move

she knows to get all four paws on that

what I'll do is I'll just make sure she

rocks back and forth shifting her weight

she needs to stay relaxed as she does it

if she stiff while she does this then

she's going to fall so we want to make

sure that she learns to she has to relax

to make this happen has a tough one huh

good girl

it's when we want to make it rock back

and forth good she should stay relaxed

as she moves okay you can see that she's

starting to get hot she's panting so we

don't want to push too hard on this okay

so for the wobble board there's two

things that we're looking for number one

that she can shift the weight yay good

girl she can shoot the way to the board

back and forth some dogs will actually

go to UM ding we'll go we'll do it on

their own I didn't train her to do that

I'm just training her to move while

while she's searching for her cookie


once they're good at this the next thing

to do is to actually have them bounce up

and down and they should relax while you

do it so she should not be panicking

because I'm doing this

side to side

good girl and she should be relaxed her

body's her joints should be relaxed as

she does this she shouldn't be um

struggling to keep her balance good girl

good girl

this is prerequisite for the teeter they

absolutely have to be high rates in the

next couple of rooms are stationary

games and I don't want her out in the

Sun for these these are not highly

motivating games but I want to keep her

cool and I want to keep her happy and

take her leash so she doesn't get

tangled this is gonna be the name game

all right so first things first

actually I don't want our to too high

value cookie are you maybe I have three

cookies in my hand I've got one I'm

gonna throw one that's high value for

coming and the other one is just one to

kind of get her in the game okay we're

gonna let her go down we're gonna say

see look girl actually she's backing up

side - be careful

she's she's focused so I'm just gonna

feed her

that's duration and we do reward for

duration if I can get her see good girl

all I'm doing is trying to get her look

at me on her name girl so what I'm doing

is I'm using a distraction and you can

actually do what we call a distraction

cookie for this ding yay good girl

excellent job okay so this is this is

the Ricoh on a very basic level I'm

gonna throw a cookie and it doesn't

matter you know I'm gonna let her

meander out there for that as soon as I

see that she's done crunching I'm gonna

call her name Hey yes good girl she gets

a very high-value reward for coming back

in she's getting a marinated chicken oh

yes her cookie that she's going out for

is just a dry kibble see yes good girl

excellent job we don't want to take the

meander income so be very careful good


my fault she was still chewing she did

look but I called too soon

see yes good girl very good excellent

yes good good oh very good so that's the

beginning of our Rico very good girl

okay the next thing we're gonna do is

back up now there's several ways you can

do this but Zelda has an automatic

backup and you can train this lots of

ways I actually did shape this good girl

and I'm trying to get her to go as far

out as I can get her yes

good girl and I throw the cookie to her

cuz I don't want her to come back to me

on the back for good girl for for the

for reward me almost running to the pole

good girl

hey good comeback media me oh good girl

excellent hainan awareness is key

especially for like in the weave poles

right good good girl excellent job