I'm gonna start off going over my golden

rules with you my golden rules really

focused on setting the dog up to be a

very well-behaved dog I always aim for

like well-behaved before well trained

meaning who cares if you have a dog that

like shakes rolls over does every trick

in the book if you can't get your dog to

listen to you you know when you're out

places that's pulling on you you know

this kind of adds more stress what I

always aim to do is like get your dog to

listen to you the first time every

single time

what I always say is that if you were to

teach your dog one thing it should be

focused if you always have your dogs

focus you could get your dog to do

anything and you can prevent your dog

from doing anything and that's something

that I see is just so lacking you know

focus is basically what I do for my

service dog training you know if you see

service dog all they're doing is

focusing up on their handler right and

and if we work on that focused piece

obviously it doesn't have to be as

strict you know with every dog it just

goes so so far so that's really what I

aim to do and it's break the

stubbornness and just you know get you

and your dog on the same page so my

number one rule is to only ever say her

name positively so if you do have to

tell her no don't use her name with it

ah sure one because it's going to be a

lot more effective if you're trying to

get her attention when you want to say

her name negatively like when she's

getting excited outside about the dog

you know a lot of owners that just are

natural and it seems to be like truffle

no don't do that

no what's more motivating that dog that

has her attention are you telling her no

screw you you know why should I look at

you it's a number one thing that I saw

with like dogs who bark constantly at

the door with like people or dogs walk

by and I

what I end up seeing at every single

session is like naturally you know

wheats just saying no don't do that

truffle no don't do that she's not going

to respond to that at all just making

that simple switch to truffle she's

gonna make oh something better over

there it goes so far so I use the name

as a command to focus basically so

truffle we focus up here yes and

obviously she's going to be a lot more

likely to do that with a positive tone

hi dick

yes down yes yes these are puppy

push-ups she's going down usually takes

a while to click and from going from

down to up yes that's not natural she's

probably never had to do that but she

got it instantly you are still Simard

good girl you could set the record for

push-ups I think oh good

down you're outside you have to be more

motivating than anything out there

that's very hard to do the only way that

you have a chance of doing that is if

her name is always positive so basically

it's the same kind of thing for recall

down the road if like she's off leash

somewhere there's another dog a squirrel

something you don't want her getting at

and if you say truffle come if sometimes

her name is a negative thing like she's

in trouble she's gonna look at you like

am I in trouble or is it a good thing

not gonna chance it I'm gonna go and get

that squirrel I'm gonna go and chase

that dog so you want her name to

basically you don't want to give her any

room to think about like am I in trouble

it's like Oh truffle I can treat over

here it's positive always so that she's

always going to respond

to it I doubt that you say her name

negatively very often at all that

doesn't make a lot of sense yeah yeah

and it's never like for my dogs everyone

always asked how I have them so good at

recall there and any situation they'll

come no matter what

instantly honestly I never did any kind

of recoil exercises with either of them

there's a lot you can do it just started

with their name was positive from day

one and now it's like when they hear

their name they're like oh instantly and

just adding that come on to its same

kind of concept so it goes so far with

everything down so my next rule is that

if you do have to tell her no because

positive reinforcement isn't all

sunshine and rainbows you do have to

tell a dog when they're doing the wrong

thing but you have to redirect her to

what's right so redirection is key to

shaping behavior and with redirection

it's not so much for that instance that

you are you know sort of scolding her

for it's for the next time so what I

mean by that is let's say she's chewing

on this um with every single bad

behavior you have to think about why

she's doing it so she's chewing on that

because she has a need to chew so that

knee doesn't go away you know and that's

what people were just very quick to say

no don't do that well it's telling her

no she still is gonna have that need so

the next time you know she's probably

gonna stop if you just tell her no

because you can she can tell you're


the next time she has that knee to chew

however she's gonna go right back to

that so that's where the redirection

comes into play no you don't you and

that you can't say no don't use her name

with it and then give her what is

appropriate to chew on and I'm sure you

did a lot of that was like you know when

she was a puppy it should be good about

not getting into things anymore yeah

pretty much whenever the only thing that

I have a problem with this show like

kind of like investigating like the

trash can or like my bathroom when I'm

gone at work but I feel like that's just

cuz she's bored and yes it always when

you're gone yeah so it's like she knows

now it just knows when she can get away

with it yeah yeah does she have access

to come inside or is the trash out so

it's just in the bathroom like that oh

okay so she'll get like really like

tissues or whatever okay so when you're

gone at work does she have access in the

whole place yeah

oh okay and you'll just leave the patio

open as well exactly yes if she needs

have like a little party path back squat

it Ohio sushi and that's really all that

she gets into yeah that's really good

yeah yeah even if that I'm just starting

to shut the door now yeah just don't

give her the opportunity to do it

yeah things like that less exactly

that's exactly what you have to do is

just take away the opportunity

because you know really to correct

things you have to catch her in the act

of it even if you come home you're

scolding her you know she's gonna be

upset or he's just gonna no it's gonna

seem like she knows what she did but um

she cannot dogs are not that intelligent

to actually connect the two in their

brain like oh I'm getting yelled at for

what do you do for a treat

over here

you can do it good much just like

there's a fire there there's that what

do I do

yes good girl

so even things like that even though I

think like if you are sitting down at

their level you're kind of inviting them

but if you didn't want her jumping up

you know instead of just like no get off

you get what you want because she gets

off but you want to tell her what to do

the next time she wants to do that sit

in front of me for my attention ladies

dead shuffle is there anything else

Oh jumping when people come in right she

was a jumper a little bit a little bit


same with whenever she's out and about

walking on the leash she'll do that too

she'll jump up on people or another

thing that I've noticed is that every

time we come back from a long walk in

this stretch once we're in the parking

lot she'll bite the leash and start

pulling it's always in the same spot so

it's like oh hey like I don't want to go

back yet but really you know yeah but

it's all always in this like home

stretch right here the parking lot chill

got the leash and then she'll start

pulling got it it's kind of weird

yeah yeah and there's you know other

times she does it too but mostly that's

like okay got it we'll work on that too

um so with with that we can teach her

like a drop in command as well as what I

would do is when she is chewing on it

stop direct her to sit and refocus on

you huge thing was like focusing on the

walk is what I find like dogs who are

chewing once we just do a little bit

with like leash training we chuckle and

work on the focus so if you get to that

spot and you're like okay I know she's

gonna want to let's redirect her to

focus and just try to keep her focus you

got an itch

hey hey and have her focusing that whole

time like this even if it's on the treat

in the beginning this will make more

sense when we do like leash training

she's not if she's focusing on you she

can't multitask so she can't be like

fighting at the leisure so that's

something that I would try to do and

that's one thing that I say to you know

a second you go out the door most dogs

naturally have 0% focus on their owners

so just trying to get her to like check

in and make that eye contact solves

majority of problems on the leash um off

so there's that sit yes so what do you

usually do when she jumps up just tell

her off

yeah or what I'll do is I'll just stop

and I won't walk and I kind of just like

sitting you know stay in there for a

little bit till she kind of shows that a

little bit okay okay yeah jumping or

which is biting about music but either

or like jumping up or pulling on the

leash yeah so I just stop and then I

just don't walk until she women once I

keep one side you know start walking and

she'll be the same thing okay

and that's where what I would say is

like okay she stopped aimed to have her

focus hi drop foot up here focus on me

this is your only job on the walk yes oh

yes good um in this huge jumper like if

you have something that she wants okay

yeah um so we'd be jumping yeah what you

want to do is turn redirect her to sit

yes give her the treat when she's

sitting I can already tell you now she's

gonna be us try to be a step ahead of us

and know that jumping up leads to being

told set which leads to treat the really

intelligent dog that clicks with them

and I can already tell you it's gonna

meet her so what you can start doing you

know when you first get home definitely

redirect her off and sit because she's

jumping up you know

you have to think about why she wants

your attention she wants what's in my

hand how do you get that instead you sit

and she already redirected herself so

she already knows so with that um so

when you're just you know when you're

working with her like this

I'm really gonna tell you like the trick

to be a step ahead of her with that thin

is going to be much yeah she already did

it man

you've never redirected her to sit after

the jumping right that's amazing how

quick she just picked that up truffle so

right there is the time when dogs are

digging in a bag that a lot of times

owners are like truffle and that's where

you move a truffle over here it's better

over here it's like what's more

motivating that bag of treats are you

saying truffle she's not gonna pay

attention to you um so with the jumping

up when you're getting home and it's

more just like an excitement thing

that's when like you do want to redirect

to tell her to sit praise her give her

attention when she's sitting she wants

your attention see you want to tell her

jumping up isn't how you get my

attention but truffle

over here

yes but sitting is so don't even say hi

to her um you know when she's jumping up

don't pat her cuz that's reinforcing

that behavior so make sure that you get

her to sit and what I would try to do is

when you walk in like as you see her

coming try to direct her to a sit

immediately it's gonna be hard and

that's something that takes a little

while but um with everything you just

have to be consistent with that and a

redirection gets really repetitive it's

like what is it gonna click how you get

my attention is just sitting immediately

but it will the other exercise you can

do yeah um is hold something like that

so I'm gonna set her up to to want to

jump on me hi no you know ignore you off

sit yes and I'll get to that yes in a

second but yes is my clicker word so yes

you still want to praise her for what

she did right off sit yes try again

I'll give her the yes only if I have to

redirect her if she goes straight to

this sitting I'll give her a treat Oh

sit yes

hi truffle ah sit yes try again hi yes

now she gets both so it's just

motivation to have the full self-control

immediately because what ends up

happening is if she gets the treat no

matter if she sits first and has full

self-control off sit yes or she gets the

treat for jumping up and then sitting

why should she control herself fully

this is something you can do if she

likes to do that encounters or anything

like that to trouble yes good I just

practice that I like to do this hi he's

tuned up

I have to get her standing up to see

what she's gonna actually do she was

like honesty sitting good girl you are

sitting yes so I'll give it to you

so then as far as yeah we're jumping up

practice a for sure because that will go

really far with the jumping but always

redirect is there anything else she does

that you're wondering how do I redirect

her what do I redirect her to things

will probably come up yeah that's that

yes very good good girl

um so my next rule is to not overlook

when she is behaving and it sounds you

know positive reinforcement sounds

simple you praise them for what you want

them to repeat what you like but a lot

of times the good behaviors are often

overlooked for instance you know as a

puppy if she's chewing on that we're

very quick to tell her no if she does

just going to chew her antler it's like

oh thank god that's what she's cheering

on I have like five minutes to not hover

over her you know and worry about what

she's doing so you want to make sure

that you're feeding into like yes that's

what I want you to chew on dogs forever

want to be praised for what they're

doing right intelligent dogs and I don't

think she has this personality so to

speak as to like be stubborn but

intelligent dogs tend to know what

they're getting negative attention for

and they go and do that because

attention is attention oh this is my

next rule yes down is to never repeat a

command have you heard this before

okay so this is super important because

on average I would say 99% of owners

repeat a command three to five times

before the dog actually does that does

what you're asking him to do so what I

mean by that is down of course you do it

right away

so let's say let's do this

sit right here they would say it sit sit

sit how many times I say that four so

and that's you know it's just human

nature to keep repeating it until she

does it so what that tells her is if I

tell her to sit yes four times the next

time that I command her to sit she's

gonna think I don't have to sit until

I'm told four times or let's see how

many times she'll say it before she just

gives up so you want your dog to think

I'm gonna say this once and I mean it

I'm gonna follow through with that and

you need to do it after one time um so

what this does it just makes her sit at

she's like after the first time every

single time and that's what you want you

want to tell your dog calm once and she

comes you know you don't want to have to

sit there and play that game like oh how

many times are you gonna say it so dogs

have the mindset of thinking the longer

that I push this down are you gonna fly

and then the more likely they are to

give up and they're 100% right most the

time if you say sit sit 20 times and she

doesn't it's like forget it

I didn't want me to sit anyways so you

have to switch that mindset to let her

know okay I was coming in to do

something once I know I'm gonna have to

do it so the faster that I do this the

faster I can get back to whatever I want

to do so along with saying something

once is that you have to follow through

with what you ask her to do and that is

super huge and especially when we go

outside like the focus aspect and asking

her to do things she's not going to want

to because she's gonna want to get

distracted by things you know so falling

through a super-huge

and so what the command once if you

still have her focus all it takes is

patience and reinforcing the hand

gesture down

Trussell so if you lose her focus you

can repeat her name or any kind of sound

to refocus her so he was a perfect

example truffle so I'm going to redirect

her back over here like like that over

here I'm still not gonna repeat that

command yes good so there naturally

someone would probably say it I mean at

least a few times you know so that's

what's really important is like I said

it even if you get distracted by the fly

you still have to do it um so that's

that's what's gonna go very far down yes

good and when I deal with the down what

you can start doing now sit it's kind of

weaned off yes

the luring so what I'll do is try it up

here down give it a few seconds to let

it click

if it's not clicking I'll go a little


yes she's like I know there's a treat

there yes good girl and I am all for

treats treats treats in the beginning

stage of training get her to think her

name means it's rate down means a treat

con means a tree everything means a

treat especially outside to shift her

natural focus from being distracted to

up here shoots are amazing but you have

to wean off of the treats in the right

way so that that same focus is ingrained

no matter if you're holding a tree or

not and so many people down yes good job

so many people um used treats treats

treats and then they're like okay you

got all of this I'm not going to use

treats at all anymore and quit the

treats cold turkey and I always say it's

just like if your boss where to tell you

I'm not gonna pay you for your job


one day like what motivation would you

have to do anything she's like no thank


truffle down

to see if she'll do it without it hand

gesture no go back to that

yes good to see when you're weaning off

of like the luring you just try the

hardest thing first let it click give

her a few seconds to try to let it click

if it doesn't then you can slowly go

more and more so often like when I find

people that dogs know how to lay down

it's like oh I've never tried that I

always just you know touch the floor I

didn't even know that it would click

from doing it up here or just saying it

verbally and the dog knows down

and this is gonna be really good just

like brain work for her you know I'm

gonna see what I say

yes good girl I bet you'll get it oh

you'll get it by today you're so smart

so what I used to write clicker word is

yes you've probably heard me say it um

so it's just very specific you know to

the training and you don't usually just

say like yes by itself a lot so she


so right now pair it with the treat the

other thing that I love the clicker word

for is teaching and prolonging focus so

so many people will ask me like how do

you get dogs focus my dog has an

attention span of a fish like nothing so

a dog is never going to just be like oh

I'm gonna focus on my owner you know

he's there there's so many better things

to do like we have to teach her that she

has the focus she doesn't know so

eventually what I like this for is

truffle with every single command that

we'll do we'll teach her to hold

positions because another issue is like

okay my dog does it but then goes right

back to you know whatever she wants so

I'm gonna tell her sit yes

seven giver it at seven because you want

to try to catch her before she totally

loses it but you want to try to push it

every single time so now this time I'm

gonna try for eight saying that clicker

word immediately is really important

because if you don't people try to do

this and make the dogs wait from the

trees it's like once she said she's like

hello I sat right you know so you have

to tell her that yes you did it but you

gotta wait

Wow good does that make sense with the

focus and all that the clicker word okay

cool that will be good for you so now

we'll do is teach her oh wait do you

wake her wheat at the door at all no

okay so for weight this is gonna be

really really good for self-control um

what it's also really good for is just

before you go outside setting it up for

this focus because like I said typically

once even the leash goes on a dog

mentally is out the door there's gonna

be birds out there she's like already

thinking about it so you want to keep

that focus here what I always say is a

dog is that full self control physically

and mentally right here so she's at the

bottom of the scale this is what you

always want to aim for is that focus and

when she's seeing a bird or a dog for

instance what a lot of people see is

like oh she was totally fine on the walk

and then the dog came along and she lost

control when you see this though I see a

buildup so even just outside if you

think there's no distractions out here

it's very distracting yes there you go

um so she once she goes up the door it's

like what's this smell what's this oh

there's a bird there's a squirrel

so that's rising the more and that's

excitement is rising and also just

mentally the longer she's zoning out

away from you the further she is from me

mentally so that's building building

building the more excited she is and the

more that she's zoning out with

everything the further she is from self

control and the further she is from you

mentally so if she's looking at all the

birds smelling things and is up here

when a dog comes along she's this far

from self control so it's gonna be hard

for her to control herself

if yes you're being a good girl

you're very good girl truffle um if you

consistently bring her back down here

before that happens it's not gonna say

she's not gonna get super excited about

that job but it's gonna be a lot easier

for her to control herself

yeah wait

okay very good

so usually that takes a lot longer to

learn that's amazing and how she's

checking in with you first so it's

important with her is to make her get

that eye contact up at you before

because if she's looking out the door


she's mentally out there see you want it

here I mean how do you do it with her

now and you only want to say wait once

this is the hand gesture for wait

truffle shuffle we're outside let's go

and keep that hand gesture up the whole

time and make eye contact with her the

whole time sit wait wait hopefully once

I'm sorry yeah

come okay and you said okay okay yeah

okay so couple things

so one you want to if you're going to be

opening the door with this hand I know

it gets kind of confusing put the

gesture up the whole time so what this

does with these like longer exercises

people are more prone to say wait wait

wait because you want her to keep

waiting so if you have this up that's

what you're telling her the entire time

so that when she checks back in it's

like yes wait um any time while you're

opening the door her focus is like that

on the door kind of pause where you are

say truffle or

to refocus air up here remember what

we're doing because if she zoned out the

door the more you open it the more she's

going out the door so you want to try to

get her back to you mentally first again

she is like this is something like

self-control why's that she doesn't even

really need that much because she

willingly like sits there and waits

where most puppies are like pulling out

the door pawing at the door to go but

it's just a matter of keeping her with

us mentally like from the start

traps will come here the other thing so

I always try to aim for the whole time

if you think about try to keep her focus

on you the whole time so I'm gonna tell

her oh wait

any time she looks out that way I'm

gonna stop redirect her and see how I

kind of like bend over a little like or

put your hand there remember what we're

doing look at me before I say it okay

now though does that make sense okay

awesome I'd do it again yeah I can do it

and they know we're making it harder

we're out here

so just so wait with the left hand we're

gonna open it yeah keep your that

truffle and just keep redirecting her to

that as you go through the door not open

that's good that's good yep okay

I mean she's getting comfortable waiting

play only state one

get redirected up to you there we've got

a now keep going gotcha perfect

ah so start all over now if she doesn't

do it any triple


the first thing it nothing okay good her

not even knowing what she's supposed to

be waiting for she's doing literally

amazing cuz it's like she's never had

weight yeah wait for what

you know the door to open you to go out

and she's not even trying to go out when

you step out so that's a really really

good girl see that's what you can do

before going out for sure hidden you

want to smell everything don't you and

the other things you can use wait for

does she get excited for eating not

really she's like you know good like

crazy about treatment sometimes with

their food okay yeah it's just like all

laid down and sometimes she'll be super

excited and then there's other times

when she'll just like care less funny

yeah yeah it's really strange truffle

for treats to is do this I like to use

wait wait ah if she goes for it I'm just

gonna pull it back



okay good girl so it's on your command

like even if there's food in front of

your face on your command and you

obviously don't mean to do that every

time you give her a treat you know but

it helps her to associate what she's

waiting parts you like when we used at

other places but just really good for

teaching her to some self-control even

like if there's a pizza sitting here

that she's like okay I have to wait till

I'm come in not that she wouldn't go for

it but it just keeps her from like

thinking just gives her some more

self-control around you know food items

wait okay good so when she stops going

for it then you'll tell her okay what

you can do with the food bowl isn't like

the time she's super excited to eat as

you can tell her let's see I'm fully up

the food bowl this is it truffle wait

have the finger up lower the bowl

oh so what we're doing is trying to ship

the focus off of the bowl to here to my

finger or to me

so she gets up we started again truffle

I know we have you hooked confuse know

cuz you're on the lease week to take her

off at least truffle look here

and you would Eddie and so when you do

start over again you can say that wait

again but again only once travel wait

ah so you're here catching yourself a

little bit really good wait

and each time so get a little bit more

and more weight

so and it's super important that if she

starts to go a lot of people are like oh

okay and not on her watch you know she

starts to go even if you're just about

to say okay

start it over cuz you have to let make

her know that's whenever you say you see

Zach you see me Dad good girl truffle

said yes truffle wait

okay okay yes that's your magic were

just thank you my laughs good girl

travel that was really good