How to start a puppy on the e collar

you had callers all set to zero while we

need to do now is we need to figure out

the working level of the dog and when

the working level of the dog is this

this is the level at which the dog

deserves it but it's not distressed by

it okay so we want the dog to show that

they feel something alright but

obviously not to be vocalizing not even

to be twitch eating really we want the

dog to just show a very slight

acknowledgment that they feel it it can

be something as little as their earrings

a little bit maybe you know a slight

movement of the neck sometimes we see

their neck vibrate a little bit but you

don't want like I said any vocalizations

and anything like that

the levels are very very close you know

I want the dog to not be expecting

anything I want to just see the dog as

they are this is set to two I'm gonna

push the bottom and I'm gonna see does

the dog feeling and as you can see

there's really no sign there dog looking

at me and if you're not sure you know

just push the button again she's getting

the stimulation right now that's two and

I don't think the dogs feeling it there

so we'll go up to three that's three

yeah you can see kind of a slight

movement of the year and a little bit of

a vibration on the neck okay that's what

I wanted she's being skimmed right now

out there speed that's three okay not

much of anything all I'm going to do is

just walk around with the dog and every

so often I'm going to call the dog with

the dog's name

alright so Jo see that's what I'm gonna

say now all I'm gonna do is when I say

her name I'm going to push the button

I'm not going to push the button after I

say her name I'm going to push the

button and exact moment in which her

name starts to leave my mouth okay so

when I said the same zip my fingers on

that button at the exact moment

not after I can't stress that enough the

purpose of this exercise is not to make

the dog come to me she already somewhat

understands what the expectation is it's

simply to teach the dog what the stim is

all right so she needs to learn that

still in the context of a recall so all

of them who you do is I'm gonna say her

name and I'm gonna push the button and

I'm gonna wait two seconds if the dog

then starts to move towards me

immediately going to take my finger off

the button and start praising the dog

when she gets to me she will be rewarded

if the dog does not move towards me I'm

going to add the lead okay after two

seconds the whole bones for her to feel

the sit so I'm gonna say Josie Turner

you see she's a little bit hesitant

right the skin Oh cute and if you can

see she kind of did a little bit of both

there's you can come right away she kind

of went to augment so the stimulus on

continuously and then I have a little

bit of a leash tap and when the dog

started moving toward me baby craves

alright so once again Josie dinner and

again that at least happened that me

crazy okay and I'm having to add the

leash tap she looks at me but she

doesn't want to move towards me a part

of that is she's a little bit worried

about me which is normal Josie and you

can see that time I didn't add the leash

tab I'm not very good it's okay I push

the button for a couple of seconds

and the dog just feels the level of the

stimulation there's nothing wrong with

that that's the whole perfect that again

have after a two-count on that account

mildly one hit one two and then if she

doesn't move towards we were to add a

tap and it's not a huge tap it's just a

little tap to encourage the dog to come

towards me and then the whole time she

comes towards me it's big praise notice

I also move away from the dog so again

Josie right again just that move away

alright so this is gonna be much easier

for you with a dog that obviously you

have a relationship with but the

concepts are exactly the same

Josie misses on check tonight girl this

time I kind of marked out a little bit

of a distance and the reason I marked

that the distance is because she did the

half circle again but you can see the

moment when she decided I'm gonna come

in here right so again it was odd until

I saw the dog made the decision to come

to me Josie

and you can see the response is becoming

a little bit faster now

right it's becoming a little bit faster

the dog is showing you know a little bit

more understanding of the sister

threat which is the whole point I want

the dog to learn that the skin

I'm Alicia the same thing Chiaki Mosley

Josie very good and it's getting faster

and faster the reps are improving thanks