How to train a Rottweiler Puppy

hey what's up guys Tommy Grammer here

tonight I'm working with this little

Rottweiler puppy by far one of my

favorite breeds to work with she was

dropped off at my training school last

week and I've been doing some foundation

work with her and I thought I'd do a

video showing you guys how I work with a

young puppy at 13 weeks old well what

I'm going to be doing tonight is just

running her through some basic obedience

cues I'm going to introduce some nail

clippers I'm also going to introduce a

dog toy hopefully you can take home some

of these tips and implement them with

your own puppy alright let's go ahead

and get started all right guys let's get

started so have a few things here that

I'm going to be working with with Bailey

here I've got just a soft dog toy here I

have I can get them out some nail

clippers on my pocket that are currently

jammed in my pocket there we go smell

clippers which luckily right now she

doesn't don't mean anything to her so I

can go ahead and get her feeling good

about these and then I have some of her

kibble in my training pouch all right so

what I'm gonna go ahead and start doing

is I'm gonna put the toys and the nail

clippers away at first and I'm going to

be working with food so what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna just run her through

some some basic obedience he's like sit

and lay down and stay now I have been

working with her a little bit before so

she does know some of these cues so

right now I'll go and show you Bailey

down what a good girl

and I'm gonna give her some food good

girl okay now if your puppies makes


don't worry about it it's not a big deal

you have all the time in the world to be

correcting your dog for mistakes down

the road at this point if the puppy

makes a mistake all I do is just mark it

and try to let the puppy know that

they've done something wrong by marking

it but I don't physically correct the

puppy or anything like that I want them

to know that training is fun and it's

okay to make a mistake

Bailey place what a good girl good girl

okay good set

good notice also that I'm feeding often

alright that you don't have to be shy

about giving your dog plenty of food

right now also I'm using kibble anyway

so I would be giving it to her might as

well make her work work for it what a

good girl sit now if your puppy doesn't

know these cues then what you want to be

doing is you want to just start luring

them into position so what I would start

doing with a puppy they didn't know how

to sit or lay down or go to a place I

would go real slow with them do things

like lure in here into sit position

luring her into the down position

good I'm luring her in on to a place

good good girl

Bailey calm good girl so it's real basic

guys don't try to get a head up yourself

do things like down good girl okay once

we put some of those of be its cues and

we get going with those let's talk to

introduce some other things things like

nail clippers something that most adult

dogs really hate seeing so if you have a

puppy you can go ahead and start

introducing them now so I may do things

like picking up that Paul touching the

nail the Clippers what a good girl what

a good dog and then up feeding grab that

Paul touch the nail to the Clippers what

a good girl good girl

very nice look at that a good girl

pick up the Paul now to the Clippers

what a good girl so I'm doing these kind

of things that are going to prepare the

dog and prepare the puppy for how to be

a dog and how to be a good dog once she

gets older pick up the paw just the nail

to the Clippers what a good curl now

let's do some bite work puppies love to

bite on things so what you're gonna want

to do right now with a young puppy just

teach them how to give things to you so

I'm gonna let this puppy get really

excited about the toy let her chew on it

and bite it now watch this I'm gonna say

drop she doesn't know what dropped mean

so she holds on I'm gonna offer some

food good girl

what a good girl good you're excited

again let her bite it a little tog draw

good girl give her some food very nice

get the toy again good girl

drop good girl and we're gonna end with

just letting her have the toy what a

good girl while I hold her to show her

that I can hold you and doesn't mean

necessarily that I'm taking things away

from you always good girl all right

but maybe forming a session but I've

taught her a lot of things already one

that doing things like sit and lay down

that's fun for you I've taught her that

nail clippers are not scary so that

later on when we actually do need to

clip the dog's nails that she has a

positive Association of those nail

clippers also taught her that given

thanks to me is a good thing because

I've been taking the toy giving her food

and then give her back the toy so these

are just a few things that you can go

ahead and start implementing with your

puppy and I will see you in another