Cockatiel training: - 1 - The target

before going to the training video I

want to say that there are two

requirements first the cockatiel has to

trust you if she or he doesn't trust you

it's hard to get started first thing it

should be to raise the trust level I'm

not talking about it here but maybe I'll

make a video in the future about trust

levels and how to tell how much the

cockatiel trust you how to raise the

trust level but for now I'll just say

that she has to trust you not be scared

of you of your aunt so you you can't

just take a wild cockatiel and go with

this training another thing that's

really important is to find a good

motivation for the bird to cooperate

with you when you start the training you

need were to be very interested in you

and in what you are doing to do so you

need to find a special treat that you

really like so it's going to do anything

to get it when the training is done you

can slowly stop using your treat never

completely but you can reward the most

of the times just with Frazee's turtles

or screeches but at the start you really

need to find a good treat to

the bird many people use crackers

sometimes I do it too or I don't know

whatever you see the bird really likes

and isn't toxic it just has to be

something special that they can tell

from their own inside of their cage but

something they can get only from you

lately I'm using seeds because as you

see in their cage

there are pellets as much as they want

they can eat pellets all day if they

want but there are no seeds so they are

very desperated to get their seeds and

when they see I add them they're going

to cooperate it's not a bad thing

because seeds are not very healthy they

are very fat and it's good if they can

add them from me only a few times a day

while pallets are a nutrient and

balanced and everything so I just let

them stop themselves as much as they

want but when they see the seeds I just

get crazy maybe I'll talk more deeply

about motivation and diet management in

another video but for now it was just to

give those two requirements and now we

can start today I'm starting to train my

bird because target thing is probably

one of the first tricks you should teach

to your crocodile it's a very simple

trick and the bird does it out of

instinct so it's not

the long task but it's useful because it

can be used to teach other tricks after

that for example you can use the target

to teach the records because you will

see the target and we will come to you

because you want to touch the target and

then you slowly remove the target and

just keep the record or it can be used

to make obstacles or turn around or say

yes and no so it's a basic trick but

it's very important and it's also good

because the bird starts to understand

your method of training which is change

the queue waiting and then praise and

reward so to get started this is what I

use as target it's just speak and I

attach the little pier on the top of it

to make it more interesting to teach the

target you take out the target and put

it near the bird set and wait for the

bird to reach and touch the tip of the

target usually it's something very easy

and the bird does it immediately or

after a few seconds because they are

very curious and the target is very

interesting for them sometimes some

birds are a little afraid of new things

especially cockatoos so it might take a

little longer and you just have to wait

until the fear passes and then they will

do it so let's get started with target

target but I will target good target so

I had to remove the pier because they

were just stripping it away every time

so they already learned that this is the

target so I can use it without the pier


target target good now let's see how

poppy bas target you see it's very easy


target spin that spin

Bravo spin spin spin spin

come on come on


boo boo boo boo good see it's really

easy it's something you can train in a

few days at max so I really think you

should start with the target train right

away because it's very simple and

there's no limiting what you can teach

using the target and starting with that

we open the door for anything else good

boy I know I started with the Rico

training in the free flight video but it

was different because they were really

young chicks still unable to fly and so

it was easier to start with Rico but

with an adult Kaka jail I think it's

easier and faster to teach the target

first and the recall after that using

the target booboo good boy

so have a great day and I'll see you in

the next videos