hey guys welcome to the doghouse or

welcome back to the doghouse my name is

Jessica behind the camera and little

Zuko is who I have here in front of me I

wanted to do a little video on just the

kind of training sessions I do with him

I use his daily kibble throughout the

day not the whole time like this he does

get meals in a bowl obviously like a

normal puppy should I'm just because

he's also like he's our little runt guys

so we don't want any kind of issues

there but I don't use a lot of like out

of the ordinary treats for him because

that can also just cause puppies to have

some tummy issues so anyways I use his

kibble and right now it's before a

feeding so he's a little bit hungry he

did have breakfast so this is like lunch

my trying to keep him from getting in my

lap because I am on the ground like the

second hang on but so yeah we're gonna

go ahead and start this little quick

video of just a quick session before I

actually give him his full meal and yeah

show you guys what what I'm working on

with him and this is not super formal

it's a puppy so it's never going to be

and I like to keep it fun and just kind

of you're just basically setting or

building the foundation for what you

want so he's sitting here calmly he's

focused on me so I'd give him a piece

that's kind of what I start with I just

do a little focused training to him he's

just sitting there waiting and so yeah I

haven't introduced the clicker to him

I'm probably not going to at this point

he's doing fine without it I'm actually

more familiar with not using the clicker

so and won't be using the clicker for

this guy so one of the things I started

doing if you have seen it already in one

of the older videos seated in an older

video I started having him just do a

little bit of this and then I treat what

I like about this is he's just

engagement he's engaged with my hand

which I kind of like I like the idea of

being able to lure him no real commands

if I want to teach him spend one day I

could but I like to just and I also like

to feed him while he's standing just

because I don't he does a great sit and

that's all nice and pretty but I don't

want him to auto sit so I'm also I'm

treating him while he's up all four and

sometimes while he's moving where he

passed the point of like him learning to

lay down so but he just basically I

would do the same thing I just did where

I put my my hand to the floor and he

followed eventually he didn't at first

and it took a few tries and I'm getting

frustrated which is fine which is what

how they learned but now sit down oh you

can never pass afford down see you knew

his weight he's never done this but up

thing before that's very that's brand

new - new ok um no I don't typically

just I don't typically want to tell him

to sit and then down

I prefer down like that you don't want

him to get used to the idea of actually

like you have to sit or you down that's

not how it works

sit yes

and it's always good to to really refine

the command is to go from one position

to another a lot of dogs get used to

sitting and then downing what can they

down and then sit you don't do sit I

want you up there you go good boy

so I'm treating in a position I want I

was lazy sit down boy you know a little

let's go Gary get go because eventually

let's go it's gonna be you know walking

on leash moving so that's a movie in

following my hand let's go good boy this

is just a game it's all engagement and

I'm building the foundation for

everything else he's pretty good it

since I don't know I wouldn't say he

knows it

at this point we've been doing this for

weeks now down just because he follows

my hands around and kind of says

automatically anyways doesn't mean he

knows these commands that's not a dog

knowing commands all right so I'm gonna

try to get a little bit of him just kind

of next walking with me so I started

let's do this let's turn you this way I

like to teach here which is right in

front like this it's good and then I'm

actually gonna do FUS with him and as

you can see luring him is really

important and I was able to lure him

into a nice little heel which I'm going

to be teaching him booth it's just

easier so here's a different that's a

good here which also does front or

whatever and one of the booths there we


so it's not perfect he's a little out

with his but that's okay we're just

starting don't mind all the hair that

should go here quit

so first is luring like this by the nose

you do - just but now as you can see

just start to raise your hand a little

bit more still luring but you're not

right at the nose here sorry oops

Booth's so again I messed up the words

that doesn't really matter right now

to an extent because he's he doesn't

know the words I'm just just now

starting to get him to associate the

words with the position and that's not

gonna really really click for a while so

okay so then here boost boost and then

we're gonna walk just a couple steps in

the street that's Julie

so go let's go standing right next

that's it then just a little help

getting the idea to come near me that's

good to come to me okay

no clues this is basically setting up

the way you teach your dog to walk on

next eventually you just start to you

don't have your hand there and you have

it maybe Earley gonna go just up a

little bit and I'll go I'll stop and go

down and treati

we stayed looking at me and walking

right next this is a little harder

because trying to stay on the camera

zone but again I mean this isn't super

hard to just teach this position he

makes it look really easy but it's just

from the whole being able to lure a dog

is so important

alright so the other thing I introduced

to him which I found that he found very

fun connect in a few is the touchpad

again I've just introduced it to

associate this little eyes and feet with


not he doesn't know touch I don't even

know if I've actually taught him to I've

even said to touch before while he's

done it yet but we just do it as you can

see he does it pretty easily

this is just fun way to feed him part of

his meal because this kind of activities

touching textures and getting up on

stuff it's just it's good little

exercise for him and it's good

confidence-building to just have them

climb go around the object good boy and

then he puts just the two feet up there

and I've treated for that I've also gone

as far as to have him what you doing

actually I don't think we've done that

all for yet but we've gone as far as to

get all four up there you're there ya go

see that problem-solving that was really

cool for a puppy that is so good for any

dog and then sitting on the object but

he had to problem-solve there he wasn't

sure it also builds his confidence right

buddy good go open he comes that's good

good boy

so I would just lure him in or up onto

it boy

let's do all four I get my little Oh

Lord knocked out of my hand yeah jerk

let's do all four let's see how fast you

figure this out Oh Oh Lord

you gotta chew it with that mush mouth

it's funny he's doing this little sit

there you go get your tushy up there

come on

how funny he's trying to offer a sit

oh are you frustrated we're not gonna

give in to the baby and put the camera

down it's a little hard okay there

that's dirty up the lens mister man took

up ye Oh Oh Fred that's cool

but you did it you did it right up on

that good job and just treating i'm not

saying anything i'm not saying stay or

anything he doesn't know what that means

I get it I'm not yet said it I'm not

going to but again just reinforcing

duration and a position as cool that's

just the start of it okay he doesn't

know what okay means which is the

release word I use good cool it boy

okay so we'll end it there

that's good ended on a positive note yes

look I think you're getting a little

tired yeah keep your sessions really

short really really short so I'm gonna

end it there because that's a nice

positive note and the best thing is I'm

gonna add a two way good boy

so we'll end it in a game that's we

really like you love and that so he got

he did the the food portion and now

we're doing it in a I threw the toy out

because he was done mentally was getting

done after just a few minutes so yep if

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it's always fun and then I will see you

guys in the next video again this is

just my little session with a little

Zuko de man and then we'll go from there

right bud

alright guys thanks for watching bye