Puppy Training and Beginning Level Dog Training Classes at PetSmart

hi I'm Connie and I'm an accredited pet

smart pet trainer and this is my dog

bran we're here today to talk to you a

little bit about the importance of

training training classes are really

important because they really help our

dogs learn to socialize with others it

helps them understand and be able to

follow cues and really helps build trust

and develop a really great bond between

the two of you our puppy and beginner

classes are designed for dogs that have

really had no prior training they're

really great because they really set the

foundation for all future training with

your dog it helps with impulse control

socialization and really just helping to

build a great bond so for class you're

going to need to bring a four to six

foot leather or nylon leash a buckle

collar a head halter or harness a

variety of small bite treats and

something to carry the treats in also

know they're gonna be moving around

quite a bit with your dog throughout the

store so it's important to dress

comfortably so now that we have all that

out of the way

let's talk about what you're going to be

learning each week so in your first

class you're gonna be learning a lot of

foundational skills and these are really

important because they're gonna build

throughout the rest of the course you're

going to learn automatic focus hand

Target and sit so in week 2 it's all

about establishing trust we're going to

start out with a review from the prior

week and then we're going to start

learning how to loose leash walk our dog

we're also going to be doing pet don't

pet and this is a great activity this is

going to really help establish you as

the trusted partner for your dog week

free is all about controlling impulses

you will learn take it leave it and drop

it when you see your dog running through

the house with your shoe you know those

cues are going to come in pretty handy

week 4 is all about creating a safe

environment you'll be learning command

called an emergency we call your

emergency recall is really really

important this will be great in a

dangerous situation when we want our

dogs to come back to us immediately week

five is all about developing consistency

this is where we're going to

differentiate between verbal and visual

cues working on down and combining cues

like sit and Shake combining cues is

really great for our dogs because it

really gives us an unlimited supply of

ways to combine the cues of things that

they're learning which helps with

consistency in your dog to understand

each individual cue well and week six

we're gonna all be showing off all the

amazing things we've learned in our

class as well as throwing in a very

impressive puppy push-up and

almost forgot the most important part

your completion ceremony that's what you

could expect in a puppy and beginner

class if you have any other questions or

are ready to sign up visit your local

pet smart store or check online for the

class that works best for your schedule

at Petsmart calm