An Introduction to Dog Agility!

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today we're gonna go over a really fun

way that you can give your dog a workout

and have fun training them at the same

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now let's hear from Trevor and his dog

Daisy hi my name is Trevor Smith I'm

with the doggie dojo and my dog's name

is Daisy Daisy is an eight year old

border collie

I've been training dogs since I was six

years old and I started with Daisy about

three years ago and we are going to show

you guys some fun agility today dog

agility is a really fun dog sport that

you get to lead your dog through a

series of obstacles like jumps tunnels

weaves and more Daisy me have worked a

long time getting her masters standard

title and agility which is the highest

level of agility in American Kennel Club

today is gonna be really fun because we

get to show you a few obstacles that you

can even play in your own backyard Zach

I hope you're ready cuz days is about to

show you some awesome agility skills dog

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description below agility is one of

those things you can do for fun in your

backyard or you can compete but it's

also a great trust building exercise

what's the first thing you want to show

us today well we're probably gonna go

with one of the more difficult items

first which is the wheat poles I think

we poles are one of the most impressive

obstacles and all of dog agility we nice

look at her who's actually a correct way

and wrong way to send him in they always

have to enter with their left shoulder

how do you typically reward her and

motivate her to want to do something

like this so log Julie dogs do very well

in toys it does tap into that play which

is what they're doing with you on the

field is playing with you

so I got Daisy a little squeezy tennis

ball and you can see she's so motivated

to play looks like you're having a good

time to dress I am it's a blast of the

agility how did you go about teaching

this to her

one really cool way teach it's called

channel ways you can actually make a

little channel here what actually

sometimes people will even do is have

their dog stay on one side and then call

them to the other or

I'm theory but you just take a treat

Neelu oh but see how easy that was for

her to do as she gets better at it you

actually squeeze them closer and closer

together until they're back to straight

line Wow clever weave there you go good

job that's what you want you don't want

them just to kind of meander through

slowly like this you kind of want them

to slalom all the way through the wheat

bowls this is such a great skill to

teach because skills like this really

helped to build serious mental focus

Daisy is a total pro so next we've got

the tunnel I mean this is a staple in

dog agility now this one actually looks

pretty easy but when you first start to

teach this to many dogs they find it to

be quite intimidating has up in your

experience yeah for some dogs you mean

quite scary because it's dark and then

other dogs they just love it so much and

sometimes you get what's called tunnel

suck and the dog will accidentally go

off course into a tunnel because it's a

really fun school to do why don't you

show us how you went about teaching this

today see as a beginner you want to go

and stretch it out to a straight line so

they can see you on the other side so

you'd have your friend take your dog

over onto this side it's important when

you're teaching this not to block the

end of the tunnel so don't sit right in

front of the tunnel but off to the side

and then just peek your head in and call

your dog Daisy yeah and it's a lot

easier to call them to you than it is to

send them away from you having your dog

come to you makes it as easy as possible

because whenever you're teaching

anything new to your dog you want to

make it as easy as possible in the

beginning sometimes you may have to make

it a little shorter at first and then

lengthen it over time as your dog gets

to know it better and better you'll call

it tunnel and then you can actually come

onto this side over here Daisy and just

tell them tunnel and then run next to

them and in praise them good job so now

that we've got it straight it's time to

curve it so the reason that you want to

curve it slowly is so that you if they

don't see the light at the end of the

tunnel so exactly it can be really kind

of hard for them to understand we're

gonna start our on the cur side over

here Daisy

ready and then leave and once they get

really good at that side being curved

then you curve the other side and now

you kind of got like a noodle shape now

and you always want to run on the inside

of the curve that way you can beat your

dog to the other side tell ya you get

much faster than we are yes they are in

the beginning stages you may want to use

like a tennis ball again or a treat and

reward them on the other side and you


with the tennis ball you can easily toss

tunnel the ball here it is she's has

such a great time right now and that's

the critical part about when you try to

teach these obstacles don't be afraid to

reward them a ton when you're first

teaching him because then it builds

value for the obstacle itself

I love seizing opportunities like this

to build trust with a dog and clearly

you guys have an incredible amount of

mutual trust in one another dog sports

are a great way to build confidence with

a lot of dogs fewer things are as

exciting as watching a dog get some big

air it looks a lot easier I mean

teaching them to not touch the bar I

mean that's tough that is tough

important to have a bar that can get

knocked down to safety is always the

most important thing with anything we do

with our dogs but especially with dog

sports so when they jump over you really

don't want them doing what's called a

bunny hop where they just sit and they

go from a standstill and pop over you

want to take a nice little Coast kind of

a gazelle just leaping over the jump why

don't you show us how you went about

teaching this with her yeah and then

you're gonna show us how all of this

looks when you put it together we'll

just put it on eight inches for Daisy

down here what we'll do is we'll get

Daisy's favorite toy here okay

and we're gonna go ahead and put it on

the other side of the jump we're really

far out what you want to make sure to do

is whatever your dog's body length is

you want two of those so the dog can

jump finish and then get the toy and of

course when your dog jumps over this low

hurdle for the first time you celebrate

like they just cleared a six-foot jump

when you're having fun

your dogs gonna have fun too and anytime

your dog kind of goes up to here and

kind of stutter steps or was having

difficulty with it yeah just put it back

down to another level you can turn your

dog off to an obstacle real quick yeah

if they're not having a great experience

you can actually toss the toy over the

jump Oh she'll cheat sometimes huh oh

there we go

that's why it's so important to have a

jump that falls down exactly yeah once

your dog has learned how to do it

straight on you can actually start

teaching how to jump it at an angle with

the figure eight exercise Daisy HUP oh

look at this guys

oh that's a big yes smart girl that is

terrific now we're gonna set up our own

version of a mini agility course and see

what Daisy can do don't

oh here - oh nice check that one that an


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