6 week 'beginner to 5k' training plan

so you want to get yourself from here to

this but you don't know how to get

started while I'm going to give you a

training plan structure but even better

than that I'm gonna give you the

knowledge and tools that you're gonna

need to tailor the plan to suit you

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okay let's get to it

this plan is over six weeks but if you

need more time you can lengthen it to

suit your progress my first tip is to

put your ego in a box and put it away

too many people do too much too early

and wind up injured I've created this

plan to push you but to keep it

manageable it's based on three days per

week of run training mainly 30-minute

sessions getting slightly longer at the

end the first thing we do is have a

cornerstone session the one main session

that week revolves around usually your

longest continuous run which builds each

week I'm a fan of a rest day beforehand

and some strength and conditioning the

day after there will always be rest days

between the run days so now we just have

to create the other two sessions all the

way until the 5k these weekly sessions

will be walk run intervals where we'll

gradually decrease the walking and

increase the running your warm-ups will

also start as brisk walks and eventually

become gentle jogs to keep it simple

upper a W and our next of the times to

signify walk or run in the first week

the warm ups and cool downs will be a

brisk five-minute walk and the first two

sessions will be five lots of three

minutes walk and one minute run on the

Sunday will increase gradually to a two

and a half minute walk and one and a

half minute run times five that's a

total of seventeen and a half minutes

running over the week week two we'll

keep slowly building with another two

and a half minute walk to one and a half

minute run session and then a two and

two session times five

you're see I've also decreased the

warmer and cooldown wall by a minute to

keep the overall session length from

manageable but you can play with that to

suit your needs

on Sunday you're doing your first

continuous effort of six minutes which

will be in the region of a kilometer

week three the number of repetitions go

up to six as we do six lots of to

walking to running and six lots of one

and a half minute walking two and a half

minute running and finish the week with

a two kilometer run for about forty

minutes of total running keep the build

moving we go to another six locks of one

and a half minute walking two and a half

minute running but you'll now notice the

warm-up is a gentle jog rather than walk

we move to a 1-minute walking three

minutes running and a continuous three

kilometres on Sunday for about 58

minutes of running this week week five

the sessions get slightly longer as do

the intervals we have for lots of

one-minute walking five minutes running

and for lots of one minute walking seven

minutes running finished with four

kilometers continuous this is really

pushing you now but you're ready and

your muscles have had time to adapt

that's about one hour twenty six minutes

of running for the week you're at the

finish line now and the five K's in

sight you've worked hard and we finished

with five lots of one-minute walking

seven minutes running and three lots of

one-minute walking ten minutes running

with the final five kilometer run on the

run back you've got this the works been

done now to win the mental battle here's

some things that you need to consider

before we finish don't speed this

process up your muscles and connective

tissues need time to adapt

rushing only opens you up to injury you

can elongate the process though now that

I've given you the tools and the

know-how to do it but don't speed up six

weeks is the absolute minimum stretch

after every single session keep those

muscles and joints supple because your

body will be going through some huge

changes and make sure that you don't

skip the strength and conditioning I'll

put some more suggestions up here or

there I don't know where they are but

they'll be up here somewhere

any questions at all feel free to ask in

the comments drop me a like if the video

has helped I just want to help you and

next week I'll do a 10k training plan so

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