How to go from zero to running Comrades...

welcome on to this edition of a run with

Coach Perry I'm Brad Brown and I've got

the coach with me once again Lindsay

Perry joins us live Z today we're

talking I know it's just a short while

after comrads 2018 but we've got a

comrades question and I think this is on

a lot of people's minds this time of the

year what does it take to go from

running very little now to running

comrades a year late and we'll get to


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six terms and conditions apply Lindsay a

lot of people fired up after Conrad's

2018 and we get this question lots every

year after comrades what does it take

for someone to go from whether they're a

couch potato now to running comrades or

maybe they're running the odd part run

or they've they've run the odd 10k maybe

the odd half marathon what does it take

to to run comrades in a year look if you

have run a POC run you already had a

considerable advantage and I think

somebody who's doing any kind of regular

running between two and three sessions a

week at this point in time then I would

say it's really as simple as downloading

one of our comrades programs and

following it step by step and you have a


really good chance of qualifying sort of

january/february nextgen and completing

the comrades marathon if you are a

complete couch potato you haven't done

any running at all up to nine and

perhaps it's been years well if it's

been years you you are still at the

advantage so that the person who is

really starting from that thing has

never been a runner but you know ever

since been a kid has watched comrades

and as tortise i would really love to do

that a year is doable but it can be

tough there will be some serious ups and

downs and whether you'll be successful

in twelve months is largely dependent on

on if you do have some inherent running

ability so I would say the vast majority

of people it's definitely a project that

is viable and that you really do need to

be super sensible about it because you

are at extremely high risk of picking up

shin splints in ITB in particular those

are two probably the most common

injuries that you will pick up so if

that is you then you're your best chance

of making it particularly any year is to

make sure that you find yourself the

right place getting advice from the

right people being on a program that has

a very slow steady systemic build up

over time making sure that you start out

in the correct equipment so although

many of the shoes the places we can buy

shoes from that all the brands do run

in-house training you are much more

likely to get a great service and be put

into the great care of shoes if you go

to one of the speciality running running

store so that's we are would go and to

buy a shoe but there is still all as

their elements of which shoes are of

giving the best Commission or what often

happens is that people just want to sell

the most popular shoe because that's

what everyone's buying and they do feel

a little bit safer so if you're unsure

if you do feel like I don't know if the

shoe really is the right shoe for me

then our also strongly advise that you

go and see a health care professional

that can at least put you in the right

type of shoes I know is they start you

off in the right direction because they

tell you you need a neutral shoe you

need an interpretation shoe you need

stability issue and so on and so forth

but starting out right being in the

right equipment looking off to your feet

these are things that are critical to

preventing injury and illness and

allowing you just to very slowly but

surely creep closer to that goal cool

stuff Lindsay from a training program

perspective you mentioned people can

download the training programs if you

head over to coach Perry comm forward

slash training you can grab yourself at

a comrades program made to one thing

that I've just picked up to Lindsay and

I mean I was in their boat so I started

running basically two ran comrades and

people get fixated on comrades but you

almost want to my mother used to say how

do you eat an elephant it's one bite at

a time and and that's the way you need

to take those comrades thing on instead

of and I'm not saying don't focus on

comrades but focus on the little things

that will get you to comrades if you get

the 10k training program out the way the

21 K is next you can't do a 42 K

training program if you haven't done a

10k so work your way through it break it

up into small bite-sized it makes it

more manageable and also less

intimidating would be my advice yeah

look that's that's really great advice I

mean if you've got to go through the

phases and also you know twelve months

is a hell of a long time to focus on one

specific thing so you want comrades

there's the ultimate goal it's in the

back of your mind but if you're coming

off a couch you know running a 5k park

run is an achievement so focus on that

once you can do there to focus on being

able to do your 10k 10k you hit a

fifteen fifteen twenty one and before

you know it it's gonna be February and

you're gonna be capable of running a

marathon and you're already gonna be

like wow I haven't achieved my goal yet

of running comrades but who would have

thought I would would have ever been

able to finish a marathon yet there you

will be and you will have done a

marathon yeah absolutely Lindsay and

that was my story I mean I I ended up

missing that cut often in my first

comrades and and if that was my only

sort of thing that I was chasing I would

have been gutted but I'd said to myself

there whatever happens when I reach

comrades race day in 22

when I ran my first one I would be

physically in better shape than I was a

year before and I was I'd run a couple

of marathons I'd run an ultra marathon

and and it set me up for another good

year of running which I then went on and

finished my first comrades so I think

that's probably the best way to approach

it and yeah some great advice from the

coach once again Lindsey thank you very

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