Training by Nike - Chicago Marathon 2019

today I'm happy to announce that I'll be

training with Nike for the 2019 Chicago




for those of you who have been around

the channel for a while now you'll

remember that I trained last year with

Nike ahead of the 2018 Chicago Marathon

and it was an amazing experience not

only did they get me a bib to run in the

race which I wouldn't been able to run

that marathon if it wasn't for Nike they

also gave me a lot of gear access to

Nike events over the summer in

preparation for the marathon and just

overall an unforgettable experience

not even once in a lifetime it was even

rarer than that something beyond what I

could ever imagine me doing with a brand

like Nike but this year again I got an

invitation to run and train with them

ahead of the 2019 Chicago Marathon and I

of course jumped right at the

opportunity and said yes this year I do

already have a bib I'll be running with

salute Inc which is a local charity that

helps military veterans as they

transition from their military service

back to civilian life I'll post links in

the description in case you'd like to

learn more about what that charity does

for the local area here but I already

have a bib but they're all this you're

going to be providing the same giving me

lots of gear support shoes but you this

year the additional thing that I'm super

excited about is they're gonna provide

me with some training assistance so it's

something that I think that I'm at the

point where I could definitely use

someone to help push me and kind of

guide me from where I've come so far to

get me to hopefully that next level not

only are they doing that for me but

there's a total of four of us that are

going to be taking this journey together

to document our non elite marathon

preparation and training journey and the

four people army then there's also

Lauren of pencil skirts and PR Hannah of

Hannah and Marguerite and then there's a

Keisha of she's got a show and the four

of us together are going to be

documenting our training journey and our

marathon race as embedded media I think

is probably the best way to put it and

so to kick off kind of this training

journey they had an event on Thursday

morning when we got there they had a


from Nike talking to us specifically on

that day about the peg 36 and the PEG

turbos now I feel pretty good about my

understanding of those two shoes but

it's always really great to be able to

hear directly from Nike reps themself in

terms of what Nike positions and thinks

about when they're making these two

shoes and she also had kind of those

exploded shoes where you could see all

the different components of it so I got

to hold like a full legs Umair pocket

which I unsuccessfully tried to do last

year with my peg 35s after I was done

with those we also got a whole bunch of

great swag which I will go over so back

to what happened on Thursday we then

head out for a quick workout so we went

from the edge athlete line which is

really close to the 606 trail here in

Chicago which is a very popular place

for runners in addition to the lakefront

and we did a little bit of a tempo


it was going to be more than four but we

ended up - cuz of weather only getting

in four by eight hundred meter repeats

about my goal half marathon pace I was

running with Lauren and the other two

ran with Griff is working with Nike for

the summer and also coach Robin was

there she jumped in for a couple of the

reps as well she did one of the reps I

think maybe not my last one my second to

last one with me so I got to spend a

little bit time talking to her there so

that was a lot of fun to be able to do

that get out there run with other people

at a fast pace that's not something and

I normally do I spend most of my time

running alone and I usually prefer it

that way but every once in a while it is

nice to be able to run with some other

people so then we had some Lightning

coming in so we packed it in early and

then headed back to to the to the gym a

Jackley lounge and there they had some

smoothies ready for us and they were

they had asked us the night before like

what we prefer what kind of protein what

kind of milk and which flavors we wanted

so that was really nice and thoughtful

and when we got there they had nice like

inspirational messages written on the

glasses and everything like that that

was very cool to kind of show kind of


not really used to doing a lot of the

instagrammy kind of stuff there everyone

had their post-workout smoothies or

shakes and I just started chugging mine

down I thought it was delicious and I

just started it was really really cold

which was refreshing everyone else was

taking like pictures of theirs and stuff

and mine if you look at any of the

pictures that anyone else posted

everyone else this is full and mine is

like almost got because I was just I

guess being off being a little bit rude

but it was just really good so I'm a

little bit out of my element in a lot of

ways and I'm gonna be out of my element

I think that's gonna be a theme kind of

for the summer because before we did the

workout as well we did a whole bunch of

drills and I usually will do some sorts

of like strides drills like butt kicks

things like high knees like that before

I'm gonna race like a 5k or I'm gonna do

a mile time trial or I need like the

Nike pop-up races things that are like

super super short and fast but I really

don't do them regularly I don't really

warm up I use my run to wherever I'm

doing the speed work as my warmup so I

felt very off-balance for a lot of those

things probably because I haven't been

working certain of those muscles but you

know just again some I haven't done

drills or warm-up drills regularly for

like 20 years so it's gonna take some

getting used to I think I'm about to

start doing that again because we went

to Friday from there I did do about a

5-mile run a very easy pace a recovery

pace because in between my Friday

morning run and my Thursday workout with

with the group I did have a thirteen and

a half mile er in there trying to finish

out the beacon to review and get that

over 100 miles so I had a bunch of miles

in there and so Friday afternoon I had a

meeting set up with coach Robin to go

over my marathon training plan we talked

a little bit about how my legs were

feeling I was like I'm pretty much trash

right now so she put me right into some

recovery boots which was pretty awesome

I've never done anything like that

before it's kind of like if you like

compression stockings or massage after a

hard workout it's kind of like that but

to the next level maybe even two levels

up it's crazy so

it does is it inflates and it pushed

pressure on your entire lower

extremities and the way that these

particular ones work my understanding

now is that some of them work a little

bit differently is that it like

sequentially inflates and deflates not

like quickly but like over time so it's

kind of like pushing the stuff from your

lower extremities flushing it back up to

the main core of your system so that way

anything that's stuck like down towards

your toes is not going to stay there or

in your calves or ankles is going to get

pushed back up so we get flushed out of

the system so with the kind of the same

concepts of a recovery run where you

want everything flushed is happening but

while you're sitting down with literally

your feet up and so that was pretty cool

so I did that for a really long time

while we were talking about our training

plan so that's the main difference

between this year and last year is this

year I've given a coach my PRS my

running history what my mileage has been

like and what my goals are and and she

took all that information and

constructed a training plan specifically

just for me which is super exciting and

something that I've been really thinking

that I might need to do in the future

but the opportunity has presented itself

now with the support and backing of Nike

and of course I'm gonna jump into that

and so we went over that while I was in

the recovery boots and so she has

constructed a 12-week training plan for

me which I completely agree I think

that's the perfect number for someone

that's been running regularly especially

something that's been weren't running

year-round and has run multiple

marathons before I think 12 weeks is the

right number I've seen other training

plans that are like 18 weeks long that's

just too much time I think to be

focusing on one race for me for me and

that's not mostly physical it's mostly

mentally but 12-week plan is great and

that's about the full extent of the

things that we would like agree on in

terms of the marathon training plan the

things that are different are she's

taking me down a whole bunch in terms of

my mileage which I've always felt like

I'm not a particularly talented runner

and for me to get results I need to run

like 20% 30% 40% more than an average

runner would have

run to get a certain time and so that

makes me really concerned there's a lot

more speed work in there which I like

running fast so that's good

but it's very structured Tuesday's are

going to be tempo days Thursday's are

going to be speed workout days there's

gonna be the hardest days and then

Saturdays are going to be long run days

and there's also going to be a mandatory

recovery day just a complete day off on

Sunday and then there's also strength

training on Monday and Wednesday in

addition to some recovery running those

days so I normally avoid all strength

training pretty much at all cost I don't

think that most people need it but I

think maybe I'm at the point that I need

it so a lot of things that I'm not used

to doing that are different than how

I've been doing things and how I feel

like I've gotten some pretty good

results myself in my mind mentally I

know that I need something that's going

to be a little bit different than what

I've been doing I think to get me past

that 3-hour barrier and so for this is

the first time I've kind of talked about

it ever on the channel but there was

kind of so a lot of you guys were

mentioning in the comments after the

tunnel marathon earlier this June that

where I got close to to the three hour

mark and for the Chicago 2019 marathon I

am definitely gonna be chasing that

three hour barrier so I put down when I

put down kind of my running goals for

this training plan I put two 5959 as my

goal so definitely gonna be chasing

three for October I'm a little bit

excited about that I'm very concerned

about it as well we went over kind of my

marathon progression 2017 for Chicago I

was at 342 2018 I was at 317 a huge

improvement 2019 just a couple of months

ago I ran a 301 at the tunnel marathon

now that was there's a big asterisk by

that one because that was a 2,000 feet

point-to-point downhill race so I think

that more realistically puts me at 305

306 but still even at 306 even if you

want to push it out to 307 308 still a

lot of improvement that I've had over

the last two years

and I was telling you that you know I'm

39 I'll be 40 in November I don't know

how much more room there is for

improvement she had some very nice

things very encouraging things to tell

me about that but it's definitely

something that I'm going to jump in with

two feet I'm going to I may have my

concerns about it but I'm gonna give

100% to it on the days that it says to

do stuff I'm gonna do the stuff I'm

gonna do the strength training or the

cross-training I'm going to take the

recovery days which is gonna be really

hard for me to do I mean I take recovery

days but usually they're on accident um

because life gets in the way and I just

can't get a run in that day so that's

usually when I take a recovery day but

I'm gonna plan on Sundays off starting

next week not this Sunday but starting

the plan doesn't start till Monday but

so I'm going to do all those things I'm

gonna dive in two feet after coach Rob

and I had finished talking she still

wanted me to sit in the recovery boots

for a little while so I was texting my

wife about it telling her about my

thoughts and she was like just make sure

you're jumping in two feet and and I was

like text her back a picture of myself

and the moon boots and I'm like I'm in

I'm fully in I mean as far as a person

can go I'm up to my crotch in it so I'm

looking forward to the plan I'm looking

forward to training with Nike over the


full disclosure as you guys know I do

like to get full disclosure on

everything where I think it's relevant

Nikes not paying me I'm not sponsored by

Nike by any means I am getting a lot of

the freebies that I mentioned before but

no money is exchanging hand they're not

paying me to make videos there's no

expectation that I'll make you know X

number of videos or do X number of like

hash tag plugs or anything like that so

it's kind of loose there's obviously

some I feel obligated in a lot of ways

to do stuff for Nike because they're

doing a lot of stuff for me but I think

it's a collaborative journey I'm

certainly getting a lot more out of it

than they are I said that last year for

last year running with Nike and I think

this year is definitely going to be the

same it's going to be an interesting and

while 12 weeks I think and I'm gonna

bring you guys along for the entire

journey and I hope you guys will enjoy

it before I go though

I will go over just some of the stuff

that's in here for those of you guys who

are interested in what all the swag was

first thing was they gave me this really

awesome bag

it's an Air Force one winterized bag

it's one that I've actually been eyeing

on the Nike website for a while I know

it's kind of more of like a women's tote

but when you live in a city and you got

two kids totes are unisex as far as I'm

concerned and I really like this one

super comfy straps that are a little bit

stretchy moly attachments everywhere

that's mo lle don't get excited guys

and they even personalize it with the

Chicago Marathon 2019 logo and my name

on it which I thought was a really nice

touch and I appreciate that very much so

let's go over some of the swag some of

the stuff that I'm really excited about

this year this is a pair of shorts that

I think after I made the iPhone running

with your phone video a lot of you guys

we're talking about this pair of shorts

specifically or shorts similar to it

this has a line short with a very thin

outer shell material but zipper pockets

so the phone will bounce around a little

bit in this pair of shorts but at least

they won't bounce out because they have

the zipper pockets and there is a little

bit of a zipper pocket in the back this

one's not quite big enough to fit a

phone but you could stash them stuff in

the back there so this will be a nice

pair of shorts I'm looking forward to

we've got a lot of Technic is what they

gave me which I'm pretty excited about

right now it's super hot in Chicago yes

I know it gets hotter than other places

in the world I don't know how you guys

do it I every time I talk about heat on

the channel or on Instagram or on

Twitter you have someone from somewhere

hot or always changing yes I don't do

that to you guys when it's cold but you

guys always do it to me when it's hot

but anyway Technic this one well

obviously it's a long sleeve but sorry

we won't be wearing it now but this

material it's thin and straight feels

kind of cotton ish but it's almost like

a mesh if you look at the way that it's

somewhat transparent when you stretch it

and hold it up to the light so I think

this is going to do a really good job of

keeping me warm when it's cooler out so

I can run with just like a long sleeve

and rather than

to put on a jacket yeah I'm kind of

pulling things out randomly you had it

really nicely organized when we were

there but I'm playing desi I kind of

randomly now we've got some socks some

crew length socks which always can use

more socks and then in terms of running

socks so have more of the nike elite

lightweight socks

I love the nike socks I don't have any

ones that are like this one before so

looking forward to trying these on

I like the nike elite socks generally

there was some of my favorite and then

another thing they sent me was speaking

of running with a phone video they sent

me one of their a waste pack so I'll be

giving this one a try my wife has one

and she loves hers hers is bright yellow

this one is black which suits me a

little bit better so very excited to see

how this function is hopefully I could

fit my iPhone and a couple of gels and

my keys in there as I'm running in the

summer and then let's go we think we got

some more of that we've got some more of

the tech we've here our tech knit and

we've got a shirt so like a short sleeve

version of the other long-sleeve shirt I

think this might be a little bit hot for

like like the hottest hot parts of the

summer but I think this is going to be a

really great shirt to run in it has kind

of like what Nikes been doing with a lot

of their clothes instead of having like

a straight hem along the bottom of the

shirts to have this kind of like I don't

know how you call this stitching

technique here where there's like a

little bit almost of a flap and what I

like about that is that it seems to let

more heat out because it kind of flaps

as you run so it looks a little bit more

heat out of the bottom of the shirt

which I think helps keep things nice and

cool and I just like this shirt it's one

that I've been thinking about picking up

anyway Soho very excited that I didn't

pick it up already because now I have

one so very excited about that one we've

got a pair of blue shorts which I'm not

a huge fan of blue shorts bloosh Nike

shorts specifically and I have a long

history of making it look like when I'm

sweaty that I've peed my pants so I will

try these we'll see how they go

what I

think it's interesting about this we'll

see if I could fit a phone back here but

it's not a zipper pocket in the back

it's kind of a more of a stash pocket so

maybe I looks like I might be able to

fit a phone in there but maybe a good

place for some gels or keys otherwise

they're just regular slide in pockets on

the side it's a little bit longer of a

short than I would normally pick for

running but it's got a very comfortable

liner in here yeah let's see and

sometimes on these shorts there's a

little bit of a key slot doesn't look

like there is for this one but nice

reflective that like floral I don't know

what the technical name is for I'm sure

there's a technical name but that floral

kind of the Nike swoosh bouquet right

here which seems to be their emblem that

they're using frequently and a lot of

the stuff for this year I do like here

there is like a cutout part that is mesh

that's gonna really help with keeping

these pants stay a little bit cooler so

we'll see how the blue color works next

we've got more of this tech net this one

I also really like it's looks a little

bit different than the last one it's got

more of like a checkerboard pattern to


but similar cut along the bottom where

it's got that flap and I like this like

dark gray on dark grey very good I like

that a lot and this shirt I think feels

like it's going to be a little bit

cooler to wear than the other one so

this is one that I think will get a

little bit more summer use than the

other technique that I've showed you

guys so far the last two things that are

in here are this pair of shorts this is

one that I have actually been eyeing now

for 2019 the singlets that that elites

have been wearing that are like half

like this colorful print and then half a

solid color I gotta admit I'm not a huge

fan of that when it's fully the crazy

pattern though this works for me it's

got a zipper pattern in the back or as

if the zipper pocket in the back

definitely not big enough for an iPhone

you're only gonna be able to put fit

keys maybe gels in there does have some

pockets I don't think that a phone is

going to really work in there so this is

one if I do run with this one in the

summer I'm gonna have to

where that Nike waste pack with in order

to carry all my stuff and so very

excited about these shorts this does

have also a little key slot on the inner

lining so these shorts I think will get

a lot of mileage out of me for the

summer because a pattern like this I

could sweat it in a bunch it's not going

to really look like I peed my pants so a

core feature that I look for in a

running short and then the thing that

I'm probably most excited about is this

tech pack singlet now this material is

different than a lot of the material

that I've seen from the Nike summer

collection so far this year a lot of the

Nike running stock this year from the

summer collection and I noticed it when

I was out in Seattle and I visited the

Nike store out there is seems to be like

almost like a cotton Jersey mesh kind of

material which I don't think is all that

sweat wicking or that great with heat so

it's a little disappointed in some of

the regular 20:19 collection I'm hoping

for some some hits with the 2019 Chicago

Marathon gear but this Jersey I think is


the material is a lot like the Aero

Swift singlet that I erased the tunnel

marathon in that I love that singlet so

it's very similar to that

it's got like micro perforations in it I

don't know if you can see that here that

keep the air flowing and it's really

just a minimal singlet it's got extra

reinforcement along you know all the

armholes and neck holes to keep things

in the right shape and it's got a little

bit of a reflective strip along the back

and again a dark gray swoosh on the

lower left-hand side on a black singlet

that's just about perfect so this one

this is probably gonna be my race

singlet for the marathon just because I

think it's absolutely beautiful and I'm

very excited to get into that one so

that's everything that's in the bag

thank you to the Nike for providing all

this great gear I'm looking forward very

much to running in all of it overall

about the experience I'm feeling

immensely grateful very excited a little

bit concerned because there is going to

be so much work ahead but I'm going to

look forward to I'm going to dive into

it fully enjoy it

do my best and of course I'm we bringing

you guys along for the ride

sorry this video has been so long but

thanks so much for making it all the way

to the end and I will see you guys in

the next one