Goldendoodle Puppy Training (First five tricks to train your Goldendoodle)

hi everyone in this video I'm gonna go

over exactly what you need to teach your

new Goldendoodles

precisely the first five tricks you'll

need to teach your golden doodle so stay





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my name is Lisa I've dog sat and trained

hundreds and hundreds of dogs and

puppies and I love sharing my advice

with all of you like I said in this

video I'm gonna go over the first five

tricks to teach your new golden doodle

puppy so let's get right into it number

one is going to be sick in order to

teach sit you're gonna take a teeny tiny

tasty treat get your puppy's attention

and then lure them in and direct them

into a sit the second their bot touches

the ground you reward them and mark it

with the word yes or a clicker so let me

show you and demo right here I'm gonna

take my teeny tiny tasty treats slowly

guide her into a sit this is Zoey by the

way yeah and the reason why I use the

word yes is that my pup knows the exact

moment that she is being reported if I

don't use a marker word then it can be a

little bit confusing is she getting the

the treat for looking to the left

looking to the right

looking at my treat pouch so I want her

to know that the second her butt touches

the ground that is when she gets

rewarded here's one more yes is really

common for your pup to start to pie your

arm so let's try that again yes the

second trick you're gonna want to teach

your new golden doodle pup is a lay down

I'm gonna take a teeny tiny tasty treat

slowly direct her into a Down


for more information on how to teach

your puppy add down because I went

through that kind of fast I have a whole

video on lay down with a really cute

Australian Shepherd puppy and you can

click in the cards above to get a link

to that video alright next I'm gonna

teach look at me I'm gonna take my teeny

tiny tasty treat and the second she

looks into my eye that's when I mark

with a yes I'm gonna make it really easy

at first

so really ridiculously easy so you can

tell she's kind of distracted right now

she doesn't really want to really train

anymore so I'm gonna switch up my treat

sometimes that's all it takes to get

your puppy's attention again alright so

now I have these primal organic chicken

nibs these are really great for keeping

your puppy's attention they're in my

Amazon store I'll link to it below if

you want to grab these and I love them

because they're super super small I'm

gonna take the treat have her look into

my eye yes and that's the second she

looks into my eye I'm gonna mark and

reward that with the word yes like I

said yes it's my marker word for more on

focus exercises I also have a full video

on that and you can click in the cards

above the fourth trick you're gonna want

to teach is go to your bed that's why I

have this nice handy bed right here I'm

gonna take my teeny tiny tasty treats

and lure her into the bed yes the second

all four of her paws touched the bed

I've marked that with a yes eventually

we can raise the criteria by making her

lay in the bed for longer we can also

add in and down but in the beginning I'm

trying to keep the criteria really low

alright so the fifth trick that we want

to teach our new dog or puppy is

duration so a weight asking for a weight

is really great for building duration on

any behavior to teach a weight I'm gonna

start with a cue that my puppy already

has it down which is six I'm gonna keep

it really easy yes you want a reward

right away to keep their attention and

then I'm gonna say wait yeah

all right so that's it for today

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