Training a blue nose pitbull puppy in 2021

what's going on everybody today I'm

gonna go over puppy training I'm gonna

give you four tips for training a puppy

and just for a little background I'm not

a puppy expert trainer but I am pretty

good at it

I've been training dogs since I was a

younger kid when I've always had puppies

and dogs so I'm gonna give you four

basic things you can do to actually five

so we'll do five things to get started

with your puppy so first let me just

introduce you to store mama

this is storm she is a 13 14 years week

old blue nose pit bull and she's

teething right now so she wants to just

bite and play with everything but she

does really good and any dog is really

smart if you just give them the

attention keep in mind puppies need

attention and this just pretty much goes

with everything just like my rule of

thumb with everything less is more so

like the less you're gonna talk to your

dog just simple real simple commands

that's what they're gonna acknowledge

and they're gonna remember that more so

I'm gonna teach you how to get teach a

dog her name or his name I'm gonna teach

you sit lay down and introducing you to

the cage and then I'll give you some

basic potty training skills so anyway

let's just get started

so I recommend when you're first of all

when you're giving your puppy treats for

rewarding you never want to have the

Treat in your hand all right

have like and heavy and just like have

it like okay do this or do that cuz

that's gonna come off with a bride so

you're gonna want to do is put it either

in your pocket or put it like I have

that I keep a little pouch so and I

usually have just have it behind my back

you know it means she knows but it's not

like your inner face with it so that's

tip I always give my puppy in my dog's

all natural stuff so

I have a natural source trees these are

a little bit softer there's a salmon

here's a chicken one and then just hold

some puppy variety green fruit biscuits

these are a little harder they're a

little bigger so I like I like them both

so let's just get started first and I'll

show you how to teach your dog the name

her name so what you're gonna want to do

is eight storm come here you're gonna

want to go start like if the dog doesn't

know her name at all we just want to go

like make it a noise or look like that's

like storm and then when the dog makes

eye contact as soon as the dog makes eye

contact so you go good girl

hey good girl yes good girl so as soon

as she makes that eye contact with you

you're gonna want a reward cuz that's

that's what you want

hey sit down damn sit good girl

so that's what you want you want the dog

to look at you and make eye contact now

you're gonna do that again

sit down there you go storm we then

introduce the name as you're doing like

a noise or something you can give little

pieces of food if you want or you can

give a treat

sit she's so excited

hey still working on getting down but

she's damn damn damn good girl okay so

remember when the dog makes eye contact

this is that's why you don't keep the

treats on they're just gonna jump on you

and sniff and always stay above the dog

I'm get down low with the dogs level

don't go back on your back on with the

dog walk in your chest or anything like

that the above the dog you don't you can

stand I'm just doing this for normally I

would be standing

I'm just for the kind of for the camera

view so maybe I should back up a little

bit accordin okay so let's see how that

works a little bit better so remember

guys as soon as the dog looks at you

then you give it four

now the second time you're gonna go hey

storm good girl when she looked you

introduced a name storm or whatever the

name is and as you do that then I went

to the storm girl so there's no so look

you straight in the eyes when you say

that name now it might take you a little

while to go you know you might have to

make a noise or a snap or whatever it is

just make some kind of a noise introduce

the name wait for the eye contact that

is the most important thing I contact

all right puppy okay next now this is

basically gonna take it only took her a

few hours honestly guy some dogs are

gonna be a little bit more harder than

others it took her about a week for lay

down so it was tough but she did get it

now force it it's pretty much pretty

simple sit said good girl

now when they do it some dogs might just

do it and they don't know that you're

that's what you wanted nothing to do

until you reward them so they get

rewarded for what they did is when you

say good girl you you know reward with

heading and playing and and stuff like

that now the trick is always that I

found that's the most difficult thing is

lay down after sick so it was like sit

and lay down now she knows it but at

first she didn't so it was very

difficult to do that the way I got

around it was to just do lay down and I

had to actually grab her front paws and

push her to lay down for it sometimes

you may have to do that and sometimes

you may have to you know lay down and

then you know good girl you know and

that's when you are gonna reward your

puppy for doing what you have asked now

some people like to

give sorry mama my god I just elbowed my

dog straight in the face I'm sorry

some people just like to give little

pieces of like food like tiny bees the

food that's fine whatever you want to do

she's getting a little bit bigger now so

treat her very funny so the next thing I

want to do now is basically with she's

not if your dogs on city your puppies

not sitting then just simply get up oh

come on oh girl good girl say sit and if

they don't sit and you just grab their

butt and give him a little pat and push

it down a little bit and they'll start

the dog sit lay down lay down

storm lay down lay down

good girl now you might have the point

see how I pointed that's when she did it

and then you know you reward the puppy

with hello lady on it it's really simple

you don't want to say over complicated

by saying storm lay down or you know or

like when people when they're not doing

it like what the heck you stupid dog

like they don't know all these different

words they don't know English they're

not humans like people and man I don't

smack your dog like for for peeing in

the house or potty in the house your

puppy should be getting that out at

least once an hour when you first buy a

puppy and take the puppy home they need

to be going out every single hour to

peel some puppies are gonna take a

little bit longer to get acclimated to

your house and and your schedule so her

took about two weeks and she was really

really good

she food and stuff in her cage now keep

in mind you don't want to get a big hey

no that's bad

no now my dog bites me too hard I just

simply not rough and not hard I just

simply know and push her face down and

tell her no that's no and she usually

stops hit there go get your toy but you

don't like hug dogs face down just you

know just let them know that that's not

something that's gonna be acceptable Hey

so next thing we're going to do is well

lay down is pretty much the same thing

like I said it's the same thing as sit

but we'll introduce the cage so what

you're going to want to do for the cage

which I have right here I'll just swing

the makeshift camera here over here so

you're just gonna want it when you first

set your cage up just have your puppy

just wander around it check it out

hey cool that's my little poem maybe

just like toss a treat in there you know

like just throw a treat in there I don't

know it's okay to go in from that mom

and hit your tree and then you know just

let her come right back out don't shut

the door on her or anything like that I

might back out a girl good girl yeah go

girl then maybe do that a few times and

then get them to go in there go ahead

and then slowly shut the door alright

good girl over there mice in there maybe

give her a treat and just hang out for a

few minutes and maybe do something or

whatever and then five minutes later

just open it and then I'm back out and

what that does is it's gonna give the

dog a feel of they're not going to be in

there forever

the doors gonna eventually open so you

do that for a little while and

eventually they're gonna just start

hanging out in there out of nowhere I

mean she'll just go in her cage every

now and again just laying there now when

she gets a little bigger I'll get her a

smaller and keep in mind don't want a

cage or the dog has tons of room you

know to pee in the corner and then still

lay down they don't want to lay in her

poo and pee you know what I mean so if

chiku's and peas and their chances are

she's gonna have to lay in and she did

half through the one day and it was the

last time she did it one other time

after that and then and she peed in the

cage for about a week every day right in

this corner it would go to a two his

back there but she stops it she stopped

oh and she knows the schedule now she's

used to

and she knows that she's gonna get out

of there and she knows she's gonna have

to if she pees in there she's gonna have

to lay there with that pee for maybe a

few more hours it's just not something

that dogs like so it's not that anybody

would like right so that is pretty much

introducing the crate we'll get into

more advanced stuff later

a know and keep in mind she has a

pitbull so when she bites it hurts even

just a puppy bite it freaking hurts it's

starting to hurt now so you know I got a

letter though but uh yes she can she can

crank down man like so anyway I keep a

lot of toys for the dog you know

providing and nibbling and stuff like

that don't let him just nibble on

furniture keep an eye on all the times

one tip extra tip I can give you is keep

it simple even if you just get a playpen

like I cut off the room right here I

just set up this piece of wood here I

just pretty much just set that up so she

wasn't able to have access to the entire

apartment until about a week later or so

and then I slowly just you know just let

her hang out in the living room or maybe

you're you know you have a pen you can

get those pens they work well too but

either way your puppy's gonna need a lot

of attention

most people go get it though

and they just don't realize that they

need a lot of attention they need extra

amounts of attention and if you're not

like paying attention to them constantly

they're gonna get into things you don't

want and they're gonna it's going to be

harder for you so it's just better off

to just pay attention and and just do

simple basic things when your dog now

we'll get into potty training when your

puppy pees or

who's in the house you're not gonna

scream and shove their face in it say no

that's not that's kind of

counterintuitive it's not the dog's

fault most likely it's your fault for

not paying attention so what you're

gonna want to do is take the dog out

constantly so that's what we're gonna do

right now we're gonna take storm out

she's probably not gonna potty she's

she's dead but we'll see if maybe we can

get her to see now she's just peeing

right now so when she's gone good good

girl here you go Hey look hey gum have a

treat mama here oh yes you're such a

good girl all right so the trick behind

that is when your dog does pee outside

okay or poop or do whatever you're gonna

want to have that the most extreme

playful that should be the most playful

you should ever be when your dog goes

out outside as a puppy and maybe even

when I get older I mean their dog so

that it's like you know they kind of

need that so that's really what you're

gonna that's really the trick to that

let me just just down here sorry guys

still a little wobbly hey come here come

here come come come on good girl

see ya that should be like when your dog

doesn't here's super crazy playful

beside of you should come out and that's

gonna make your dog remember oh going

outside is fun that's that's why I go

out there how do I get him to act like

that you know and that's they'll

remember that and pretty soon without

you even really knowing it your dog will

be letting you know when they want to go

out and she goes to the door one someone

I'm still trying to get her to get to

the door to let me know it's I might

rearrange the house because what's going

on is my TV and my couch is behind so I

can't see her if I'm watching TV I can't

see her go behind the couch she might be

waiting by the door and I don't even

know it sometimes so that's why I figure

I'll have it in one peripheral vision I


tell like I said when your dog pees like

she's peeing again right now perfect

example what snow tree good yes yes mama

girl storm good girl oh she just wants

her new toy you're gonna get that there

you go good girl so now she associates

going out with me and going pee outside

and she's gonna associate that with

happiness and joyfulness and a new toy

that's it alright so that is pretty much

it for basic puppy training storm has

got herself a new toy she's did super

good without everything real quick I'll

show you the food that I feed my puppy

and the treats one more time just so you

know so this is this is what I recommend

everything you get should be from the

USA that's my personal opinion

you can do whatever you want

just saying I like this stuff it's made

in the USA nutria source it's really

good for the dog I thought this might

have been the other one that my mom

tried to give me but it's not so this is

the one that I got this is a sportsman's

wholesome puppy berry this is also made

in USA and the food that I give my puppy

is always going to be putting the whole

damn thing out so you can say it

Victor dog food puppy all natural made

and the good old United States of

America that is it for this video

everyone I hope you enjoy remember just

take time don't rush it and just give

your puppy a lot of attention and it'll

be a breeze

that's it hope you enjoy the video see

you guys next time peace