Things you should know about pugs! #3 Training


hello Ron welcome back it's another

episode of things you know about bugs

and then today we're going to be

covering training when I say a training

I'm not talking tricks I'm not talking

like give a pause sit down you know

stuff like that I'm talking your basic

training you toilet training and like

training not to bite not to choose kind

of covering that sort of Ridge which is

more difficult than actually training to

do tricks we haven't started teaching

public tricks yet so I can't really give

you any guidance on that but it's pretty

similar to what I'm going to explain

anyways there are two elements which

come into practice when you're training

Apple or did any puppy really and that's

punishment and reward will start with

reward because that's easier pugs are

very greedy dogs love food so if you're

praising them for anything just treat

any treats any any kind of food is what

you want to be giving them so whenever

to do anything that you would want to

reward them for like be nice sitting

nicely you know walking nicely or give

them a tree but the learn so quickly by

giving them treats that's the best thing

to do

punishing is where it gets tricky

because pugs are very fragile now by

that I mean that you can't really push a

pug as much as you can punish another

dog so not from training our other dogs

you know does that thing if the bit year

or kind of mixture although a barking

you can always kind of give them a bit

of it up on the bomb tell them no you're

not and another thing the dogs kind of

just a tap on the nose cuz you really

don't like that it's not a case of

hurting I'm not saying like to really

smack a dog on the nose but like if you

can't just like boot the end of the nose

there's just not keen on it obviously to

tears them from doing something but with

a point you've got real issues with how

you're handling sort all the punishments

you can't I mean you can't really be

physical with any dog but you can always

kind of push them off you tell them more

stuff like that I'm not saying go around

hit your dog please don't you just can't

be physical with a pug dog because the

are obviously they've got potential

breathing problems you know if you were

to try and hit snores you can't do

anything with this - it's hard to

grubbing because

obviously you don't want to be squeezing

him too hard there's a lot of things

with plugs that you just can't do so

you've got to punish them without

touching them now when you're playing

with them on the floor when you're on

the floor and the biting your feet it's

very hard not to just push them away and

that's the worst thing you can do so the

thing we're done with Pablo and the fit

really worked quite well and we never

really done this with our own bugs when

we were like living supper with our


two things destruction isolation so as a

destruction if you say bite enough

people were in the living room with

always hungry streets on hand so the

very things you can do you could either

like squeal really loudly which is

obvious like mimicking a puppy how they

would fight hard with Conor you know

that insinuated then that you hurt

you're not necessarily hurt but

insidious them so to kind of give them a

bit of a shock have a squeaky toy just

squeaking a squeaky toy when everybody

it distracts them the look but now

wanting to know what you've got in your

hand not bothered or your socks

necessarily oh we used to use treats now

you don't want to do is reward them with

the treat what you want to do is

distract them with the trick so they're

biting your book if they know treater

about they will be on their best

behavior they won't get that read or the

kind of an associate biting with not

getting food so then they'll associate

getting food with not biting

we had real issues with Pablo bite you

know we're going to the vets they

recommended doing these things now we

weren't necessarily as aware to do stuff

like this remember on a walk it's the

same thing we always take a squeaky toy

with us always have his treats so he

does we are a good boss I'd give them

the trigger reward if they start biting

or you know pulled on the lead and stuff

we distract him shake squeak so they

come to us have a look and then not get

anything that's kind of how we don't the

second thing we do was isolating him now

this was probably one of the better

methods that we used when he was being

naughty and biting so if we were say in

the living room and he was starting to

bite us and get a bit routing in

overexcited if you get excited it's not

too muddled and it gets overexcited and

it goes kind of past his peak he was

hard to deal with he would bite you try

and distract him but it wasn't having

any of it you would still bite you this

is the time you isolate him away so we

had a pen in the kitchen which you look

up so

previous videos you'll know BCU that and

we just put them in there where he can't

physically get us he's truck whenever he

went in there

he always cried wanting back out but

you've just gotta ignoring we've got

isolate him aware you know shot him

tell him it's bad you know you've got to

be very stern when you talk to him you

know so we always put him in there and

then he would run around for a bit no

need to start crying for our attention

but wouldn't go get him straight back up

we really calmed right down to lose kind

of chill again and then let him out and

he'd be fine for a bit and if you

explored it again into a hyper edge and

we kind of pick him up important in

there he starts crying instantly because

he knows he's going to be locked in he

can't get to us what we've noticed from

that is now if he's been naughty or bad

we pick him up and tell him he's going

in this pen you'll start to cry and we'd

all shut the door but we put them in he

comes back he comes straight back out

obviously because you're not lock them

in but you'll be really calm because he

never it doesn't want to be in there nor

why shouldn't be in there it just gets

overexcited and that's fair enough with

puppies you know they're not going to be

just chill all the time the will still

get hyper and what a play and that's

just them but that's the way of dealing

with it that's a big part of the initial

training but the main bit of trainings

toilet training solitary Lenoir was

something that we didn't really struggle

with now we had a bit of a different

circumstance but we didn't really know

how to toilet train him and it just

conveniently happened so we started our

holidays at work so for a good month and

a half two months we were with him

non-stop solid now that made toilet

training really really easy because we

weren't leaving him on his own so he

wasn't just peeing and pooing in the

house we were there constantly

monitoring him and watching him now we

put puppy pads down but they didn't work

at all now I'm not saying the dog work

it's a different circumstance like I

said if you want them to use puppy pads

just keep them win and proven inside

don't really let them outside let him

get used to doing that and get rewarded

but and then start taking them outside

once he's good at that don't kind of try

and do 50/50 which is what we were doing

the thing that happened to us was

thought he hated puppy pods if we put

one down the floor

he'd rip them to pieces so they were

just not been able to get used anyways

what the vet did tell us is if you go

for a 50/50 between the two it confuses

them so you get rewarded for we and

inside and then doing it outside but

then getting punished for doing it


that they then can't distinguish between

maths inside and outside so they think

the Matteson inside are the same thing

so don't understand that it confuses

them and they're not sure what to do and

then when the math score the kind of

then so if you're going to use puppy

pads by all means use porcupines we did

buy like 200 of them and have to take

them back because he just ripped most of

them well the ones who put down he

written to shreds but we never really

attempts to use anymore but still to

this day Pablo is still occasionally

doing reason cruising the house not our

house but other people's house Clues

distinguished in our house where the

boundaries are when you go to other

people's houses it doesn't know what's

inside and outside for him if you'd

outside our house it's outside so we're

still rewarding him with treats for Doom

reason poos still in our garden still in

other people's gardens when it outside

of walked we're still doing it and you

should maintain that for a long time

once he starts winning prune outside and

maybe scratching at the door barking and

he wants out don't take that as he's

trained he knows but it's not

necessarily trained because obviously

when they're appropriate they can't

really hold the brothers I don't know

Pablo struggled with getting our

attention he kind of goes and stands by

the back door but it doesn't bark it

isn't scratch he didn't do anything he

just stands there hope you come so we've

got to be really careful to keep

language table see when we were training

them we were there four times when we

just got the door with him and he

expects that so he doesn't get used to

try and trying to get our attention

so you've got to really keep an eye out

with them to try and constantly monitor

them if they ever start sniffing about

or kind of growth the back door just let

them out anyways even if the door just

get them you stir if I'm sniffing

voluntas they're gonna throw us outside

and something that Pablo really doesn't

like and it might be for a lot of dogs

but if you ever ways inside any weeds on

a map or on the floor or anything

obviously the first thing we do is tell

him off

you know shelter in let him know he's

done wrong take him straight outside to

let him know he should have done it

there and then what we do is we bring

him inside we kind of hold him towards

it and kind of sort of put his nose into

it kind of you know who did that and he

really doesn't like it and he understand

then if he's smelling it and we're shy

when I haven't kind of got them in that


it raises like any nausea - wrong

because if it ever does we up you in the

house now we can really tell what it's

doing it because your color aware nor

and that you're scared that we're going

to be you know Rubin is Nora is such we

are it's it really for basic trim I

think the thing just to really consider

is isolation reward and destruction

always destruct them if they're doing

something and if that doesn't work

isolate them just isolate them away just

ball I'm come near just taking away

because the thing the crave most is

attention take that away from the door I

get and obviously rewards the only thing

throw order put with this food x-trail

food the love food so but that's going

to be up for this video so please stay

tuned for more of these I will be

important a couple more of different

things or I guess it'll be in the

playlist so go back check the other ones

off if you need any information anything

leave a comment I will reply to them you

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possible I'm not an expert but I have

got a pug and I can't give you my

experience to try and help you up so

peace out