Puppy Training 101: This is What a Typical Day Should Look Like

so you've got a new puppy great but what

should a typical day look like well I've

got a 10 week old puppy from Jefferson

Parish animal shelter and today I'm

gonna show you in fact she doesn't even

have a name yet so I'll tell you what

I'm a fan of astronomy and science why

don't we name her Andromeda after the

closest galaxy to our own Milky Way

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dog training revolution today I'll be

using these new blue smokehouse gourmet

sausages by Blue Buffalo and pretty

impressed with how versatile they are

for not only treats and feeding but

taking them on the go too so let's start

with first thing in the morning

naturally your puppy's gonna need to go

out immediately Plus this is the most

predictable time you can count on them

doing their business outside so you'll

want to be there to reward them it's not

natural for dogs to know how to even go

down the stairs yet I'm gonna give her a

treat every step of the way so to speak

she's got this now this is really good

for a puppy good work in general with

young puppies like this you want to take

them out about once an hour so that we

can establish the habit of going outside

in other words we want to communicate to

her that outside is where we want her

going and nowhere else the exception to

that of course would be overnight when

dogs are sleeping although with young

puppies you still may have to get up

during the middle of the night once or

twice to let him out and she's doing a

lot of sniffing around right now which

is totally fine if you've got to sit out

here for 10-15 minutes that's normal

with young puppies at first yes good


outside for a more detailed video on

potty training I'll have a link in the

description that'll get you to where you

need to be if you're looking to maximize

your training with your puppy exercise

in the morning is the best dog since

many puppies have tons of energy it's a

good idea to deplete their excess energy

early in the day to not only make them

more obedient but more receptive to

training dogs absorb new concepts best

right after exercise bottom line if

you're serious about teaching your dog

and they happen to have a lot of energy

this part is not optional for you

puppies like Andromeda should usually

eat about three times a day for the

first five to six months or so you

should also get them on a schedule so

they eat at the same time each day you

might want to feed the last meal no

later than 5 to 6 p.m. so they have

enough time to digest the food and go

out to potty

or bedtime you should pick a high

quality food with really great

ingredients too because if we got a

puppy you got to make sure they're

getting the right nutrients to support

their growth blue Buffalo's new blue

smokehouse gourmet sausages are great

because you can add it on top of your

dog's food which is great if you have a

picky eater or just want to make

mealtime more enjoyable for your dog

you could even hide medicine inside this

too because it's nice and moist or you

could use it as a complete meal for your

dog I also like that they're versatile

enough to take with you so you can

definitely use them as a high-value

currency during training too they're

packed with high quality meat you can

actually see the fruit and vegetables in

here you can get these in four flavors

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details in the description below now

that she's had her food let's let her

take a nap and then we'll resume the

rest of our day let's do some training

with her remember she came from the

shelter of just today so she doesn't

even know how to sit yet that is some

firm biting she doesn't know much about

bite inhibition yet so I need to kind of

Dodge her protocol when your dog is

biting like this is to redirect them and

show them what you do want them to do

rather than scolding them for the biting

so I think we need to teach her how to

sit we're gonna lure her since you're so

good it's said what a good little sinner

so there's the jumping again another

behavior we don't want to encourage so

the substitute for jumping is to

consistently put them into a SID

anytime they think about jumping or

biting or doing anything like that now

that we've done some training she's

completely forgotten about biting at me

and jumping at me I can't even get her

to bite me at all right now I'm slapping

her around a little bit and look at her

she's just licking away see that that's

the value of really being consistent I

want to let her know that I really

appreciate how hard she's working so I'm

gonna give her a big giant treat here

just to say thank you but remember if

you want your dog to listen to you in a

variety of environments you've got to

work with them and train in a variety of

environments often so I'll tell you what

let's go take a walk to our local part

and see how she's doing there if you're

a new puppy parent you'll soon realize

that getting your puppy to listen to you

while in a distracting outdoor

environment is really difficult that's

because it's radically different out

here than it is inside let's go say hi

to the birds so we're gonna let

Andromeda just kind of smell around

before we ask her to do too much let her

kind of get used to the environment I

mean there's so many distractions out

here you've got flocks of birds smells

people walking around everywhere so

there's a lot to take in for a 10 week

old puppy as you could imagine I would

consider it a major victory if we could

get Andromeda to sit for this treat in

this environment and leave that bunny

that's good I'll take it you can see

she's really following the lure well

that's why it's important to use really

high-value really good treats when

you're training outside at first you

want to have something that's gonna

compete with all these smells sit good

job she's so clumsy I love puppies at

this age because they're just like

rubber they're just kind of blobs of dog

by training with your dog in outdoor

environments like this from day one it's

not such a special occasion when you ask

them to do something in the future if

they're accustomed to being in an

environment like this oh wow look at

that and getting her on a rope toy out

here in this outdoor environment is huge

I love that having a puppy is a lot of

work and naturally you're gonna be busy

sometimes so on days when you're extra

busy consider and listing the help of a

friend or relative or having your dog go

to doggy daycare or even get a dog

walker to get your puppy out on the

potty breaks they need and to really

give them the exercise in playtime they

need to really thrive check out the new

blue smokehouse gourmet sausages I'll

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