The easiest way to start trapping - Episode 33 - Coyote Trapping School Podcast

hey y'all welcome to the County traffic

school podcast in this episode order to

talk about an easy way a cheap easy way

to get started in tracking so a couple

of couple episodes ago we covered some

topics or we covered the topic of the

cost of getting into trapping and I'm

mainly talking about predator traffic so

talking about coughs bobcats foxes

raccoons things like that but what you

can catch all of those with and the you

know it's not an inexpensive it's not a

cheap thing that you didn't then there's

definitely time and serious money costs

in there I mean you know the the

consensus was you're looking at three

five hundred bucks to get started that

doesn't include waders moves you know a

vehicle gun things like that you know

kind of take for granted that most of us

if we're for hunters if we're interested

in trap we'll probably got that stuff to

begin with but there's there's some

people I'm sure that don't um so that's

and I guess kind of not knowing what all

goes into it I could definitely see

where somebody would be hesitant about

jumping in and dropping five hundred

bucks to get traps and ahhing in and

then realize as you get into it what all

because it's it's a lot of work there's

no doubt about that

um but there is a really cheap I don't

say cheap but a lot less expensive way

to dabble in trapping and see how you

like it and I think it's a really like I

think it's a great way to get kids

involved you know if you've got if

you've got a deer camp and you go you

know every weekend during deer season or

something like that to the hunt camp

this is something that you can do you

know in conjunction with that check a

handful of traps turn the middle of the

day while you're waiting and you know

get kids involved and so what I'm

talking about is using dog proof raccoon

traps and so here's an example of a dog

proof raccoon trap right here and these

are really simple and easy to use very

effective with kitchen raccoons and a

handful other things you catch possums

with them I've caught a grey fox in one

you could catch

skunks you catch more than raccoons but

you can really easily set them to target

Coons so I say that's one one great way

that you can kind of dabble in it get a

handful you know maybe get six traps and

start doing it if you get your if you

get some deer feeders they're feeders

that your deer lease guarantee you get

Coons coming in and stealing your corn

so you could buy a half-dozen trap

half-dozen dog proof traps and probably

recoup that in corn cause pretty quick

but I just wanted to I wanted to go

through this because it that's something

that's really like I said cheap and easy

can get six traps you can run really

easy in conjunction with other things

you're doing for less than 100 bucks

easy and kind of get a feel for trap and

get a feel for I'm telling you it's so


checking those traps every morning and

waiting to see what you call your if you

go this far you might as well be

planning on how you're gonna spend this

that extra money to get into it because

it is it's just so much fun but let's

get let's talk about these these traps

right quick like I said they're so

simple and easy to use and very they're

not they're not easy enough for kids to

sit but um this simple the kids can bait

them and and really get get them

involved too which is that's just a

great a great aspect to me anytime you

can get kids involved with doing stuff

outdoors I like that so what this is a Z

trap so there's there's probably by now

dozens of different models of dog proof

traps and of course they all have

different costs and have different

features and you can you can go up to 15

16 bucks a trap with these but what I

would recommend is just just starting

out if you're if you're really just

wanting to kind of test the waters and

see what you think

Duke sells a dog proof trap and Dukes

typically are the cheaper cheapest traps

on the market

Duke sells a good dog proof trap that

you can buy so price them in a couple

different places just to give you a feel

for what what cost you could be looking

at so you can actually buy do

don't prove traps online it from Amazon

they they are sold individually for 17.6

t95 each with free shipping so that's

definitely something to take into

consideration then you can also buy them

from a different buyer for $135 a dozen

and that's for free shipping so that's a

pretty darn good option I say that a lot

of people feel a lot more comforting up

a new account or anything like that

everybody's got an Amazon account pretty

much set up so you can just one click

and all your informations in there

you're done personally I like to kind of

support the trapping industry and so

buy-in from some of these other buyers

that's just me but but if you're just

getting started that can be a great way

like I said everybody's already on

Amazon you pulled app up on your phone

one-click purchase and you got some

traps coming your way so that is one

option and it's very economical option

probably be most when you factor in

shipping and pretty much any travelin

supply company is gonna carry you don't

proof traps and the Duke no proof traps

but I just pulled up when I put pushing

in I just pulled up the first few that

showed on on my search snare shop sells

them for twelve thirty eight each or one

hundred twenty seven dollars a dozen

which one works out to be like 1062 a

dozen Minnesota trap line for twelve

dollars each or 120 a dozen fleming

sells them for $11 each and that's just

flat eleven dollars each whether you buy

one order doesn't skew me and like I

said everybody else sells them but you

can see for the most part they're right

around at twelve ten to twelve dollars

depending on how many you buy and you

can you know most places you male 1 you

can buy six you my 12 or anywhere in


typically with trapping supply places

you know if you're buying a half dozen

or dozen increments you're gonna get a

little bit of a discount per trap so and

this is the one great thing about these

is and the Dukes this is a Z trap but

the Dukes are very similar they're

powered coded

so you don't have to worry about dying

painting anything like

they come and they're ready to go you've

just got to have some way to secure them

and so what the easiest way is to have

an extension cable and that's just a

piece of 3/32 or in some some places you

can find this heavy-duty with a 1/8 inch

cable but that makes that or you can

just wrap the cable around the tree and

depending on I actually made these I

made it specifically for for my dog

proof traps and they have a big a big in

the one end that I can put the set trap

through so once I attach my extension

cable to my chain I never have to take

it apart and I like that but a lot of

places don't sell them with the open end

some places will sell them with an

adjustable in which is really nice but

some of them are just fixed ends and

they're fairly small so if you can find

them with a large end then you can just

set the trap loop it around the tree

feed it through put the trap in the

ground and I'll show you setting this up

in just a minute but you can do that and

you're ready to go if you buy extension

cables that just have the small ends you

can use these are these screw and quick

links you can also use another Hoosier

trapper guys I've never used them but

they use those large rings the Lord is

like a keyring I can't remember it not

snap rings but I've never used them if

they use those a lot and announced that

that would that should work just fine

and you're just using it to attach the

ends to your swivel and then if you've

gotten if you've got some Esso tools an

Esso tool you can use a j-hook in the

end of your swivel to hook it right to

there too but you know in those cases

what I would do is loop your extension

cable around the tree feed it back

through the loop itself and then attach

your trap to the end that way you guys

take your trap somehow and so you can

buy the disposable stakes and drive

those in use rebar if you want to you

can use trapping wire and tiles but

these these cable extensions are the

easiest way you just loop that thing

around a tree pull it through and it's

done you don't have to worry about it

and it's good and secure and so I looked

at the cost of those two in several

different places sell those you

can't get them on Amazon they actually

sold through Dakota Line snares and you

can get them on Amazon for 1850 a dozen

with free shipping so that's a that's a

little bit of a high price for the

extension cables themself but we throw

in free shipping because unless you

catch a special most of the traveling

Supply places don't offer free shipping

so if you've got if you're close to one

you could probably get a little bit

better deal if there's any way you can

avoid the shipping typically you can get

a better deal going straight to your

you're traveling supply dealers snare

shop sells them for $12 a dozen and they

times they'll come in a lot of different

lengths I prefer about a six foot length

that's good enough because you know a

lot of times you can find a fairly small

tree to wrap it around and that still

gives you you know four or five feet to

play with so far is put in the put in

the trap in the trail or you know

something like that but sometimes you

know the only option is a large tree a

large tree takes up a lot of cables so

now they sell them in two four and six

and eight and a lot of times foot

increments and to me that six foot is

just about right and a lot of times what

I do is use I'll use our beaver snares

if it's not too bad kinked up and those

are usually five foot and you'll have to

if you if you use a have to lose the

last six eight inches depending on your

catch but getting back to the task at

hand F&T sell some for fifteen dollars a

dozen and then fleming sells them for

sixteen fifty a dozen and so you're

looking at on amazon for a dozen traps

and the cables the extension cables

you're looking at about 155 shipped so

that's not bad at all with the snare

shop and i didn't look up their shipping

shipping varies usually a lot of times a

lot of times with trapping supply

dealers it's more based on the melt the

the total check out amount so if it's

over a hundred bucks it may be fifteen

dollars over

bucks maybe $20 something like that it's

kind of tiered that way so Minnesota the

shipping was gonna be twitch I don't

think I've ever I don't think I found

extension cables on Minnesota site

that's one thing that a little bit

disappointed with but most of the places

Minnesota is $125 120 a dozen for the

Duke traps and then $25 shipping so

there again you're putting you're

getting there at that 140 145 150 range

and like I said all the other ones are

gonna be pretty close than their

shipping is probably gonna vary a little

bit Fleming if I pulled it up right it

was $10 shipping it's $11 each you get

12 of them and that puts you at say $11

each you get ten of them that puts you a

hundred and eleven dollars and then 1650

for the extension cable so it's 136 126

and then $10 shipments of 136 so Fleming

is actually a pretty good deal well

that's only if you get 10 not 12 so 12

would be 122 133 and then your 1650 so

it would be about right about 152 it's

actually would probably work out to be a

little bit cheaper than Amazon so anyway

that's like I said if you're want to

dabble in a little bit maybe your kids

have asked about it

and you've got a little place even if

you don't have like a hunting club but

you've got a little place behind the

house if you keep cat or dog food

now you got a few acres odds are you can

there's some raccoons nearby that you

could catch so you don't have to you

know unlike with the coyote traps you

don't have to treat these initially no

once they start you see here I mean once

you make some catches they're gonna get

scuffed up this one is actually

weathered pretty good it's got a little

bit of the powder coat missing but for

the most part at least you probably go a

couple years unless they get real bad

beat up without needing to be treated

with anything and even then instead of

you know waxing or born died wax and

things like that you just spray painting

and calling it good so rent a little

maintenance real easy to use and then

the debate man this year I had great

luck with large marshmallows and caramel

syrup I mean these marshmallows are a

dollar a bag this caramel syrup was like

two books I think and so I just every

set I'd use two marshmallows

I stick one under the trigger but I used

also used some of the small marshmallows

but I had issues with stuff stealing the

small marshmallows and not firing the

trap so I went to using one marshmallow

under the trigger that way if that

marshmallow comes out that traps on fire

and then give a squirt of the caramel

syrup down and then put my other

marshmallow right there on top and add a

little bit of I appeal then probably if

I was a little ways from the trailer or

where I fought the Coons we're gonna be

traveling and you a squirt of caramel

syrup right there on the top and then

shoot it off tour my trail was and I had

a really good luck catching Coons this

year like that on a cheap and easy bait

and some some cheap and easy trap to run

and check so um I'll show you I'll take

out now and show you just how easy these

things are to set and set up and like I

said if you're if you're interesting to

dabble I think this is the this is the

ticket to kind of testing your toes in

the trapping water and seeing if seeing

if it's something that you really want

to move forward in and get going in so

here's my setup I got my dog proof trap

attached to my extension cable and this

extension cables probably about a four

foot extension cable this was a snare

cable put my large marshmallow under my

trigger and that can take a minute just

because of the size of the marshmallows

but they'll go pretty well under the

trigger pretty easy and we're on the

trigger itself then use my kind of turn

the trap into my thumbs and squeeze the

springs with my fingers

to depress and get my get my dog locked

in place then I'll take the large end of

my extension cable or just one end of my

extension cable if I don't have it

attached to my traps

I just cable around the tree this is

probably one of three inch diameter tree

plenty big enough to hold a

anything I'm gonna make sure of is it's

not too small

take it maybe get up over the top of it

or pull them pull this the snare off

pull the cable cable off but it's

attached so if you didn't have if you

use one of the extension cables where

you couldn't put the trap through the

end and feed it around loop it around

loop it in through the the end loop and

then you have your other end that you're

going to attach to the to the trap

swivel bye-bye

beats the green

a snap ring or you know what quickly and

then all you're gonna do is just shove

it in the ground and it hard ground is

easier is what I found is if you get to

setting these like on a creek bank right

by the creek a lot of times in the book

the soil is too soft really to do that

effectively if you're better off if

you've got a you know much of a bank

they're going top of the bank on the

high bank and try to push it into some

real solid soil because it that way it

holds and it doesn't move if they come

in and try to grab the baby fits in real

soft ground they may pull in the whole

trap may move so I got my I got my

marshmallow down there say my creek bank

or Road or feeder is right over here

she's gonna give a little squirt of

camera down the trap and a little

trailing scent going off the side there

and then I'll take them take my other

marshmallow put it right there on top

and it's ready to go I mean five minutes

you have a couple of these in and on to

the next location a really good

effective way to quick and easily catch

raccoons so if you're interested in

trapping go find you six eight ten one

two ever how many of these Duke

dog-proof traps and get it sitting them

and I think you're gonna be hooked on

trapping if you do because it's a it's a

lot of fun I could promise you good luck

we'll see you next time