Travel Nursing 101: Preparing for travel Nursing ( Before your first contract)

you know what they say well opportunity

knocks you better be ready and I know

I'm still in the early phase of my

travelers journey but I've been given an

amazing opportunity to work on my

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what's going on everybody welcome back

to another video with the urban nerves

listen I told y'all I want to bring me

along with me on this journey this

notion journey of mine and you know my

goal has always been to be a traveler so

now we starting in the early phases of

my travelers journey and I really want

to bring you guys along with that you

know as you can see this video is gonna

be about basically how I'm preparing to

start travel nursing I haven't reached

my two years yet which is really

important so you know I'm just all about

proper perfectly proper preparations so

we can prevent medical performance and I

got to get my ducks in line so yeah when

it's time to go you can just hit the

ground running and to me you know

travelers and has always been so

important to me because I'm really

starting to see I'm like a really

nomadic type of person I don't like to

be in one place too long you know I

really like the honeymoon phase when I

get to a job and pretty much after that

which is like a good three to four

months you really get to start seeing

you know different parts of the job

different part

I really don't I don't want to build

relationships I don't want to really get

to know the people I just want to come

to work come in get out and you know go

about my business and I feel like

traveling mission will allow me to do

that I don't have to be in one place too

long I don't have to be in one city too

long I don't have to be able facility

tomorrow I don't have to be around the

same people for too long so you know I

got my contract

that's my contractor dates and my dates

are done I'm gonna get out of there

so for starters the one thing I really

want to say about traveling mission and

what I've learned is two years

experience is necessary it's really

important that you get this tool of

experience before you step out there and

take that leap into trouble because not

only does the experience kind of work

with the experience help you when you're

actually in the clinical setting and

will be your you know your safety net

and be your strong foundation but when

looking at different facilities that

you're gonna find out you know that you

want to actually work at or that have

availabilities when I'm looking for

travel noises a lot of them require two

years and it really just makes the

process of finding a good fit for you

and a good contract for you hard because

they a lot of times they hard and set on

that two years you know I know a lot of

nurses who start traveling oshina a year

in the Hat and or a year and eight

months or really kind of under that two

year mark but I feel like it's really

rushed and you really just get what you

can get instead of having

you know being able to lay your options

I'll choose where you want to go hard as

it is for me to say because I scratch

him at this tree is to come like I need

this two years to come on my hand but as

you know as hard as this for me to say

that I gotta tell you guys two years is

necessary don't even put yourself in

that situation because me I've been

ready to be a trap ever since I

graduated nursing school but I see the

difference in you know my critical

thinking and my nursing skills today

versus year one another important thing

to make you more marketable and also

just make you a stronger nurse and I've

said this before in other videos make

sure you get the certification it's

necessary so right now I'm getting my TN

CC and next after that I want to get my

C and then after that I want to get my

CC art I had my pounds my ACLs and my

BLS you know my standard certification

is that pretty much everybody needs to

work in critical care but these extra

certifications just shows like you know

when they sit down to your resume and

look at your resume it really helps your

resume speak for itself

it shows that you know you do continue

your education and you're continuing to

further yourself in your career so

that's a really good look and like I say

that makes you a stronger newest it

increases your skillset as well as your

knowledge they expecting you to know

your specialty know the area you're

gonna work in and they're expecting you

to be strong in the area you're not

gonna come in you're not gonna get

trained for 12 weeks or more you're

gonna come in for the first week and

that's in the first week they're gonna

have you by yourself so after getting

your certifications the next thing you

really want to do and it doesn't have to

go step by step but it's important that

you are doing these leading up to one

another because they're gonna ask about

that so you really want to find out what

agency you want to work for

I know people who work for multiple

travel agencies let's say they have

three travel agencies and at any given

time they'll get I know they'll get a

message or a phone call from this agency

asking them do they wanna pick up a

contract are they interested and it just

gives them more options they can

negotiate contracts better and negotiate

that numbers do different contracts but

not every agency is a good agency and

you gotta really do your research like

go out I've gone on Google I reviewed

I've gotten different looked at

different reviews from nurses who are

currently working for specific travel

agencies and a lot of times they'll just

tell you how they feel a lot of times at

one agency versus another your recruiter

may really you know have your best

interests at heart and then at another

agency your recruiter is just there

doing that job don't just limit yourself

to one it could be one travel agency

that's gonna give you as I said a higher

rate in the next travel agency and you

know you by doing that by being able to

look and see what's on the table at both

and it'll just work out better for you

the next thing that is really important

of traveling is really knowing where you

want to go you don't just want to go to

a travel agency and just say put me

anywhere it's important when traveling

you have to have the license for each

state so normal you want to go kind of

narrowing that field down will help you

start to pay for these licenses because

it's gonna come out of your pocket now a

lot of these agencies they will

reimburse you however much the license

cost once you start your first day at

whatever contract you're doing in that

state but narrowing down where you want

to go which station we'll go to so that

you can start looking at what are the

processes for applying for endorsements

for these licenses how much they cost

how long it's going to take because you

don't want to secure a contract

not have your license so I really

want to narrow that down so since I have

a Maryland license my license is a

compact state license meaning it will

allow me to work in several different

other states I can't remember which

states are under the comp the has are

under the compact licensure but I know

there are more than ten like that a lot

of different states while I work on this

with my Maryland license so I don't have

to apply specifically for that state

license but it's kind of limited not

every state out of all 50 states I'm

gonna say maybe it's about 20 or 25 so

narrowing that well that's why it's

important to narrow those places down

that you want to go because you might

have you had to use your money because

it'll be under that compact license and

you could just use your state license

for that state so once you pick out your

agency once you pick up the stage you

want to work it in these specific states

the recruiters going to start sending

you available contracts or facilities

that are looking for nurses then you

really want to do your research on the

facilities that they are sinning because

you don't want to just pick any facility

because a lot of times you know every

hospital isn't the best place to work

some places are more urban some places

are more rule so it's kind of really

where you want to work at and more urban

hospitals they may be you know really

up-to-date technology wise but the

patient load may be different or the

patient demographic may be different let

more these suburban hospitals or rural

hospitals they may not be up-to-date

technical technology wise so they're

charting systems may be different they

may not have the available resources or

sometimes it needs these rural hospitals

they may be the only Hospital within a

20 mile radius so you're getting


from charmers to step into my toe

you know I'm saying so the patient low

maybe you know really heavy Dan so you

really want to do your research you also

want to do your research by looking at

reviews that the patients had like that

the patients are and they do their

reviews online Google search at the

hospital and when you do you review the

patients will really tell you everything

you know if they like the hospital how

they were treated how clean it is you

know you want to figure out when you go

to work you want to put yourself in the

best situation so you just gotta really

know where you're going because the one

of the high schools you may pick may be

one of those bad hospitals you know you

have the contract and you'll probably

want to get out of contract it'll be

miserable for that thirteen weeks so

make sure you do your research now the

last thing you really want to start

getting you know where you live that

together getting ready for this travel

journey you know some people have

apartments and your lease may not be up

so you want to kind of plan your leasing

or plane and you want to start traveling

when your lease is finished so you don't

have a whole nother rent to pay top of

the rent that you have to pay that

you'll be living it now in my case

scenario it's kind of different because

I got a mortgage you know I'm gonna have

this for the next thirty years but the

reason that you know one of the reasons

that I got a house was because I knew I

was going to start traveling and I

figured it could be you know a rental

investment and a rental property and I

could you know let other travel

ministers use my house so that's pretty

much all the information that I am able

to provide you know I want to start just

saying anything just to say it giving

you the wrong information but that's as

much information that I've learned

starting my process and you know

preparing for my travel

you know I really think every phase in

trouble here so we prepare for when

you're in it and when you really get

into it and learning the finesses you

know I think as much information that

you can get is important so you know

hopefully I was able to help you guys

out my precede you stand for watching

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